Monday, August 27, 2012

Chapter Four: Eyes♥ (Babies 3 & 4)

Birthday cake! They do not want to sit together! Arg, hopefully they will like each! Do not want some sibling rivalry here!

We really needed some money so I painted for a bit.

I over heard the girls talking about their life.
"Did you hear that Bobby likes Ellen?" said Alani.
"NO! hahahahahahhahahahaha!" replied Kalena
Ah sisters :]

I tucked the girls into bed and went to sleep, my stomach ready to pop.

I woke up to a sharp pain, one that I had not yet gotten used to.

I slowly and carefully made my way to the hospital.

I came out with baby #3, Olivia, in my arms.

And JJ had baby #4, Oscar, in his arms.

And of course, who was the on call babysitter?

"Why do you think you can come into my house after you stole from me?!" I screamed at her.
"Jeez lady cool it." She replied.
"I will not COOL IT until you get out of my house you little SHE-DEVIL!" 
With that she put Oscar in my hands and ran out of my house.

With the evil baby-sitter gone, I made some dinner for Kalena and Alani. 

I went back into my room to paint for a little bit, money was very tight and you could only stretch a dollar so much. 

The day flew by and before you knew it, it was birthday time for Olivia and Oscar! :)

Baby #3
Olivia Smores
I see she has her momma's grey eyes♥

Baby #4 
Oscar Smores
And he got his father's eyes! Such a contrast from his black/green hair.

They were both going to be cuties ;]


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chapter Three: Force Dah Woohoo

With the birthdays down, I tucked Kalena into bed.


And I taught Alani how to walk and talk. 

With both Kalena and Alani sleeping, I took advantage of the time and cleaned around the house. If was already slacking off now, what would happen when 

Kalena finally awoke and I fed her some baby food.
She was so cute when she ate! Even though she did leave quite a mess behind.

Putting my girls to sleep, I called over JJ.
"Hey, can you come over?" I asked.
"Yah, I'll be ri- uh, oh. Sorry, I can't. Bye"

It seemed weird to me, almost planned. But, I didn't want to think about it right now.

The next morning, I woke up determined. If he wasn't going to come over, I was going to go over to his house.

"Hey JJ, can you come over?"
"Oh, no I can't, you know, uh. Busy."
"Sure, busy," I whispered as I come over.
Time to force dah woohoo.

I called up a babysitter ( and I made sure it wasn't the evil one ) and went over to his house.
JJ was very surprised to see me.
"Hey, Danielle," JJ said, "I'm, sorry, I'm just kinda nervous, yah know? You are the first girl I am going to to it with."
"So that is your reason?" I asked, amused. "Don't worry. You will be fine."

We went home and finally, the next baby was on its way.

My phone rang as soon as JJ left.
"Hello this is Danielle Smores," I answered.
"Stupid spammers.." I murmured as I disconnected the call.

I made sure Alani was busy playing with her toy and started teaching Kalena her skills.

But I was interrupted by a suden wave of nausea.
I ran to the toilet.
Yup, I am pregnant.   

I potty-trained both Kalena and Alani. I was glad that they were finally potty-trained, it meant less diapers for me.

Right as I finished, my baby made his/her appearance. I was so excited to be carrying a little bundle of joy 

Teaching Alani the last of her skills, I put my toddlers to bed and painted a little bit before going to sleep.

The next morning was an exciting day!
It was time for Alani and Kalena to age up :)


And then Kalena :)


Alani Smores 

Kalena Smores

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chapter Two: The Evil Babysitter (Babies 1 & 2)

After finding out I was pregnant, I went straight back to my paintings. Money was running quite low.

I sold the painting, happy to have a little bit more money in my pocket.

The next day, I went out to the store to get some pregnancy books. If I was going to do this 100 times, I might as well know what I am doing.
I walked into the store knowing exactly what I wanted.

And I walked out extremely embarrassed. As I was checking out, my bill ran up to more than I could afford. I was forced to put the book back and walk out empty-handed. I swear I could hear people snickering at my and my poorness as I walked out of the store, my head hanging down.

But I decided my trip was not to be wasted so I introduced myself to some other  people hovering around the bookstore.
I introduced to myself to a one guy that was right in front of the entrance but I didn't get his name because then my phone rang interrupting our conversation.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Hello Ms.Smores, this is the principle over at The Community School for the Gifted and I was wondering if you could come and teach an art class right now? Our usual art teacher called in sick and word around town is that you have developed quite a skill," replied a female voice sounding quite urgent.
"Sure, I will be right there," I said as I hung up my phone, said goodbye to my new found friend and ran ( more like waddled because of my pregnant stomach ) as fast as I could to the school.

Back home with my newfound art skill, I finished another painting and sold it in record time. Maybe I was getting better at painting after all.

With the money that I had gotten from the painting I had just sold, I bought everything I would need for the new baby.

After furnishing the babies room, I called over my friend JJ in hopes of convincing him to be the next challenge father.

While waiting for him, I finished another painting. I thought this one turned out quite good but I needed the money; I was forced to sell it.

Yet he still wasn't here. I bunch of what if's ran through my head. Each what if getting worse than the previous.
What if he doesn't like you?
What if he doesn't want to be around you?
What if he was ignoring me?

I pushed the thoughts out of my head and called him again and found out he was just down the street.
See? No need to worry. I thought. 

He finally arrive and after a quick chat, JJ agreed to be the next challenge father.

I came back inside, and made some salad for myself.
I could barely enjoy it before the baby started to come.

"Oh boy," I whispered as pain shot through my body.
Am I really going to have to do this 100 times?!?

I calmed myself down as much as I could before calling a taxi and going to the hospital.

After three hours of intense labor, I walked out with my first baby, Alani. 

And Ramiro walked out with my other beauty, Kalena.

Home with two newborns, I put Alani to bed

and the babysitter put Kalena in her crib.

The babysitter fed my girls, played with them, and kept them busy. She was doing a really good job with the kids.

The next morning, I woke up refreshed because the baby sitter had taken care of my newborns all night long.

I went to check on my girls when I noticed something was missing.
Where did the potty-chair go?

I heard the baby sitter run our of the house, slamming the door behind her.
No, she didn't just steal the potty chair, did she?!!?!
I had barely enough to buy everything!

I calmed myself down and started on a painting to pay for what that SHE-DEVIL had stolen.

But then it was time for the birthdays!
First up Alani

Then Kalena



Baby #1
Alani Smores

Baby #2
Kalena Smores