Monday, August 27, 2012

Chapter Four: Eyes♥ (Babies 3 & 4)

Birthday cake! They do not want to sit together! Arg, hopefully they will like each! Do not want some sibling rivalry here!

We really needed some money so I painted for a bit.

I over heard the girls talking about their life.
"Did you hear that Bobby likes Ellen?" said Alani.
"NO! hahahahahahhahahahaha!" replied Kalena
Ah sisters :]

I tucked the girls into bed and went to sleep, my stomach ready to pop.

I woke up to a sharp pain, one that I had not yet gotten used to.

I slowly and carefully made my way to the hospital.

I came out with baby #3, Olivia, in my arms.

And JJ had baby #4, Oscar, in his arms.

And of course, who was the on call babysitter?

"Why do you think you can come into my house after you stole from me?!" I screamed at her.
"Jeez lady cool it." She replied.
"I will not COOL IT until you get out of my house you little SHE-DEVIL!" 
With that she put Oscar in my hands and ran out of my house.

With the evil baby-sitter gone, I made some dinner for Kalena and Alani. 

I went back into my room to paint for a little bit, money was very tight and you could only stretch a dollar so much. 

The day flew by and before you knew it, it was birthday time for Olivia and Oscar! :)

Baby #3
Olivia Smores
I see she has her momma's grey eyes♥

Baby #4 
Oscar Smores
And he got his father's eyes! Such a contrast from his black/green hair.

They were both going to be cuties ;]


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