Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chapter Three: Force Dah Woohoo

With the birthdays down, I tucked Kalena into bed.


And I taught Alani how to walk and talk. 

With both Kalena and Alani sleeping, I took advantage of the time and cleaned around the house. If was already slacking off now, what would happen when 

Kalena finally awoke and I fed her some baby food.
She was so cute when she ate! Even though she did leave quite a mess behind.

Putting my girls to sleep, I called over JJ.
"Hey, can you come over?" I asked.
"Yah, I'll be ri- uh, oh. Sorry, I can't. Bye"

It seemed weird to me, almost planned. But, I didn't want to think about it right now.

The next morning, I woke up determined. If he wasn't going to come over, I was going to go over to his house.

"Hey JJ, can you come over?"
"Oh, no I can't, you know, uh. Busy."
"Sure, busy," I whispered as I come over.
Time to force dah woohoo.

I called up a babysitter ( and I made sure it wasn't the evil one ) and went over to his house.
JJ was very surprised to see me.
"Hey, Danielle," JJ said, "I'm, sorry, I'm just kinda nervous, yah know? You are the first girl I am going to to it with."
"So that is your reason?" I asked, amused. "Don't worry. You will be fine."

We went home and finally, the next baby was on its way.

My phone rang as soon as JJ left.
"Hello this is Danielle Smores," I answered.
"Stupid spammers.." I murmured as I disconnected the call.

I made sure Alani was busy playing with her toy and started teaching Kalena her skills.

But I was interrupted by a suden wave of nausea.
I ran to the toilet.
Yup, I am pregnant.   

I potty-trained both Kalena and Alani. I was glad that they were finally potty-trained, it meant less diapers for me.

Right as I finished, my baby made his/her appearance. I was so excited to be carrying a little bundle of joy 

Teaching Alani the last of her skills, I put my toddlers to bed and painted a little bit before going to sleep.

The next morning was an exciting day!
It was time for Alani and Kalena to age up :)


And then Kalena :)


Alani Smores 

Kalena Smores


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