Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chapter 11: Woohoo in the Theater (Baby Eight)

With two less children in the house, I sent my kids to bed.
It was oddly quiet in the house, no Alani to make pranks, or Kalena to clean around the house. I sure missed my first two babies.
After taking in that they had really, truly left, I finally went to bed.

The next morning, i woke up slightly cheerful. I ate a bowl of cereal with Leo right behind me asking non-stop questions. 
"Can we do this?-Can we do that?"
I just nodded my head and continued in my thoughts.

With the kids gone at school, I realized I was still in this challenge. A challenge for 100 kids. I picked my self up and went for a walk to find more dads.

I finally met up with this guy who was willing to take part in my challenge. Though it took a while to convince him.

But I didn't want the usual "go home and wohoo" so we instead took a tour of the movie theater.

I came home to Olivia and Oscar doing their homework, so I quickly made some food for us.

I went outside to pay the bills but was interrupted by a so-called 'fan' that wanted my autograph.
Maybe having that book written about me wasn't the smartest move.....

I came back inside and checked on my kids, good they were all sleep.
I soon drifted off into the world of art.

I was suddenly jolted back into reality when my stomach could take it no longer. I ran into the bathroom only to find myself hovering over the toilet. 
I washed out my mouth and slowly made it over to my bed to fall asleep.

The next morning, only barfing one more time, I made sure my kids were safety on the bus before   working on my fail excuse of a garden.

After washing the dirt off my hands, I painted for a bit only to be interrupted by the sudden appearance of my baby.
"I can't wait to see what you look like," I cooed. 

I heard my kids come through the door and  I helped them on their homework and made them snack.

Night came all to quickly and soon everybody was in bed.

The next morning, I woke up to a quiet house. After eating a quick breakfast I slipped into the world of creativity.

My teenagers soon came home with a ton of homework. Oscar asked for help on his homework so I gladly sat down to help him, trying to figure out how you would solve a quadratic equation

But we were soon interrupted by some birthdays! 

Flora Smores

Leo Smores

After the celebration, we all sat down to watch some TV. But then the darn thing had to break on us  >.<
The broken TV sent everybody to bed in a bad mood. I quickly called the repair man and then hit the hay myself.

With all the chores done for the day, I went outside for some fresh air.
I tended my garden to make sure it was as healthy as possible.

Then all of a sudden my water broke.
My hand went to my stomach as I took a deep breath in.

After a couple of hours of labor, I had welcomed baby #8, Corey Smores, into this wonderful world.

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