Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chapter 12: Moving (Babies 9 & 10)

After having Corey, I went back outside to finish my gardening.

I came back inside to all my kids working hard at their homework.

I fished the necessary ingredients for Mac & Cheese out of the back of the refrigerator. I whipped up a quick meal for us; the last meal that we would have in this house.

After eating a crappy little meal, I called the movers and before you knew it, we were out of that house, never to go back again.

The kids all stepped into the house warily, unfamiliar with the new space, It was sure a heck of a lot bigger than the previous house.

With the lights on, the kids got more familiar with the place. They explored the corners of the house, finding toys and settling down to play with them.

With new sheet on the new beds, the kids went to bed comfortably and so did I.

The next morning I was excited to use some of the new kitchen equipment. My fingers slid against the cold metal and I pressed the start button, making me jump at the loud noise it produced. I hadn't used a food processor in forever.

After a good hearty meal of waffles, I left the kids alone to explore the house more while I went to check out the salon which was new in town.

I started at myself in the mirror for a bit. My nose too big, my lips too wide. It seemed that every imperfection I had was sticking out like a sore thumb.

I ran my fingers through my hair, pushing al those bad thoughts aside.
I decided the best thing to do right now, was to get a new look.

10 babies later, a new house, and a new me.

I headed next door to the little shop that just had opened a few days ago. I wondered around, checking items and their price tags, making sure I could afford them.
My eyes caught a gleaming white acoustic guitar. I hesitantly checked the price tag, hoping for the best. I small breath escaped my lips; I could afford the guitar.

Back at home, I put the guitar away and ordered some pizza. Not only was I hoping to get pizza with extra pepperoni but I was hoping the delivery man would be gracious enough to volunteer in my challenge.

And he did without any hesitation. 
The kids and I enjoyed our pizza for free ;)

The next morning i awoke to Olivia running into my room. She only said one thing
"Mom! It is my birthday! And Oscar's and Corey's! Hurry! We already have the cakes set up!"

I watched my babies blow their candles out and transform into elegant young adults

Baby #3
Olivia Smores

Baby #4
Oscar Smores

Baby #8
Corey Smores

It had felt like i had only eaten a bite of the birthday cake when my stomach could not handle it any more.

I ran to the restroom as fast as I could, leaving my kids worried about me.
Coming back in, Olivia rushed up to me, "Mom, you ok?"
"I am fine, just the prego stuff."
"Oh, ok then, well Oscar and I are moving out."
With that, i wished her well and gave both Oscar and Olivia hugs.

With Olivia and Oscar out in the big wide world, Flora helped me a lot by teaching Corey how to walk.

With the skill teaching taken care of, I strummed along note by note, slowly getting the hang of it.

I finally gave in, my fingers raw and numb. I quickly prepared a meal as all of my kids were getting whiny and fussy.

Leo, like his sister Flora, was a big help too. He slowly rocked Corey to sleep and then gently put him to sleep. I couldn't of done a better job myself.

I woke up feeling my baby's kick in my stomach. I was ecstatic to be carrying more bundles of joy.

I was already awake so I made good use of the time and made my kids a good, healthy breakfast.

With everyone but Corey and I out of the house, I made good use of the time and taught him his skills.

Bellies full and homework done, the girls and I enjoyed a quick game hopscotch. 
Flora and Skyler easily won, there was no way that I was moving that fast with a baby in my stomach.

Tired and sore, I sent the kids to bed after a quick shower.

I was the first to awake the next morning. I could still here the crickets chirping outside.

Finally Corey woke up. He sure was a little sleepyhead. 

I ran around the house doing chores, making sure everything was nice and neat for the new baby's arrival.

Finally with even the floor shiny, I sat down and finished teaching Corey how to talk.

And I taught him how to use the potty. Can't forget that vital step now can we? 

I brought him outside and was delighted to see the look a pure happiness on his face. If my kids were happy, I was happy.

The kids came home from school and I sent them to do homework and told them if they got hungry there was leftovers in the fridge,

In the meantime, I passed the time by painting away and finally mastering the painting skill.

It was getting quite late so I put all the kids to bed and proceded to go to sleep as well.

I slept for a good solid minute before a sharp pain in my abdomen shotted me out of bed.

I tried to stifle my screams as much as possible on my way to the nursery.

And there I welcomed baby #9 Natasha 

And baby #10 Korbin into this world.
We have reached 10 babies so now it is contest time! But I think we should wait to see what they look like before voting begins n_n

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