Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chapter 13: All Fun & Games (Baby 11)

I put my baby Korbin to bed, making sure all my other kids were asleep.

I quickly jumped into the shower letting the hot water wash off all the dirt and grime.

After eating a quick breakfast and making sure the kids were all right, I went into my room and let the paint take over.
The Tillipac Diner wanted the only the best.

A couple hours later I was astounded at what i had done.
It was truly a masterpiece and perfect for the diner.

I came back home to a silent house, all the kids asleep.
I slightenly cheered myself; I had just scored us $9,000.

The morning after I made some lovely pancakes for my little kiddos.

I called up some people (my older kids) to tell them we will be having a big birthday party! 
They all were excited to see me again.

Meanwhile, I went outside to enjoy the trampoline. The refreshing air made it so much more enjoyable.

But it didn't last long. I quickly lost my balance and headed down to the ground.

My body landed with a smal thud.
I slowly got up, my body aching in places it had never ached before.
I limped my way inside.. outside was just too dangerous..

I started dancing a bit and soon Flora and Leo joined in the fun too.

I was right about to show the kids how to do the sprinkler when the doorbell rang. I quickly ran to it and was greeted by my son's and daughter's smiling faces.

Time to age up Skyler, Corey, Natasha, and Korbin!

Skyler Smores

Corey Smores

Natasha Smores

Korbin Smores

Corey and aged and went straight to his room, muttering "World Domination," over and over. 
I am worried for him...

Meanwhile, Natasha and Korbin played with some of the toys. Natasha didn't really know how it worked though and spent most of the time chewing on the stick.

Dishes done and kids put to sleep, everyone went to bed.

The next morning, Natasha and Korbin ate like wild animals, stuffing the entire contents of their bowl into their mouths at once.

I called up the next dad and baby 11 was conceived.

My older kids were all stuck with homework, leaving me some free time to teach some skills!

Flora helped too by teaching Natasha how to walk.

Before you knew it, night came and I was up and running to empty my stomach.

After breakfast, I joined the kids outside. 

They all shrieked and laughed whenever the water came over to them.

Leo decided not to get wet but instead finish teach Korbin how to talk.

The sprinkler went off and Flora and Skyler went straight to the trampoline. There was no was I was getting back on the thing for a while now. Just looking at it makes my body ache.

Instead I finished teaching skills. 
Leo was inside potty training Korbin.

I watched them jump sky and and plummet down to the floor over and over again without any hesitation. 

And my baby finally made his/her appearance.  

I came back inside for a bit and finished up teaching.

We all went outside and I lit up to fire pit the bright light casting a friendly glow.

We all enjoyed our meal but once in a while, we wouldn't be paying any attention till our marshmallow was on fire, burning the stick and marshmallow alike. 

Flora was the last to leave when I put out the fire. 

"Mom, why do I have to many half-siblings?" she asked.

"Oh Flora. I thought you knew sweetheart. Well, how should I explain this? Um, I am doing this challenge to have 100 babies and you my dear Flora are baby number five." I responded."Oh, ok mom." she said with a look of disgust."No, its not like that, not for the men. Its for the kids. I love kids and being unique is very awesome."

"Aha mom, don't worry. You are the greatest role model I know. I love you."

"I love you too Flora, now bed."


"No buts, bed NOW!" I said as I shooed her to her room.

I found my toddlers passed out cold near the play table. I slowly picked both of them up and walked put them in their cribs.

I woke up rather late the next morning, so I ate leftovers and fed my little ones as well.

And who knows a better way to spend the day by teaching fussy toddlers their skills?
Oh, the joys of being a mother.

Flora's POV
"Come on Corey! You have to jump higher! Just bend your knee's!" I said with delight as I jumped with Corey.

"See? This is easy!"
"That is so not easy Flora," Corey responded trying to do the move I just had taught him.
"You just have to put your feet here, then when you bounce...."



"Hey Skyler you coming?' I said in between jumps.
"Nah, I will just stay in here." She replied.

"Come on, its fun!" I said as I did a flip.
"Woah, Sis that's BOSS" said Corey with awe.
"Yah, yah, I know." I said with a smirk on my face

But the flip didn't turn out as planned.
"AHHHHHHHHHH! SKYLER HELP!" I said as I landed on the side of the trampoline, falling off.

"Oh my GAWD! Are you ok!?" Skyler replied.

"OWWWW" I screamed as I hit the hard grass.

"Dude, Flora are you ok?" said Skyler as she helped me up.
" I am fine. I think. Let's just go do something less dangerous" I said trying not to tear up. The pain was just to much right now.

"Agreed" said Skyler and Corey together.

Danielle's POV
After teaching Natasha to talk, i potty trained her.

Leo has been such a big help with the kids that I could be by myself, painting the night away without any problems at all.

After painting for quite some time, I whipped up some food.
We all ate up while Flora and Skyler told me about their adventures outside. I cringed when they said Flora fell.

The morning after was filled with the hustle and bustle of the ids trying to get to the bus on time and the sound of them stuffing their faces with breakfast.
I quickly made it over to my room to work on a painting before my tots woke up.

"Good morning my loves," I sang as I got Natasha and Korbin ready.

We went outside and I let Natasha play on one of the spring riders.

But all of a sudden my water broke and I was in labor.

I carefully made my way inside, putting Natasha and Korbin in the kitchen.

And I gave birth to baby #11 Alfie.

The Kids came home and it was time to celebrate! 

Baby #5 Flora Smores

Baby #6 Leo Smores

Natasha Smores

Korbin Smores

Baby #11 Alfie Smores

Flora waved goodbye.
"Love you mom," she said with a smile as she headed out.

Leo waved and hugged Natasha and Korbin one last time before saying "Bye guys! Love you!" and then he headed out

Ooh Danielle! You have done it again! Only 89 more babies. Wait..... that's a lot more.....

Eeekk, two more babies out of the house. Time to vote on your favorite baby from 1-10! You can vote on the facebook page.
Thanks ^-^

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