Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chapter 14: Babies Galore (Babies 12, 13, & 14)

Yay! Leo won. Personally I wanted Flora to win but oh well ^-^
Now onto the story. 

After Leo and Flora left, I put Alfie into his crib. He always seemed to be smiling.

Morning came and I was the first one up as usual.

My rumbling stomach begged me for food so I answered it my making some waffles.

I tried to feed Alfie some food but I guess he wasn't hungry because he just knocked his plate onto the floor.

I took the fussy Alfie out of his crib and got out the wash cloths to scrub, the now dirty, highchair.

I tried feeding him one more time with no such luck. 
I decided to try again later but for now, I started teaching him his skills.

Alfie was a fast learner; he caught onto everything very quickly.

After a bite to eat, I joined the kids in watching TV.
When I asked them about their homework, they all nodded their heads and shakily whispered that they were done.

The next morning I caught a quick glimpse of Corey and Korbin sitting next to each other on the bus. 
It warmed my heart to see that everyone was getting along.

With some seeds that I had gathered, I started to plant my little garden.
Hopefully my garden will survive, I don't really have what you would call a green thumb.

I went back inside and finished up my painting.
Boy, was it amazing.
And I sure sold it for a heck of a lot of money!

Getting a little stir-crazy, I went to go visit the Art Museum.
I was very curious to see what other artist had come up with.

Hmm. I think I really like this vase. The way the colors work with the background, jeez, it is amazing.
"Mom? Is that you?" said a young lady behind me.

I turned around. "Oh, wait, what?" I replied scanning the room to see who had called my name.
"Over here!'
"Oh my goodness! Hi Alaini, I haven't seen you since the party! How have you been? I didn't really get to talk to you that much!"
"Mom," Alani responded with a smile, "I have been doing really well. I got myself a nice place and a good job. Well, mom, I have to go, I'm meeting some friends for dinner. Love you mom and good luck on your challenge!" she said as she skipped off to join her friends.

With a smile on my face from seeing my child thriving in her life, I met Dustin and had no trouble asking him to take part in my challenge. I quickly went home to go to sleep.

After a quick breakfast of cereal, it was time for some birthdays!

Baby #7 Skyler Smores

Alfie Smores

Skyler gave me a hug and went on her way, wishing me luck in my challenge.

I turned up the music and the kids and I danced for a good couple of hours.

But my stomach turned for the worse and I ran to the restroom only to throw up again.

The kids went to school and I headed to my room to get another couple hours of sleep in.

Waking up,  I flipped on the TV only for my babies to make their first appearance. 

I ended up dozing off again only to wake up to the loud noises of my kids coming home.

After making them some food, I fell back asleep.
I don't know but I was just feeling super tired these last couple days.

I woke up to my kids eating breakfast.
I looked at the clock. Jeez, had I really slept that much?
But I really couldn't complain, I hadn't gotten that much sleep since Alain and Kalena were born.

I watch my kids outside remembering those days when I was a little kid, young and carefree.

"Hey Tasha! What are you guys doing up there?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing" she replied.

When the water first hit i was surprised.
Then angry.
But as the water cleared I laughed it all off, kids were kids after all.

I went inside and watched my kids having fun from the window.

Night came and I sent the kids to bed. I quietly worked on another small painting.

I woke up to Natasha ruling Smores Valley.

Korbin and Alfie had just landed Moon Smores.

While I was laughing at my kids and their wild imagination, I went into labor.

I went into the nursery and gave birth to baby #12 Desirae Smores

Baby #13 Gennivieve Smores

Baby #14 Louise Smores

I put my triplets in their cribs. Triplets, no wonder I was so tired during that pregnancy. 
I went outside, three babies lighter, and enjoyed the sun with my kids.

But we were brought back inside to celebrate some birthdays! 

Corey Smors

Baby #12 Desirae Smores 

Baby #13 Gennivieve Smores

Baby #14 Louise Smores

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