Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chapter 15: I'm too cool for that

I swear, the triplets do everything together.

Eat, sleep, and even play together.
They sure were a bunch of cuties :)

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of one crying baby, then another, and then another. "Oh, jeez." I mumbled to myself as I got out of bed.

After a long day of teaching this girls how to use the restroom, the nursery was so stinky it made my nauseous. I covered my mouth and quickly picked up the girls' doings and threw it away. 

Corey had ordered some food and while we were waiting for it, we taught the girls to walk.

The pizza tasted amazingly good. For some reason Natasha and Korbin seemed to enjoy the pizza more than usual though, weird.

The morning after, I quickly finished off a plate of waffles before heading off to do the day's doings.

I made sure Gennivieve and Louise were busy with something while i finished teaching Desirae to walk.

Corey came home soon after and taught Gennivieve.

Around 3, the rest of my little Smores came home. I sent them all to do their homework. "Don't worry Corey, I can do this." I said as Corey offered to stay and help.

With the kids occupied, I seized the moment and taught Desirae to talk.

After homework, I saw Corey teaching Gennivieve to talk.

He was such a big help; I don't know what I would do without him.

With the kids in bed, I ate a quick midnight snack and headed to bed myself.

The next morning i woke up to the usual sound of the triplets awaking from sleep. The rest of the house though, was quite. Seems like everybody went to school already.

I quickly changed all the girls' clothes and feed them in their highchairs.

I spent the entire day finishing teaching skills. Triplets were so hard to take care of sometimes.

I finally had some time to myself and painted. I could still here my kids through the wall. Boy, were they loud.

All of a sudden my phone rang. 
"Hi, this is Kathy Roberts, from the Tillipac Diner and I was wondering if you could paint 15 paintings for our new seating area?'
"15? That's a lot. Like a lot. A lot, a lot."
"Yes I understand. 15 is a great big number. Will you please help us?"


"Thank you so much! You will be greatly rewarded!"
"Better be some mega cash," I mumbled as I disconnected the call. Oh my gosh, 15.

If I was going to do 15 paintings, I might as well make them small. I scraped the other painting and started on a fresh, new, small painting.

The next morning, it was birthday time! 

Right as Desirea blew out her candles, her cake was engulfed in white-hot flames. 

And so did I. All sense of control, out the window. All calmness vanished in the smoke.
The fire grew stronger by the second. I ushered all the kids out the door but Alfie and Korbin wanted to stay no matter how hard I begged them to go away.

We all watched the smoke in our house destroy things while we were across the street.

I came back inside to everything that was damaged, already replaced.
It didn't even look like a fire had been here.

Now, let's try this again!

Desirae Smores

Gennivieve Smores

Louise Smores

Korbin Smores

Natasha Smores

Just a tad bit of colorful language. Censored it out though.
But just in case, this is your warning.

Natasha's POV

"Oh my freekin god. Today was just like, freekin TERRIBLE! We almost burned to death! Like jeez! I'm only a teen!" I thought to myself.

"Kids! Time for bed!" my mother said as everybody finished eating.
"I don't want to go to bed!" I complained as I headed to the bedroom.

57, 58, 59, 60. One hour. One hour had passed since mom told us to go to bed. I crept out the back door and into the free night air.
"Hmm, who should I egg?" I asked myself as I stopped and found the perfect target. It was almost midnight, nobody was going to be up now.
I took perfect aim and shot every egg right where I wanted it to be. I had never felt so good in my life at all.

All of a sudden, a light come on inside. I stood frozen with fear.
"HOW DARE YOU EGG MY HOUSE! I'M CALLING THE POLICE!!!!!" she screamed at me.
Crap, i don't need the police on my case now.

I quickly ran home as fast as I could. I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure that nobody was following me.

I walked in the back door trying to to wake anybody up.
I quickly went to bed and settled into sleep.

The next morning, I woke up to the bus horn. Crap. I quickly changed and ran to the bus stop.

I got their, out of breath. You know, who need school any way? I already went all through first through eighth. I was too cool for school.
"Natasha! Don't you dare even think 'bout skippin' school today!" screamed my brother as he saw me not get on the bus.
"I don't wanna. So I'm not GUNNA!" I shouted back at him as he the bus pulled away

I wondered off and found myself at the beach. Gawd, was it beautiful.

All of a sudden a bunch of random guys showed up on the beach.
Two guys came up towards me.
averted my eyes, acting like I didn't see. But of course, it failed.

"You look familiar. Very familiar." said the guy with the bright yellow eyes. "You a Smores?" he questioned.
"Uh, um, yah I am a Smores." I replied back.
"No wonder you look so darn familiar! You are one of Danielle's kids!"
"How do you know my mom?"
"I was one of the dads! Do you know Alani or Kalena?"

"I think I met them once at a birthday party when I was a little toddler. But it might not of been them. Why?"
"Those are mine and Danielle's kids. I see them everyone and a while. Oh sorry, I didn't even introduce myself! How rude! My name is Ramiro Robles and you are?"
"Natasha Smores,"
"Follow me, I think you will know one of my friend's kids."

"Evan Messer," said Evan as he put his hand out for my to shake it.
"Natasha Smores,"
"Smores, no wonder. You look much like your mother. Do you happen to know Corey?"
"Corey? Of course! He is my older brother! He is very talented with the kids."
"Ah good to know, I don't ever see him but know and then. I hardly think he knows who I am."

After that strange encounter with men who 'supposedly' knew my mom, I walked over to the park to set up some pranks. 

I snuck into the the bus that I would normally take home. Both Corey and Korbin said nothing but just instead glared at me.

I walked into the house and my mother called me into her room.
"I HEARD YOU DITCHED SCHOOL?!?!?!" she screamed.
"What? No I didn't!" I defended.

"Stupid little freekin snitch of a Korbin." I mumbled as my mom scolded me for ditching and let me off with a warning.

I walked out to where Korbin was.
"So got in trouble?' he asked with a smirk.

"Don't call ME an ASSHOLE! You skippin' little bi*ch"
"TAKE THAT YOU LITTLE MOMMA'S BOY!" I screamed as I slapped the hell out of that little snitch.

Punch after punch
Pull after pull
Scratch after scratch
Cuss word after cuss word
Everything was let loose

All the words
All the feelings
All the anger
All the fear
All the hate
Everything that was bottled up, gone.

I laughed to myself as mom punished Korbin. Little wimpy snitch.

But, as we all know, Karma is a b*tch and my mom punished me too.

I went to bed reluctantly.
Tomorrow was always a new day.................

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