Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chapter 16: Mr. Smores (Baby 15)

This is in Danielle's POV. FYI just because the last chapter was mainly Natasha's view.

The next morning, I gathered everybody up and headed down to the beach.

There, I got out some old fishing supplies and we all started to fish.

But our catches were not as great as we expected.

Nor were our fishing skills up to par.

After a few hours of trying to catch some fish, I decided to meet the people at the beach. I came across one guy and he wanted to be a father in my challenge. I told him I would call him later tonight.

Once we got home it was birthday time!

Baby #8 Corey Smores

"Hey, uh Mom?" asked Corey when we were done eating.
"Yes?" i answered.
"I am going to move out now, you know, to give you more space for your challenge."
"Oh, ok sweety. Just remember, I love you!"
"Yah, yah mom. Love you too mom," said Corey as he gave me a hug goodbye and left.

I quickly called up the next baby daddy..
and you know what happens next..

The next morning, Korbin made breakfast for all of us. The only problem was that it was badly burned. He was soo proud of it too. We sucked it up and stuffed the food down our throats.

After breakfast, we all went outside and played.

But of course, the fun always has to be interrupted by something and in this case it was my stomach.

I went back inside to the house and started on another painting for the Tillipac Diner.

I made sure I could keep an eye on the kids though. Didn't want them to be getting in any trouble now would we? It sent a good feeling through my body to see Tasha and Korbin getting along.

I had enough of this house, even though we had been in it for such a short time.
I called up the movers and we were out of that house.

What better way to break in a new house than be celebrating birthdays?

Alfie Smores

After the small birthday party, we all went into the family room and sat on the new couches and enjoyed the HD TV.

The kids all went to sleep.
The beds were warm.
The beds were comfy.
Everything about this house just seemed right.

But I barely had anytime to enjoy my lovely bed before my stomach took control again.

After gaining control of my again, I looked at my reflection in the mirror, time for a change. :)

After changing my outfit I went to enjoy my bed.
But no, my baby made his/her appearance!

I got in a few more out hours of sleep, and woke up to an empty house. I ate some leftovers in peace.

I went outside and caught up on the latest happenings in Sunset Valley.

I went back inside and cleaned up the house a little. One night in our new house and it was already a mess. Kids >.<
After making sure my house was all clean, I went outside and continued my paintings for the Tillipac Diner.

I came back downstairs to kids doing their homework. I made some food for them and we all ate together as a family.

Stepping outside in the fresh night air, the kids and I decided to take a dip in the pool.

Korbin and I decided to do a hold a breath contest.
He won. >< 
But that can't be really saying anything, I am pregnant after all!

The next morning, I was the first to wake so I made some pancakes for my kids.

With the kids at school, and no toddlers to take care of. I had plenty of free time on my hands. To fill the empty space, I painted like there was no tomorrow.

I went downstairs to the sound of my kids coming in the door. Tasha asked me if I could help her with her homework. :)

Natasha made us dinner and unlike Korbin's meal, it didn't burn.

I shoo'd the kids to bed and went to bed myself. But not for long, 

I made my way into the nursery and welcomed baby #15 Everen Smores.

I put Everen in his crib and claimed my well deserved sleep.

I woke up to all my kids rushing out the door.

With the house quiet, I decided I would age up Everen! I was curious to see what he was to look like.

Baby #15 
Everen Smores

With Everen now a toddler, I taught him to walk.

Everen was a very slow learner. By the time I was done teaching him to walk, the kids were done with their homework and had eaten their fill. They were already outside and playing with the water slide.
Momma has to have her fun too, you know ;)

The next morning I woke up to a crying toddler. I comforted him and fed him his breakfast.

After eating I began the slow process of teaching Everen how to talk.

By the time I was done, the triplets were home and ready to age up!

Desirae Smores

Gennivieve Smores

Louise Smores

The triplets birthdays took almost the entire evening. Everybody finished up their homework and went to bed while I put Everen to bed.

The next morning, I woke up to a silent house. No crying, and no kids hustling out the door to catch the bus. I took my time in eating some leftovers.
Everen finally awoke. I changed his clothes and fed him his breakfast.

Then potty training time!

After making sure the kids belly's were full and tucked into bed, I made my way to a swim suit party.

I met a nice guy there named River. We talked for hours! Something about us just clicked! He finally agreed to be the next father in my challenge.

I came home to a dead silent house.
I walked into the kitchen, which was a mess. The dishwasher had seemed to be broken. I called the repair man, mopped up the floor and went to bed.

I woke up groggy the next morning. I didn't really sleep well that night
I sipped on some coffee while the kids ate their breakfast. Coffee, eww. The taste was bitter and left a strong aftertaste. I never usually drank coffee. I never really needed it. But now, ehh YOLO right?

With a newfound energy I went outside to garden a little bit.

"MOOOOM!" Desirae screamed as she ran outside.
"What? Who's hurt? Are you guys all safe?' I replied with a nervous look in my eyes.
"No, its ok. Everybody is fine. But I found this weird gnome thing while doing the laundry. It is super scary!"
"Well, let me see it."

"What are we going to do with it?" whispered Desirae.
"I don't know. Keep it maybe? It's cute," I suggested. "What are we going to name it?
"Hmm, what about Mr. Smores?"
And then Mr. Smores became a part of our family :)

Desirae and I ran inside to catch the birthday party! First up is Natasha!

But no, complications always have to happen when Natasha is around.
"911? Yes this is Danielle Smores! We have a PROBLEM! There is a FREEKIN FIRE!" I screamed into the phone.

But Alfie was on the job. He grabbed the fire extinguisher and put out the fire.

Baby #9
Natasha Smores

Baby #10
Korbin Smores

Everen Smores

And there they were. Overcoming their differences to become friends. They both moved out into their own separate lives. Ahh. The joy of being a mother to loving and caring kids. How did my mother ever handle Paris? 

Big thanks to Panye's Sims 3 Houses for Danielle's new house. It is awesome! 
Thanks for reading guys :)

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