Friday, September 14, 2012

Chapter 17: Surprise? (Babies 16 & 17)

With Natasha and Korbin out on their own lives, I called up the next dad.
River came over quickly and we got right to it.

The next morning we took a family trip to the local diner.

After stuffing ourselves with the all you can eat buffet, we all headed home and went our separate ways. I worked on my paintings for the Tillipac Diner.

I had barely enough time to finish one painting before my stomach gave in and i ran to the bedroom to empty my stomach.

With the sun heading down in the sky, I went downstairs to see my teenagers bored out of their minds. 

I led them into the garage. I didn't even know what the garage had held. All the different items to play with, one for each of us.
Louise grabbed some pencils and erasers and worked on a sketch.
Gennivieve worked on some potion.
Desirae let her sculpting skills out.
Alfie put his inventing skills to use.
And of course I grabbed the paintbrushes.

After finishing two paintings, I sent the kids off and right as I was about to go to sleep, my babies made their first appearance. 

The next morning, I made a good healthy breakfast of waffles and the kids sure seemed to enjoy the meal very much.

With everybody gone at school, I had a little me time. I worked on my small garden determined for it, one day, to become a big and lavish one.

After doing all the laundry, I went back into the garage and finished one small painting.

With everyone hope and our bellies full, we surrounded the TV watching a movie that everyone could enjoy.

The movie ended with the "HappilyEverAfter" thing that all Disney movies end with. I sent the kids to bed as I turned off the TV and headed bed myself.

The next morning, I enjoyed part of breakfast with the kids as the school bus arrived right in the middle of the meal.
I went out to garden a bit but it got to hot so I found myself in the nursery again.

I not only finished one, but three paintings that I'm sure the Tillipac Diner would enjoy.

With the paintings in my hand, I went to the Tillipac Diner to deliver the 15 paintings,

"Yesss," I let out as I was riding home. I had gotten $10,000 from all those paintings :) I was one happy momma!

I came home to see the kids playing with the stuff in the garage. I grabbed my brushes and joined them.
The kids left to go to bed. But, I stayed a bit longer I wanted to get this painting done!

With my 'brilliant' painting of the day done, I headed to bed myself.

But no, I guess THE BABY IS COMING!

I made my way to the nursery to have my baby and I welcomed baby #16 Nala Smores and baby #17 Nole Smores into this world.

The next morning, with everybody gone at school, I set up two birthday cakes. I wanted to see what my little babies looked like!

Baby #16
Nala Smores

Baby #7
Nole Smores

With the leftover birthday cake in the fridge, I made sure Nole was occupied with a toy while I taught Nala to walk.

My teenagers came home and it was time for Alfie to age up.

Baby #11
Alfie Smores

But Alfie didn't leave so quickly. He helped my teach Nole some skills while I finished up with Nala.

Alfie said goodbye and left with his friends.
All grown up now :'(

The next morning, I fed Nala and Nole their toxic green bottles and then fed myself.
Then I taught Nala to talk.

WIth some time left over before the kids came home from school, I worked on my growing garden.

I came inside to kids working hard. I have such good little kids.
I went outside to the random person just staring in my door.
"Uhh hello?" I asked
"Hi, yah. Just lookin' around. You have a nice house," was his reply.
"Well, I am Danielle Smores, th--"
"Wait, Smores. As in Claire Smores?"

"Yes! Claire is my little sister! How do you know her?"
"Highschool. But did you know she is coming to Sunset Valley?"
"She is?"
"Yes! She is coming here for her wedding!"
"My little is sister is getting married?! Aww!"
"Yah, you might want to let her know you are here," he said as he wrote on a scrap piece of paper her phone number and email. I took the paper and headed back inside, excited to have my sister in Sunset Valley!

The next morning, I asked Louise if she could help me get the stuff ready for Claire and her fiancee.

The spare room downstairs was cluttered and messy.
Everything was shoved up against the walls. 
We moved everything from the wall to its place, making sure it was in order.

Finally, after two hours of work, everything was in place.

With everybody at school, i jumped on the computer and shot an email to Claire:

To Claire:
Hi Claire! Its Danielle! I heard you are getting married in Sunset Valley. Guess what? Well I live in Sunset Valley. We have organized a room for you and your fiancee already! We would love to have you!

Lots of Love~Danielle
P.S. You know that 100 baby challenge i talked about before i moved out? Well, i am doing it and i am 17 babies in. Hope you don't mind!

Within the next 5 minutes I got a reply.

To Danielle

Omg! Hi sister! Really? 17 little kiddos? That must be amazing! I love kids. Well, Nick and I are getting married, um tomorrow. So we would only be a bother for a day! 

Love, Claire.

P.S. Could you possibly be my maid of honor? Also could you have three bridesmaid? I always wanted to have a maid of honor and three bridesmaids!

Dang a day. Woah, excited to see my little sister, I taught Nole to talk while I tried to calm myself.

With Nole and Nala talking away, I cleaned up the house a bit. My house had to be somewhat presentable for Claire and Nick!

"Hey girls!" I said with a smile on my face as the triplets walked in. "Will you umm, be BRIDESMAIDS for my sister's Claire wedding tomorrow?"
"YES!" they all said. 
"Where are the dresses?" asked Desirae 
"Right here," I replied. "Go and try them on!"

They came back downstairs and were stunning♥ 
They looked so grown up!

Then all of a sudden there was a knock on the door.

"CLAAAIRE!" I screamed as I opened the door and she tackled me with a hug.

We all gathered into the living room.

"Jeez guys I haven't seen you guys in a while!" I exclaimed.

"Yes I know!" replied both Claire and Rocky.
"Oh Rocky," I said as I looked down at the ground, "We weren't expecting you, so you will have to bunk with Everen."
"No problem Danielle! I am just glad to see my older sister again." he replied with a big smile on his face. Everen then peered his head in the room.

Everen! Why don't you show Uncle Rocky and Uncle Nick the house?" I suggested!

"Sounds like a good idea to me," said Nick as he and Rocky got up on their feet.

"I love you Claire," said Nick as he held her hands and kissed her.
"I love you too," Claire whispered.

Claire and I sat on the opposite sides of the couch. She kept going on and on about the wedding. I could only catch some parts of it as she was so excited that the wedding was tomorrow. 
I just got the main part:
The wedding was tomorrow
It was supposed to be a low key wedding with only her and Nick there, but she was inviting us too.
The wedding was tomorrow.

She had the perfect dress.

The wedding was tomorrow.

She had the perfect dress.

She scooted over closer to me. She seemed to get her excitement down a notch.
"Danielle, I have to tel you something though," Claire said as she looked me straight in the eye.
"What?" I asked
"I'm pregnant," she said as her eyes shifted the the ground.
"Oh my gosh! Thats gre-" I stopped mid sentence. Something didn't seem right.

Claire sunk down and put her hands on her knees. She looked ready to cry. 
"And it's bad?" I questioned lightly.
"Yes," she said looking straight towards the ground. I could see tears starting to form in her grey eyes.
"It's not Nick's baby."


Heehee, hoped you liked ^-^

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