Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chapter 18: Wedding Day (Baby 18)

*You Will Need To Read The End Of Chapter 17 to Understand*

I started at Claire with disbelief. "Wait what?" I questioned. I could never imagine my little sister doing such a thing.

"What do you mean it isn't Nick's baby?" I asked, fearing the answer.

"It means what it means," she said without showing any expression on her face.

"Tell me what happend," I demanded. There had to be a logical explanation for why Claire would be pregnant with another man's baby.
"Long story,'
"Long story short?"

"Ugh," moaned Claire as she sat up in her seat, "Fine. Well I WAS pregnant." 
"Was? Did you lose the baby?" I asked very confused.
"Well," Claire hesitated. She took a deep breath to calm herself. "no, I didn't lose the baby. Not exactly. It was an abortion."
"An abortion?"
"Yes, an abortion. It was the only thing I could do! I didn't want Nick to know! It was right after we got engaged too. The 

bachelorette party went all wrong. I got drunk and the strippers there were all too friendly," Claire exclaimed tears staring to form in her eyes.

"Oh Claire," I sighed, "Nick doesn't know does he?"

"Of course not! I don't even want to think about what he would do if I told him,"

"If he really does love you, he will understand. You should just go and tell him."
"Tell him? Danielle! Are you going crazy? Our wedding is tomorrow, I am NOT going to tell him today! Or ever!"
I sighed. Claire had a point but she really needed to tell him.
"I understand Claire. I wish i knew what to do," I lied. She just needed to be told she was right. "But your wedding is tomorrow, you need your beauty sleep."
Claire laughed and she finally smiled a bit "G'Night then!"
We both got up and hugged each other.
"I love you," Claire whispered
"I love you too, Claire," I said with a smile on my lips as I went to my bedroom and Claire went to her's.

The next morning was a rush of excitement. With everything ready for the wedding, we climbed into the limo and set off to the small park in the corner of Sunset Valley.

Rocky was so happy to Claire's escort down the aisle.

Claire was the perfect bride. Gleaming with pure happiness and radiating with the hope of a new beginning, you could tell that Nick and her were going to have some "fun" tonight.

Nick had eyes only for Claire. You could see, even from the chairs that they were in love
The ceremony was perfect.
The kiss was magical.
And of course the photographer was there to capture every moment.


Claire and Nick cut their wedding cake together.
But another celebration was in order also! It was time for Everen to age up.

Everen Smores

With the wedding over, Claire and Nick left to their new life in Twinbrook and Rocky went back to Bridgeport.

I came home to see an invitation on my door. Another party? But I couldn't say no, it was one of my kid's party. I took in a deep breath and started searching for something to wear.

I socialized with my kids. But all I really wanted was to go to sleep. My eyelids grew heavier as I spoke and my blinks got longer and longer.

I sat on the couch slowly nodding off.
"Mom, you can go home. You seem ready to pass out," Alani said gesturing towards the door.
I yawned rubbing my eyes and probably smearing my make up. "Thanks Alani," I whispered as black spots started to cloud my vision.

Don't know how I made it home ok, but I am glad I did.
I came home around two o'clock, well that's what the wall clock said, in the morning. I let myself in and made my way to the bedroom careful not to wake my kids.
I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillows.

The next morning I awoke to the crying of Nole. I quickly rushed to him and gave him all the comfort he needed.

While Nala and Nole were eating, i grabbed some leftovers and joined my other kids for some breakfast.

I love having teens in the house, as they can help in many ways. They took the toddlers under their care for a while and finished teaching them their skills.

Good thing too, the next baby daddy was very hesitant.

We finally cut to the chase and did it in the guest bedroom, with Mr. Smores being a peeping Tom.

With the day coming to a close, i sent everybody to bed and then hit the hay myself.

The next morning, i fed Nala and Nole their last bottle.

But then my stomach gave in.
"OH WHY SIM GOD?!" i asked as my stomach heaved.

But then birthday time!
Nala first. :)

Nala Smores

Nole Smores

The rest of my kiddos came home and it was time to celebrate the triplets birthday :)

Baby #12
Desirae Smores♥

Baby #13
Gennivieve Smores♥

Baby #14
Louise Smores♥

There they were, my beautiful triplets going one to the world of their own. I will never forget them :) ♥

With the house oddly empty, i stepped outside and worked on my dying garden.

But again my stomach gave in and i found myself hovering over the toilet.

I went to my bedroom and turned on the TV. I was planing to watch a movie but my eye lids turned heavy and i fell asleep to the sound of the TV.

In the middle of the night, i was awoken by the first kick of the baby inside of me. I turned off the TV and went back to sleep.

The next morning I and enjoyed some leftovers for breakfast with Nala.

The kids went to school and i busied myself and read the Sunset News.

I went inside and worked a little on my writing skills and started a book called, "A Mother's Life"
Of course it was going to be about me and my 100 baby challenge :D

The kids came home and i tried a new recipe. I crossed my fingers and prayed to the Great Sim God for the key lime pie to turn out ok.

It turned out fantastic (for my first time making it anyways) and the kids enjoyed it as much as I did.

Then the kids and i had a hard-core gaming session.

After playing games for a few hours, we were all tired and our eyes were red from staring at the TV for hours. We all headed to bed without a complain.

The next morning, i ate some breakfast with Everen,

The kids went to school and I took care of my growing garden.

I went back inside and did some chores to clean up the house a bit.

I did the laundry and something fell out while i was folding the clothes.

Another Magical Gnome!

I named it Mrs. Smores

After my "magical" finding, i went and worked out for bit.

Everen came home from school and he did his homework while I read the newspaper.

Then Nala and Nole came home and I helped Nala with her homework.

WIth homework done, everybody went outside and played around a bit.
Everen and I tossed around the baseball for a bit.

With my muscles score from exercise, I sent the kids to bed and went to sleep.

But the baby thought it was time to pop his/her head into the world.

And I welcomed into this world, baby #18, Zonder Smores.

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