Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chapter 19: Burglar (Babies 19 & 20)

The next morning with the kids gone at school I decided to age up Zonder. I was so curious to see what he looked like!

Baby #18
Zonder Smores

With the house only occupied with Zonder and I, I felt alone. It was weird. Usually my house is filled to the brim with a bunch of little Smores but now, just two Smores. I called up the next dad.

He arrived soon after the call and we chatted for a bit outside.

After we were "done" the kids came home and I busied myself with teaching Zonder how to walk.

With Zonder walking around, and food in everyone's stomach we settled down for a family movie night.

The movie ended rather quickly and I rushed everybody to bed and went to bed myself.
But not for long. I was roused awake by my stomach begging me to empty it. I went to sleep with the sour taste still in my mouth.

Then next morning, I woke up to Zonder crying for food. I quickly rushed to him and gave him his bottle and then fed myself.
But no, the food came right back up

With my stomach empty, I decided to take Zonder out to the park. The day was to nice to be spent in the house.

With the fresh air filling our lungs I decided to teach Zonder how to talk.

We came back home to find everyone else home, but then my babies made their appearance

I sent the kids to finish their homework while I finished teaching Zonder to talk.

With everything that needed to be done, done, we enjoyed some family time around the TV.

With the TV show over, everybody went to bed.

The next morning, I slipped into the bath. It felt good to wash all the muck and grime off my skin.

I got out of the bath and dressed for the day. Nobody else was up so I made some waffles for us to enjoy.
And we ate like a family.

With the kids in the other room, I cleaned up the house a bit. I put the leftovers in the fridge.

And tried to wash the dishes. But it was set up to splash in my face.
Stupid prankers. 

Soaked with water, i put the dishes in the dish washer only to find it was broken. Today was not going to be my day.
I mopped up the floor in dismay.

I gathered around the kids and we took my limo to the gym.

I made sure Zonder was busy with a toy and the rest of us worked out together.

But Nala and I took a break and made sure we looked alright. You know girls have to be girls!

I settled down into chair and watched the kids play in the water.
I ended up drifting to sleep.

After my little nap, we went home and dressed in some fancy clothes and I called a babysitter for Zonder. Then off to the Tillipac Diner to enjoy some good food.
I came back home and checked the baby sitter. Good, no evil baby sitter.

Making sure everybody was tucked into bed, I went to bed too.

The next morning, I fed Zonder his breakfast of baby mush and I joined Nole at the dining room table.

With my belly full of food, I potty trained my little Zonder.

Nala and Nole were outside playing in the tree house. I hope everything is ok in there....

With Zonder out of diapers, I carried my laptop outside so I could keep an eye on the kids and work on my book at the same time.

But all of a sudden my water broke and THE BABY WAS COMING and of course the kids freaked out.

I made my way into the nursery and prepared for the birth.

And I welcomed into the world
baby #19, Elive and baby #20, Blu.

With Elive and Blu resting in their cribs, I called for some pizza.
We all enjoyed the greasy pizza. It hit the spot ;D

With everybody's bellies full we hit the hay.

But when we thought everything was all good.....

As soon as I heard the alarm and I rushed to the front door to see what had happened.

When the cop won I couldn't help but snicker at the look of disappoint on the burglar's face.

I went back to bed very uneasy. Even if the cops said everything was alright I could still sense something was not right.

The next morning it was time for more birthdays!! :D

Zonder Smores

Baby #19
Elive Smores

Baby #20
Blu Smores

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