Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chapter 20: Party (Baby 21)

After the birthdays, I taught Elive how to walk.

While Zonder kept Blu occupied.

The rest of my kids came home from school. I made some burgers for them while they finished their homework.
I ate my burger sitting next to Everen and Nole. I answered all their questions in between bites of my food.

After eating, I finished teaching Elive to walk.

Everen is always helpful around the house and took the responsibility of teaching Blu to walk.

Night came all to quickly. I put all my kids to bed.

The next morning, I walked into a kitchen with nobody else in it. I made some food for my sleepy kids.

With my older kids gone at school, I roused awake Blu and Elive and got them ready for the day.

After making sure Elive was busy with a toy, I taught Blu how to walk. With Mrs.Smores stalking us.

Then I taught Blu how to talk. I think he was a bit creeped out about Mrs.Smores.

The older kids came home, did their homework, and ate some food. We all crowded around the TV to have some quality family time together.
 After putting everybody to bed, I headed to bed myself.

The next morning, the kids were gone and my toddlers were still asleep. I enjoyed my "me" moment and ate some cereal in complete silence. Just me and my thoughts.

With the toddlers up and busy with their toys, I called up the next baby daddy. 
We talked for a little bit outside of my house. 
And then we brought it inside ;)

After the father was gone, my kids came home and it was birthday time!

Baby #15
Everen Smores♥

Nala Smores

Nole Smores

Everen Smores, off to live his own life.

With one less person in the house, I put everybody to bed.

I hit the hay.
But i awoke to my stomach emptying itself in the toilet. I went back to sleep hesitantly.

After getting little sleep, I made some pancakes for my little kiddos to enjoy.

I cleaned up the kitchen a bit as the kids went to school.

I woke up Elive and Blu and started to get them ready for the day.

I ran to the nearest toilet and threw up the contents of my stomach. 

I finished getting my blue toddlers ready and fed them their food.

I made sure Blu was occupied and then taught Elive how to talk.

Then my baby appeared.

I sat back down and finished teaching Elive how to talk.

Everyone came home and after making sure homework was done, we settled down to watch some TV.

After putting everybody to bed, I went to sleep myself too.

The next morning, the kids and I enjoyed a nice breakfast together.

The kids went to school. I awoke Blu and Elive and fed them their breakfast. 

Then I potty-trained Elive and Blu.

After potty-training, I cleaned up the house a bit.

The boy's room was the messiest. The clothes on the floor had stink fumes coming from them. Gross.

The kids came home and we enjoyed some leftovers for dinner.

We settled down to watch some good ole TV. I smelled something burning in the background, it was so faint though that I ignored it.
"Hey Mom?" asked Nole
"I think I broke the computer,"
"I was playing s- I was working on a project and it broke,"

"Sure, a project," I laughed as I got up and called the repair man.

With the repair man on his way, I rushed the kids to bed and went to bed my self.

The next morning, I awoke Blu and Elive.

I called up the party planners and planned a party for the kids.

I went outside and threw out my old garden. Everything was dead :(
I planted a new one to replace the old garden.
The first guests arrived and it was time to get this party started!

But I guess I partied a little to much because the BABY WAS COMING!

I made my way to the nursery while my older kids, the ones that moved out, celebrated Elive's and Blu's birthday.
Korbin came in to tell me that the kids had aged up perfectly. But of course, he freaked out. Seems like he hasn't changed. 

I rushed Korbin out the door and gave birth to baby #21, Nicco Smores♥

Why not celebrate Nicco's birthday also?
I mean look at this birthday crowd!

Elive Smores

Blu Smores

Baby #21
Nicco Smores

We have hit 20 babies!!! It is time to vote for your favorite baby from 11-20! You can vote for your favorite at the facebook page

Voting ends on the 30th so get your votes in now! :D 

Till next time,

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