Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chapter 22: Tattoos (Babies 23, 24, & 25)

With Nala and Nole out in the big wide world by themselves, the day was coming to an end so we all decided to jump into the pool.

"Can you guys please hurry?" I pleaded with the puppy dog look. My kids just laughed at me until my puppy dog face was gone and I was laughing with them.
I jumped into the freezing cold, but refreshing water of the pool.

We all decided to hold a contest: Who can hold their breath longer?

Elive won by a good couple of seconds. We all swam around until we were pruned. I knelt down to the fire pit and lit it up.
We all surrounded the fire and roasted our marshmellows.

But poor Elive had her marshmellows caught on fire :(

"Uhh what are you doing?" I asked Nicco as he had his but towards the fire and a look of satisfaction on his face. 
"You know mom, the usual, just warming my butt up,"
he responded.
I laughed at his response and joined him in warming our butts up.
With everyone's stomachs full of marshmallows, we all headed off to bed.

The next morning, I was up bright and early. The sunrise had just started to begin.

I made do with the extra time on my hands and worked on my garden.

After gardening for a good couple of hours, I was all smelly and stinky.

I ran the hot water, added the lavender scented bubbles and jumped into the steaming water to get rid of all the grime and muck that had been collected on my body.

I got out of the bath to my stomach growling for food. i went to the kitchen and grabbed some leftover cake.We just can't ever seem to run out of cake :/

I checked up on the kids and found them in the garage working on their skills. Such good little kids I have.

I made my way to the Salon.
I asked Beau to help me fix up an outfit for me.

"Seemed to lose some weight huh?" I asked trying to get the conversation going.
"Yes! I am glad you noticed."
We ended up talking for a while and he finally agreed to be the next baby daddy.

Now to do something about my clothes. These are nice, but they aren't me.

You know what? I liked the new look :)

But something was missing.

"How much for a tat?" I asked the tattoo artist.

"150 each,"

It won't hurt that much I thought. But boy, was I wrong.

Don't cry, don't cry.

Of course as soon as the tattoo artist was done with the tattoos she wanted an autograph. I got my tattoos free for signing a little sheet of paper.

As i got into my car I wondered how in the world was i going to explain to my kids that I had gotten a tattoo? 

I gathered all the kids around and just simply stated the facts "I got a tattoo,"

Their reactions where surprising, I few nods here, a grunt there, and eye roll over here. Morgan then piped up, "Can we see them Mom?"

We watched the last bit of Mission Impossible and we all headed off the bed.

The next morning, with the kids gone at school, I called up the next baby daddy.

"Woah, what happend to you?" I asked as I was shocked at his transformation.
"Well being in the fashion industry, you would think they would love us to be outgoing and all that right? But no not really, I were a wig and color contacts to work. But now, this is the real me,"
I laughed a little bit and lead him inside.

The kids came home from school so I helped them with their homework in between bites of cake.

WIth the kids all settled down, I had a little free time so I did all the laundry.

Everybody went to bed with their bellies full and homework done. Good little Smores.

But i wasn't asleep for long.
I ended up running to the bathroom across the house instead of the one right by my room.
I tried to fall asleep again.
But no, again I had to run all the way to the bathroom.

I washed down the disgusting taste of vomit down with a slice of overly sweet cake.

The kids headed to school and I headed to the garage to work on my paintings.

But then my baby bump started to show!

I came inside to enjoy some quality time with my kids.

The kids and I enjoyed some good TV vegging time.

When the show was over, we all headed to bed.

The next morning I was the first to awake.

I made some waffles for the kids and I to enjoy.

All the kids enjoyed the waffles as much as I did. Or so they tell me.....

Zonder and I turned on the radio and danced away.

The kids left for school and I ended up dancing for Mrs.Smores. Talk about forever alone.

After dancing until even Mrs.Smores couldn't handle my bad moves, I went in to the garage and worked on my painting.

I ended up selling the other painting and working on another.

I came back inside just in time to enjoy some leftovers with my kids.

We all enjoyed the TV/Family time. Even Mr.Smores!

Everybody went to bed without a fight.
The next morning, I made my bed as soon as I got up.

I walked into the kitchen and ate some breakfast with my kids.

The kids went to school and I entertained myself by swinging on the swings.

I came back inside and worked on another painting.

I made my way into the nursery to prepare for the birth.

And I welcomed
Tony Smores
Samantha Smores
Zac Smores

The kids were in the living room so after putting my newborns into their crib, I chilled out with my older little kiddos.

We all went to sleep curious to see what my newborns would look like.

The next morning, I made my bed, 
I set up three birthday cakes and it was time to age up! 

Baby #23
Tony Smores

Baby #24
Samantha Smores

Baby #25
Zac Smores

Nicco Smores

One of the things that I LOVE about the triplets is their eyes. Each of them have different eyes!
Tony's grey eyes from his momma.
Samantha's purple eyes from ?
and Zac's green eyes from his daddy.

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