Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chapter 23: Growing Up

 Baby #16
Nala Smores
Fan favorite kid from 11-20!
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Samantha is a very weird child..

With the triplets now toddlers, Nicco helped me start to teach Tony and Zac how to walk. 
I sat down to read the newspaper and found an article about us and our new additions.

Night came all the quickly and I rushed the kids to bed while putting the toddlers in their cribs.
I hopped into bed to join my kids in the dream world.

The next morning, we all enjoyed left over birthday cake. Can't ever seem to get enough cake. :/

I got the triplets ready for the day and left them playing with their toys.

My older kids were inside watching the toddlers and l tended my dead garden, hoping to some how make my garden survive.

Morgan was busy making some bake goods, I could smell the strong scent of vanilla from outside.

After attempting and failing to revive my garden, i gathered everybody around and we all headed to the park. There at the park Blu and Nicco helped my teach the triplets to walk.

Zonder and Elive were busy playing on the swings.

And Morgan used her baked goods to make some quick cash.

All of a sudden, the sun went down and it got very cold. We all headed home.

The kids wandered up to their bedroom and I put my sleepy toddlers to sleep.

Still, things chores needed to be done around the house. I did a couple loads of laundry.
Of course, the last load has to get stuck. :P
WIth the last of the clothes put away, i headed off to bed also.

The next morning, i enjoyed a breakfast with Elive. We were both happy at our meal because it was not leftover birthday cake.

I woke up my toddlers and got them ready.
"Mom?" asked Morgan as she tugged at the bottom of my dress.
"Yes my love?"
"Can i pretty please go to the park and sell some more cookies?"
"I'm not sure, have someone go with you,"
"But MO-OM it is my last day of being a child, I think I am old enough to go by myself."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes mom! I will be safe, I promise,"
"Fine then, go." I said as I gave her a hug and she thanked me again and again.

I walked Morgan out the door and found Zonder and Blu on the trampoline.

Elive, Nicco and I sat down and taught the triplets how to talk.

I heard the boys come inside and turn on the XBox.

Elive got frustrated with Samantha. I ended up taking over, just to give Elive a little break.

I heard the door open and Morgan say, 'I'm here! Let's get this party going!"
I laughed to myself as I got the cakes ready.

Baby #18
Zonder Smores

Morgan Smores

We all sat down at the dining room table to enjoy our last meal with Zonder.

With Zonder gone, Elive stepped up and helped me put the toddlers to sleep

I stumbled as I made my way to my room. Too tired.....
I made it to my room only tripping one or two times.

The next morning, i woke up later than usual. I had slept through my alarm clock. Great.
I ate a hurried breakfast with Elive.

The kids went off to school and I found that the triplets had already been changed and fed. I have such good kids.
I put Samantha down and started to potty train her and continued to potty train the others.

I groaned as I looked down into the potty. Gross. I put my hand down to grab the bag, my face wrinkling in disgust.  I put the bag in the trash and mopped up the mess I had made.

Potty training took the entire day. I went to go eat some food to find the kids already upstairs asleep.

I put my toddlers to sleep. 
Then I went upstairs to check on my older little kiddos. 
I headed down to my bedroom and started to watch some old reruns of the Simpsons. But the commercials were taking up most my my time. 
I turned off the TV and went to bed.

The next morning, I made my bed the second i got up. My house needed to be cleaner anyways. 
I ate breakfast by myself, my older kids already at school.

I awoke my toddlers and got them ready for the day. Then I finished teaching Tony, Samantha, and Zac.

My kids came home and I sent them off to finish their homework as I made some Mac & Cheese.

We all sat down and I was very happy on how the meal turned out. The kids seemed to enjoy the meal also.

I took out my guitar, and started to play a little bit.

Before you knew it, I had gathered a small crowd of people aka my kids. They seemed to be very involved with my music.
I put my guitar away and I went to bed. My kids put the triplets to bed.

The next day, I was the first to awake.

I made some pancakes for my kids.

Morgan and Elive helped me get the toddlers ready.

My phone rang and I answered it.
Louise was on the other end and we talked for a while, just talking about how life was going.

I ended the call about 30 minutes later. I got some cakes ready and I could tell the triplets were eager to age up.

Tony Smores

Samantha Smores

Zac Smores

The triplets and I played some video games while waiting for Blu and Elive to come home.

They finally came home and I set up two more cakes for them.

Baby #19
Elive Smores

Baby #20
Blu Smores

They left as soon as they aged up. They were so similar, they even had the same lifetime wish! No wonder they wanted to move out together.

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