Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chapter 24: Am I? (Babies 26 & 27)

After the birthday party, I sent Morgan and Nicco to do their homework.

I quickly made some hamburgers for the kids and I.
Nicco and I ate our burgers while Morgan finished up her homework, she had a hard time with her math.

I went into the kitchen to put away the leftovers and I caught Samantha trying to pull a prank.

"What are you doing young lady?" I asked
"Uhh nothing," she replied
"Don't set up pranks! That is really mean!"
"It is just for fun!"
"Yah 'fun' until the water sprays all over your mom. Don't ever do that again! Ok?"
"Sure, mom."
"Now bedtime,"
"Yes it is getting late,"
"Ugh ok,"

After putting all the kids to bed, I hopped into bed too.

The next morning, I enjoyed some leftovers for breakfast with my triplets.

I went to go give a hug to Samantha and wish her luck on her first day of school. But she didn't want a hug from her momma.

I stumbled back, why didn't my kids want a hug from their mom? 

"Well good luck at school," i said.

"Thanks," Samantha said while rolling her eyes.
" I love you," I said as she walked out the door to catch the bus.
"Yah. yah."

With the kids gone, I wanted to get out of the house. The Stir-Craziness was finally getting to me.

I went down to the park and started strumming on my guitar.

My stomach growled with hunger. I put my guitar away and followed my nose to the scent of food. Maybe they will let me have some?

"Hi, I am Danielle Smores," I said eying the food on the table.
"Everybody knows Danielle!" he said jokingly.
My stomach growled, interrupting our conversation.
"Need some food?"
"Yes please, it would help,"

"So you are Danielle Smores huh" he asked,
"The one and only," I said with a smile on my face.
"I know this is totally out there, but can I be a dad in your challenge?"
"Sure! I will call you up when I need you. What's your name by the way, i never got it."
"My name? Brent. Brent Corrall

We ended up chatting away and playing some catch.

He had to leave and I was stuck catching butterfies. I finally caught one and decided to take it home.

I got home right before Morgan and Nicco did. I put Marisol in a cage that i had found in the basement.

Oh Marisol! You are so pretty!"

I made some Autumn Salad and ate it with Nicco finishing his homework right besides me.

With my tummy full of food, I went to the garage and worked on my painting.

I came back inside to my kids crowed around the TV. Zac had a book in his hand, he always had said he didn't like technology. I grabbed another book and joined him so he didn't feel like a loner.

My book was very interesting, it was all about good vs bad. The main character's name was Harry and he had to fight against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. It was a really good book and left me wanting to read the next book in the series.

I woke up the next morning, later than usual.

The kids were already gone for school. I ate some leftovers in silence.

I went and called Brent up. He was very excited to be apart of the challenge. 

He soon came over and we got right to it.

After he left, I turned on the radio and started dancing along to the beat.

The kids soon came home, and I helped them with their homework in between bites of birthday cake.

Nicco and I jumped into the pool with the rest of the kids following suit.

Morgan and I had a held a breath contest. 

And I came out victor!!!

I got out of the pool suddenly. I remembered I had a party to go to!

You know, Zonder's house isn't all that bad. 
I walked inside and was first greeted by Desirae.

I went a talked to my lovely Flora for a bit too.

And of course I had to talk to Everen too!

But all of a sudden, everything in my stomach started to come back up.

I ended up throwing up in the guest bathroom.

I went home after that, not really feeling the party mood anymore.

I went to bed with my head pounding.

I woke up the next morning, starving and begging for food. 

I made my way into the kitchen to find no leftovers. What? No leftovers! I made myself ome cereal to suit my stomach.

I found the kids in the garage playing with all the stuff. Zac was using my easel, so i instead tried my hand on sculpting.

But then i was interrupted, because my pregnant stomach started to show. 

I then went back to my building my sculpting skill.

Morgan came up to me with a puppy dog look on her face.
"Can i have a sleepover tonight?" she pleaded.
"Sure, no problem,"
"Thanks mom! You are the best!"
"Just don't get to wild ok?"
"Sure mom, don't worry."

She called up all of her closest friends and the party was set.

I heard Morgan ask Nicco if he wanted to join too. Of course he said yes! My kids were so nice. Well, most of the time.

Nicco, Morgan, and I cleared out the living room so they could use it for the sleepover.

The first guests started to arrive right as we were done setting up.

I excused myself to the bathroom to clean up.
But of course my shower has to break.

Nobody was going to fix it for me, so I ended up fixing the shower by myself.

I went into the living room to snap a couple pictures of Morgan and her friends. She only let me get this one, but I think it turned out really good.

I then fell asleep to the sound of laughing and dancing.

The next morning, I found some of the kids in the garage.

And some in the kitchen too. I went around them and made some pancakes.

I ate them all by myself. All my kids still asleep.

Finally Morgan woke up and had the kids leave. I asked her how the party went and she said it went great. One of the best days of all time.

The girls and I went outside to sun bathe for a little bit w
hile the boys swam around in the pool.

My phone rang and I picked it up.
"Hello Ms. Smores, this is the mayor of Sunset Valley and we were wondering if you could help paint a a mosaic for us,"
"Yes, will you be willing to come over now and help other fellow artist?"
"Yes of course! I will be right there."

I made sure the kid were safe and made my way over to City Hall.

I came home to find the kids having fun with the waterslide.

I made some food for them as they were bound to be quite hungry after all the swimming and playing.

I rubbed my belly, happy that I was going to have more babies.
"The kids at school were right! You are a slut!" Samantha spat at me.
"What?" I questioned.
"You. Are. A. Slut. All you want are stupid guys shoving their d*cks up your vag*na,"
"No! I do this for the kids!"
"Sure, probably just a cover up story, you are such a whore,"

"Do not call me a whore or a slut! I am neither!!!!" I spat back, "You are grounded young lady!"

"You act like I care, i am not getting any orders from a hoe like you,"
"I am your mother, you are going to listen to me!"
"Your my mom, so what? I don't want to be a Smores! I am freekin disgusted to be a Smores!"
With that last word, she stormed off to her room leaving me in the kitchen stunned.

I went into my room and thought about all she had said. Was i really a slut? Was i really such a whore? I wasn't a hoe, right?

I went to sleep uneasy.

The next morning, I ate some leftovers with my kids. Samantha was no where in site.

The kids left for school and I worked on my sculptures for a bit trying to get my mind off of what Samantha had said last night.

I sold the lion and started on another painting, still thinking about Samantha's hurtful words.

I finished it, but it wasn't the best I could do. I guess I got distracted a bit.

I started on another one, hopefully better than the other one, b

I made my way into the nursery to have the baby.

And I welcomed baby #26, Daisy and baby #27, Levi  into this world.

I held Daisy in my arms and I finally realized that my challenge was really for the children, not the men, just the children. Every soul i brought into this world was precious and made my heart grow bigger with love. This challenge was for the kids. Samantha just didn't know what she was talking about.

The kids came home and I quickly made some food while they worked on their homework, still Samantha no where in sight.

Then it was birthday time! Samantha finally decided to show herself.

Baby #21
Nicco Smores

Baby #26
Daisy Smores

Baby #27
Levi Smores

Nicco left without hesitation. He wished my good luck on the rest of the challenge and said to call him if I said any troubles. I thanked him and sent him on his way.

And of course, the twins turned out as cute as can be. 

Thanks to Turning Tables Legacy for their father! ^-^


  1. Wow, that was really rude of Samamtha! o.o Poor Danielle :(

    Great post.

    1. I have to say, I hate Sam.
      ( really the only reason I made her mean was because everyone liked her and I didn't xD )

      Thanks :)


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