Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chapter 25: Oh-No

Daisy and Levi were sure nice toddlers, but they were very hard to take care of. They did everything at the same time, eat, sleep, cry, and whine. It made them hard to take care of by myself.

All my other kids had gone to sleep. A couple lullabies and bottle of milk, I had finally got my twins to sleep.

I went into my room and looked at the clock on the wall, great 1AM. I fell asleep just as my head hit the pillows.
I awoke the next morning to a completely silent home.

I poked my head into the nursery. Both Daisy and Levi were still sound asleep.

I went and made myself a quick bowl of cereal. The kids had seemed to leave in a hurry because there were empty bowls all over the table.

I gathered the plates and pulled a lazy move, dishwasher here they come. 

My toddlers finally awoke and I dressed them and gave them their baby mush.

Then it was potty training time!

Both of my twins were surprisingly fast learners. They left me with a good two hours left over. Not to have the time go to waste, I started to teach Daisy how to walk.

Morgan came home soon and made sure Levi wasn't left out of the learning curve.

I sent Morgan to do her homework, while I grabbed a quick bite to eat. Home grown tomatoes are so much better than store bought.
The kids begged for food the second I got into the kitchen. To satisfy my hungry children, I made a meal that I had never made before.

I tried to cook the salmon to perfection. But I think Marisol might have distracted me. 

All of us grabbed a plate, and you know, it wasn't half bad.

Morgan was a big help, and put the toddlers to bed for me.

I had some free time to read the next book in the series. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 

I went to sleep dreaming of magic.

I woke from one of the best dreams I had ever had. I was a wizard. 

"You know Danielle," I said talking to myself, "for a wizard you are pretty hot,"

I changed out of my PJ's and ate some cereal. Again. No leftovers in the Smores household.

I woke up my sleepy toddlers and got them ready for the day.

I made sure Daisy was busy playing with her toys while I finished teaching Levi to walk.
Then it was Daisy's turn!

The toddlers only needed to be taught one one more skill. I sat Daisy down and taught her how to talk.

Morgan came home from school and immediately sat down Levi and started to teach him how to talk

Morgan went off to join the triplets and finish her homework. I quickly wrapped Levi's lesson and before you knew it, he was babbling away.

I snuggled my baby. "I love you," I whispered in his ear.

Making sure my babies were feeling the love, I tucked them into bed.

I ate another tomato instead of having a meal. These tomatoes aren't really that bad.

Making sure my older kids were in bed, I relaxed on my bed and turned on the TV. And of course, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was on.

I woke up the next morning, with the TV still on. Must of fallen asleep to it i guess. I turned off the TV and got ready for the day. 

I made some waffles for the kids. Having cereal all the time for breakfast got old fast.

Morgan sat next to me and we talked about her upcoming prom.
"It is today Mom!"
I choked on my food, "Today?'
"Yah! And I got the perfect dress and everything, it is going to be great,"

With my older kids gone, my toddlers finally awoke and I gave them their usual toxic green bottle.

I looked around my house, it was just a complete disaster. I went around the house, and made every bed.

I did all the laundry. Every piece of it. Every hamper seemed to be filled to the brim or overflowing with clothes.

And of course, I had to clean up the mess the toddlers had made.

I came back inside to see Morgan posing for me.
"Mom?" she asked, "Does this look ok?"
"Aw! My little girl is growing up! You look so beautiful!"
She blushed at the compliment.

"Let me get a picture!" I said, taking out my phone to snap a quick picture.

And there was my little Morgan on her way to prom. 

I quickly made some salad for my triplets to eat.

We all ate together and Samantha finally decided to sit next to me.

I pulled another lazy move and shoved the dishes in the dishwasher. But of course, the dishwasher had to break. 

I called up the repair man, and mopped up the puddle.

I played with my toddlers for a while.

And they seemed to enjoy the mommy- son/daughter time.

Finally, night came and I put the triplets and the toddlers to bed.

I tried to wait until Morgan came home, but i gave in and fell asleep.

The next morning, Morgan was beaming with happiness, she said that she had the best time of her life at prom. I was glad that she was happy.

The kids went to school, and I set up two cakes for my toddlers.

Birthday Time! 

Daisy Smores

Levi Smores

Finally, everyone else came home and it was time to celebrate even more birthdays!

Baby #22
Morgan Smores

Tony Smores

Samantha Smores

Zac Smores

Morgan gave me and hug and a kiss and she was on her way.

And the triplets, not really much I can say about them. :]

Warning: Slight cussing and adult themes, nothing too bad just thought I would warn you.
Samantha's POV

Birthdays, can't ever seem to get enough of them. To much partying, too much cake, too much family time. Ugh, all I want is to be upstairs in my room.

"Hey! Happy birthday sis," Daisy said as soon as I got to the top of the stairs.
"Yah, thanks same to you too," I said trying to find a way to get in my room, but she was right in the middle of the hallway.
"It is so much fun being a Smores, you get to play with the a bunch of kids, but the kids are all your siblings!"
I looked her right into the eye, "What did you just say?"

"Being a Smores is not a good thing! We are all just used so mom can keep having sex with random guys," iIsaid, stating the facts that everyone seemed to over look.
"But i thought Mommy loved us,"
"Think again stupid, she doesn't love us. All of her kids are just here because she didn't use protection. She is such a whore,"

"Don't call Mommy mean names! SHe loves us and I know it!" Daisy said, getting angry at me.
"You will understand one of these days, she doesn't love us, we are just here to fuel her sex addiction."
"Mommy doesn't have an addiction! You are just a mean person Samantha!"
I laughed, "Me mean? Bitch please."
"Don't call me names, or I am telling Mom,"
"See if I care, cry baby,"

I pushed Daisy against the wall and made my way into my room, well the girl's room. Daisy slept on the bed farthest away from me. I didn't mind, I don't need like kids anyways.

The next morning, I woke up to the smell of waffles. I made my way downstairs and grabbed a plate. My mother may be a sex-driven whore, but damn, that girl can cook.

My siblings, yes i could call them siblings, not just half siblings, and I played Mario Kart on the Wii to pass time. It was the weekend, we didn't have anything better to do.

I looked over my shoulder, and saw mom getting ready to woohoo it up.

"Jeez mom is such a slut," I said as my mother went into the other room so she couldn't hear me.
"Says the girl in half a shirt and shorts that should fit Daisy," Tony spat back giving me a dirty look.

"Well at least i'm not a sex driven crazy women with the impossible dream of having 100 babies,"
"She is our mother, you can't talk bad about her, you just can't," Tony said back.
"I can say what ever I want, she is a slut, whore, hoe, and a fucking sex driven person. What is she doing in the other room right now? Woohooing it up! Such a fucking dirty hoe,"
"Don't say that about our mother, just don't. You are a fucking slutty whore yourself," Tony spat back.

"You know what? I need some fresh air, I am out of here," I said as I ran out the door.

I finally found myself at the park. I laid against the stone wall and thought about how bad my life was. I had a sex driven lunatic for a mother, and mistakes for siblings. Could my life get any worse?

"Samantha?" asked a guy coming up to me.
"Leave me alone Tony," i said as I as I lifted my head up. "Oh hi Mike. Didn't know it was you, sorry." I said blushing like crazy. I had a crush of Mike Wills since we were both in the same class in elementary school.
"You ok?" he asked helping me off me feet.
"I'm fine," I said dusting off my clothes.

"You want one?" Mike said as he handed me a cigarette.
"Sure, why not?" I said as he lit my cigarette up and he hopped onto the top of the wall.
I took a long drag and spit it out. "Crap, this is shit," i said.
"You get used to it after a while. It helps get rid of the pain,"  I hopped onto the wall with him and took another drag of the cigarette. This time it wasn't so bad. 

"So, what brings you to the park?" asked Mike.
"Do you really want to know?" I asked my fingers combing my hair. 
"Yah, just tell me,"
I sighed and started to spill my entire story out. He just sat that and took all the information in. Because sometimes, a girl needs to be heard.

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