Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chapter 26: Problems (Babies 28, 29, & 24.5)

"So," Mike said jumping off the ledge onto the floor. "You are quite fine," 
I blushed and looked straight to the ground. Mike just called me fine!
"You ain't so bad yourself," I said a a smile of happiness on my face. Mike seemed to like me! Finally!

"So how's yo-," I started but Mike cut me off with a kiss. My first kiss.

I stuttered back in shock at the kiss. I touched my lips, Mike's lips just touched mine. He kissed me! 

"You know, you are really sexy. Wanna go out for a date? Just you and me?" Mike asked.
I stood there, shocked. "Yes of course!"

He drove me to the lake on the far side of town. Mike grabbed my hand and led me closer to the water. 
"Why here?" I asked.
"Oh, you don't like the lake?"
"No, no. I do! But I was just wondering why you chose here of all places."
"Its the only place we could be alone. Just you and me,"
"And the fishes," I added making him crack a smile.

"Samantha. you are just to funny," Mike said pulling me closer for a kiss.

We chatted away. We both seemed to have a lot of things in common. Finally Mike asked, "You will be my girlfriend, right?"
"Of course!" I responded as he kissed me again.

"You should probably get going." Mike said as he looked at his watch.
I looked at my phone and he was right. It was getting late and I needed to go home. 
"My house, tomorrow. Party. Be there?" he asked. 
"Of course! Can't wait," I said as I started running to catch a taxi.

I got home and I saw Mr. Smores there by the porch all smiles. "Whatcha smiling at?" I asked my a smug grin on my face. "Take that!" I said as I kicked him down.

I got inside to the smell of food. Yum.
The food was good, like always, even though it was made by a sex driven women.

After eating, I had a craving for another cigarette. I went on top of one of the tables and got out the cigarette pack and lighter Mike had let me borrow.

"What are Earth are you doing?" my mother questioned me.
"Just sitting on the table,"
"Don't give me sass! Why are you smoking?"
"Smoking? Cause i can. Nobody can tell me what I can or can't do.

"I am your mother! You are going to stop smoking,"

"Make me," I said as I stormed off to my room.

Damn, my mother is a lunatic. She actually thinks she can tell me what to do! Please, I am grown up now. I can take care of myself.

The next morning, I followed the scent of pancakes to the kitchen. I grabbed a plate and stuffed my mouth with it.

I still had time before Mike's party. I decided to have a little fun.

Finally, it was time to go to Mike's party. I made sure i looked nice and headed over to his house.

"Hey there babe," Mike said as he greeted me with a kiss.
"Where is everybody else? Isn't this supposed to be a party?" I asked.
"You are the party, sexy."
I blushed as I gave him another kiss.

He led me to his bedroom and we changed into more suitable clothes.
"Are you sure about this?" I asked as he put me on top of him.
"Don't worry, I know what I am doing. You aren't my first," Mike reassured me as his hand went father and father down my back.

Mike dragged me under the covers to learn what "fun" actually meant.

"You are so sexy Sam," Mike said as he put his hand on my face.
"I love you Mike," I said smiling back at him.

We changed back into our clothes and he gave me a kiss good bye. A kiss that lasted a good 10 minutes. We ended up taking it back to the bedroom.

I came home way after dark. I tried to slip in, but of course, my mother was waiting for me.

"Where were you Sam? You had me worried sick! Didn't tell me where you were going or who you were with!"
"Sorry," I lied.
"It is ok, just I am worried about you. I didn't know where you were. For all I could of known, you could of gotten your self knocked up!"

I laughed at my mother's foolish behavior and went up stairs to rest. I had quite a long day.

I woke up and ran straight to the bathroom. Must of been something I ate. Right?

I got up the next morning with many thought running through my head.

I can't be.... no, it's not possible. no.....

I went downstairs to eat some breakfast.
Cake, again. It is the only thing that we seem to have in this stupid house.

The bus came and we were off at school. 

I got out of school to feel a kick in my stomach.
Crap, no. I can't be pregnant. No. Oh Sim God.

We all got on the bus. I whispered to my brothers, "How do I tell Mom i'm pregnant?"
"You are pregnant?" Tony whispered back giving me the death glare.
"You are on your own for this one, slut," Zac added in.
"Jeez, i thought you were my brothers, you are supposed to help me," I stated.
"But when our sister does a stupid thing, we aren't there to cover for her," Tony spat back ending our conversation.

I got home and sat down on the porch while my so-called brothers went inside. I lit another cigarette, trying to drown my fears.

"What did I tell you? No smoking!" my mother said as she slapped the cigarette out of my hand.
"Calm down lady, jeez."

"I am your mother, you listen to me! Ok?" she said getting angry at me. 

"Calm yourself," I said taking a step back.

And right then, I let her have the news.

"Mom? I'm pregnant,"
"What do you mean your pregnant? You did get yourself knocked up huh?" she asked. I just nodded. Nothing really to say.
"Well you are going to stop smoking, it is bad for the baby and for you."
"Yah, yah. I know its bad. So what?" i said as i pushed her out of the way so I could go upstairs.

I sat down in the hallway between the boy's and girl's room. I lit another cigarette to focus my mind.

I went downstairs and grabbed Zac's homework which he foolishly left on the table. I ran to the garage so I could copy his homework in peace.

I came back inside to put back Zac's homework. I put my hands around my belly and cursed at it.
"It is all your fault you know? You piece of shit."

I went back upstairs and started to get ready for bed. Stupid maternity clothes, I don't even like SpongeBob.

The next morning, we all gathered around the table to eat. Cake, of course.

We still had time before the bus came so we gathered around the TV to watch some random shiz that Levi picked out.

But all of a sudden my mother went into labor!

The expression on her face was pure pain. Was I going to have to go through this too? Shit.
She made her way into the nursery to have her baby.

The bus came and left with my siblings, I walked over to Mike's house. I had to tell him I was pregnant.

I came inside and the first thing I said was "I'm pregnant,"
"What? No! Can't be!"
"I am! Stupid. And it is your fault too," 
"How is this my fault?"
"You said it would be ok, you said you knew what you were doing. You lied."
"You lie all the time,'
"Not the point. It is your baby, are you going to help take care of it or what?"
"Please, that's the mother's job."
"Fine, we are DONE!"
"Ok with me, I can get another ass finer than yours. Now leave," Mike said as he went out the door.

My phone buzzed with a new message. 

From Mom:
Two baby boys. Easton and Jayden. 

Oh Sim God, more freekin babies.

I left Mike's house and went to school. Nothing else better to do.

Finally, I came home. School was so boring now a days.

But as soon as I came home, more birthdays!

Baby #28
Easton Smores

Baby #29
Jayden Smores

After the birthdays, I sat down on the couch and smoked for bit.

"What are you doing? No smoking! With a baby in you and kids out here! It is not good for anybody!" my mother said.
"So? I don't care. It is my life, and if they don't want to breathe the smoke, then move to the other room. Simple," I said back as I went back into my bedroom.

I went to sleep, feeling ready to pop this stupid baby out.

The next morning I had a lovely breakfast of, cake. AGAIN!

All of us got onto the bus, ready for school.
But of course, right before I could even get into class, the damn baby had to come.

I went home and my mother freaked out as well. She led me to the nursery to prepare for the birth.

I screamed in pain. There was nothing else I could do, the pain was unbearable.

And I welcome Jackson into this world.

I put Jackson in my mother's arms, walking out of the nursery door.
"I need a cigarette."

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