Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chapter 28: Challenge Moms (Baby 30)

After making sure Jackson was safe and sound in his new house, I could finally settle down and go to sleep.

The next morning I was the first to wake up. One thought and one thought only ran through my head, "New house, new me."

"You know," I said looking into the mirror, "you aren't that bad for a mom of 29."

I went downstairs to the kitchen to make some breakfast for my kids and I.

The kids soon came downstairs, and enjoyed some pancakes.

The kids went outside and took advantage of the new backyard that we had. It was very kid-friendly.

I just sat down inside and watched my kids play a little bit. Finally Jayden won. The kids came inside and watched some TV while I called up the next baby daddy.

A little while later, the next baby daddy arrived.
"Chase, right?" I asked him.
"At your service," Chase replied with a smug smile on his face. "So the rules," he continued, "I just have to help make the babies right? Nothing else?"
"Yes, that's it,"
"But I can still hang around and watch the kid grow up, right?"
"Uh, sure. I don't see why not," I said surprised at his question. None of the other baby daddies had asked that question before.
"Good, now let's get to the baby making." he said jokingly.

And we did, in the treehouse, only coming out with a few splinters. xD

We came back down and Chase made his move on me. I staggered back, not letting his lips touch me.
"Noo," I said pushing him away. "Just here for the baby making, remember? Nothing else, now let me go," I pleaded.

He finally let me go. "Oh, yah. Uh, sorry," Chase said looking quite embarrassed. "Just, I couldn't help myself. A guy has to try right?" Chase said with a small smile on his face.
"Whatever," I said trying not to laugh at his dumb joke. Chase waved good bye and left. Anybody could tell he was very embarrassed.

I tried to forget what just happened by starting a new garden.

I worked on upgrading the sprinklers in my garden. Easton wondered in and asked what I was doing.
"Just upgrading these," I replied without looking up from my work.
"Well, Mom, can I help maybe?" he asked.
I looked up and smiled at my boy, "Uh, i think I got this under control Easton. But thanks."
"Your welcome mom," Easton said closing the gate and heading back inside to join his siblings.

I worked on upgrading the sprinklers in my garden. Easton wondered in and asked what I was doing.
"Just upgrading these," I replied without looking up from my work.
"Well, Mom, can I help maybe?" he asked.
I looked up and smiled at my boy, "Uh, i think I got this under control Easton. But thanks."
"Your welcome mom," Easton said closing the gate and heading back inside to join his siblings.

"Mom," Daisy said with an excited look on her face. "I saw that guy kiss you!"
I looked at her and my face went blank, "No, he did not kiss me," I corrected, "He tried to kiss me, but failed."
"Mom! Why didn't you kiss him though? He is kinda cute!" Daisy said blushing. 
"Great, now my daughter likes older men. Really older men," I said laughing. "But he is just a challenge father, nothing else."
"Well he didn't seem like just a challenge father to me. And I don't think he is just a challenge father to you either."
"Uh, what?" I asked, surprised at her statement.
"It is obvious mom. Duh. He likes you, a lot."
"Well, like I said, he is just a challenge father."
Daisy laughed as if I had just told the stupidest lie ever. "Sure, mom, sure."

I sent the kids to bed and locked myself in my room. I started to paint, trying to get what Daisy had said out of my head. 
He is just a challenge father. He is just a challenge father. He is just a challenge father. He is just a challenge father. He is just a challenge father, right?

I finally calmed down enough to get into bed. But I had to wake up just a few hours after. My stomach churned and churned. I barely made it to the bathroom in time. Yup, pregnant.

I tried going back to sleep, but I just couldn't get the sour taste out of my mouth, no matter what. I settled down on the couch and watched some TV to pass the time.

Finally morning came and I joined my kids downstairs for breakfast.

I went outside and tended my garden. I was determined for this garden to stay alive unlike all my previous ones.

While gardening, I watched my kids. Easton and Jayden were playing on the spring riders.

"Now time to tackle you again, huh?" I asked the sprinkler. I bent down and started working on upgrading it again.

I got back up and smiled down at my work. "One down, one to go."

"Now time for the other one," I mumbled as I bent down again.

But all of a sudden, my breakfast came back up and I ran to the bathroom.

Feeling much better afterwords, the kids and I all changed into our swimsuits. Daisy and I relaxed under the shade of the umbrella.

And the boys played on the water slide.
Boy, they sure looked like they were having fun.

"Don't get hurt!" I said.
"Don't worry mom! We will be all good!" Jayden replied with a smile on his face.

My stomach growled, hungry for food. I excused myself inside to make some food. I popped the hot dogs in the microwave and waited for them to finish cooking.

I called the kids inside. Daisy told me some interesting facts about hot dogs. Did you know they were invented by Edison? Niether did I.

As soon as we were done eating, my baby made an appearance.

There was still a lot of time left in the day so I decided to visit the community center to see who was there.

And to my surprise, I met a couple of fellow challenge mom's!

We all chatted for a while. Talking about parenting, our kids, and other stuff sounding our challenge's. When I mentioned Samantha, both of them were disgusted by her. I couldn't blame them.

The best thing about meeting Arianna and Payton was I found people like me. It didn't make me feel as much as and outcast as before. Not that I felt like an outcast, it was just a good feeling knowing you aren't alone.

After a couple hours of talking, and making new friends I went home glad that I wasn't alone in this.

I made my way upstairs and went to sleep immediately.

The next morning, I woke up to a silent house. All the kids gone at school.

After a quick breakfast I picked out the next book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of FIre.

I sat down on the living room couch and read for a good couple of hours. The book was very long.

I heard a knock on the window.
"What the?" I said as I looked up. I jumped out of my seat. Chase was standing directly outside the window. "What are you doing here?" I asked
He shrugged his shoulders and asked if he could come inside.

I opened the front door and demanded to know why he was here.
"Oh, you know," Chase said nonchalantly, "just wanted to check on my little guy," pointing to my stomach.
"How do you know it is going to be a boy?" I asked raising an eyebrow.
"Oh, trust me. I know."

"So can I feel my little boy?" Chase asked.
"Sure," I said with a smile on my face. "Just make sure your hand doesn't wonder," I added.

"Well, my kids are going to be coming home soon. They have a half day." I lied. "Now, bye!" I said almost pushing him out the door.
"Bye, Danielle, see yah," Chase said with a wink as he closed the door behind him.

I sat on the couch. He was the first dad to ever check up on his kid. Even though he/she wasn't born yet. Chase was just too cute, too nice. But still, I had a challenge to fulfill and nobody was going to get in the way of it. He is just a challenge dad. He is just a challenge dad, right?

I sat on one of the chairs to the dining table forcing myself into the world of magic. Still, I couldn't get Chase out of my head.

I looked at the clock on the wall. Now the kids would be coming home soon. I made a Key Lime Pie and put it in the oven.

The Key Lime Pie turned out better than I had expected. My little Smores came right on time. We all sat down to eat and Daisy and Levi told me how excited they were for their school prom.

We all sat down to watch some TV and I told Daisy all that happend today between Chase and I.
"Ooh, Mom!" Daisy said giving me a cheesy smile. 
"Oh shush, it is nothing," I said giving her a cheesy smile back.
"Then why did you tell me?" Daisy countered. 
"Because, uh," 
"See? You know you like him mom,"
"No, no, I don't,"
"Mmmhhhmmm," Daisy said giving i'm-not-stupid look.
"I have a challenge to fulfill and I am not going to have someone get in the way of it,"
"Chase won't get in the way," Daisy said with a smile. "Well, hopefully not."
"Exactly my point,"
"But MO-OM! I like him! But not like that, I like him for you. If that makes any sense,"
"It makes a little sense." I said with a laugh. "But i don't think I am going to go out with him. No, i'm not."
"Sure, sure you aren't," Daisy said, ending our conversation.

With what Daisy said bouncing around in my head, I sent the kids to bed and headed to bed too.

I woke up the next morning with my back aching like crazy. One of the only downsides to being pregnant.

I started a nice warm bath and added some bubbles to it right before I got in.
The water relaxed my muscles and made me feel wonderful. Plus, the bubbles smelled good.

I got out and felt my belly. The joys of being a mother seemed to be endless♥

I slowly waddled downstairs and ate some leftover sushi. I was getting sick and tired of having cake over and over again.

I went outside to tend on my garden. So far none of my plants have died yet.

After making sure all my plants were taken care of, I went to work upgrading the other sprinkler.

"Yes," I whispered as I finished upgrading the other sprinkler. My plants weren't going to die of thirst anymore.

I came back upstairs to practice on my dart skills. I had never played darts before, so it was a learning process.

"Finally! Woohoo!" I said congratulating myself on my first bull's-eye. Even if it did take an hour to get, it was well worth it.

But all of a sudden, all the excitement was gone and was replaced with pain. Oh boy, the baby is coming. 
I made my way to the nursery. Good thing the rec room and the nursery were on the same floor, I don't think I could of made it up those stairs with this baby kicking so hard.

And finally, I welcomed Liam Smores into this world.

"Well, you father was right, you are a boy," I said to my newborn. "Now, let us see what you look like."

Baby #30
Liam Smores

I cradled Liam in my arms, "Oh how you look like your father," I whispered to my baby boy. 

We have reached 30 babies! Don't forget to vote for your favorite on the Facebook page!

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