Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chapter 29: Get Out (Babies 31 & 32)

"Watch out! The tickle monster is going to get you!" I said to Liam as I tickled him and his little baby laugh filled the whole room.

My phone buzzed in my pocket. I stopped tickling Liam and answered the phone.
"Danielle!" Arianna said, "You want to join Payton and I at the club today?"
"Uh, well I have the kids to take care of,"
"Girls' night man!" Payton said, Arianna probably had the phone on speaker.
"We will be there in 15 k?" Arianna said as she hung up the phone.

I made my way up to the bedroom. Now to find something suitable for tonight.

I slipped into something that I would never thought I would wear as a mother. And right on time too because I heard the doorbell ring.

"You ready to PAR-TAY?" Payton exclaimed as Ariana and her walked into the door.
"Yes!" I answered with so much enthusiasm that we all ended up laughing.
"You guys look great!" I said stunned at how they looked.
"Same goes for you Danielle!" Arianna said with a wink. "Now, let's go!"

We finally arrived at the Grind, yah, weird name.

We got on to dance floor and danced and danced to the beat of the music.

I wondered over to the bar table and orded drinks for all of us.

I drank one, the pink substance tingling my mouth. I handed one to Ariana and Payton and they downed their drinks too. 
"Well, there is one left," I said. "Might as well drink it, I pay'd for it after all," I joked as I drained the last cup.

I made my way over to a guy on the dance floor. We started dancing and before you know it, I had convinced him to be a dad in my challenge. 
We went over to the restroom and got things done.

I came back out to Ariana dancing on the table.
Oh Ariana....

Arianna and Payton dropped me off at my house. To tired to go upstairs, I crashed on the couch.

"Hey mom?" Easton said waking me up.
"Mhhmm?" I grumbled half-awake.
"We are leaving for school, just thought I would let you know," he said patting my forehead as they left to catch the bus.

I finally came around to waking up. I yawned as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. Liam was on the floor playing with himself. "Daisy must of put you there, huh?" I asked him.

I quickly changed, and ate some cake, yet again.

I put Liam down on the floor and started to teach him how to talk.

After teaching him how to talk, I headed outside to my garden. Those automatic sprinklers really did make a difference. Liam came outside with me and played with his toy boat.

I came back inside to my little kiddos working hard on their homework. I know I was tired of having cake all the time, and I'm sure they were too so I made dinner for all of us.

After eating our fill, we headed upstairs to the rec room. Easton and Jayden playing with the chess board, Daisy working on her athletic skill, Levi messing around with potions and I was working with sculpting. Painting could wait until later.

"Ahh!" Daisy screamed as she fell on the treadmill.
"It is ok, i'm all good," I heard her say as she slowly got back up.

Night came and took the day away from us, I sent my kids to bed and tucked Liam into bed too before heading off to sleep.

I just had laid my head on the pillow and before you knew it, I was up again and running to the restroom.  
After throwing up I went back to bed, glad to get a couple hours of sleep. 
But then, before you know it, I was up again. But this time, my baby was showing!


Everybody was already awake, so I made my way downstairs and ate some breakfast with my kids.

Everyone left for school, leaving Liam and I alone in the house.
I woke him up and got him ready for the day.

I sat him down and taught him how to use the potty.

With the teaching done for the day, I went around the house and gathered all the laundry.
The smell of clean laundry. Ahh.

I left Liam in the house and went outside to work on my garden again.

"Hey," said a voice behind me, breaking my concentration and scaring me.

"Hey Chase," I said going out of the gate to meet him.
"So, why are you here?" I asked trying not to be rude.
"I wanted to know if you had given in yet,"
"Given in to what?"
"My charming good looks, my laugh, my smile. Girls are prone to fall for me,"
"Well, not me," I said laughing.

"Let's see about that," Chase said leaning in to kiss me.

"What. The. Hell. Was. That?" I asked pulling away quickly."I don't want your kiss!"
"You seemed to enjoy it," he said with a smile on his face.
"I'm not joking." I spat.

"Come on! You know you wanted that kiss!" Chase said.
"No I didn't. You trespass on my property and then kiss me? No. Get out, NOW" I demanded.
Chase hung his head down, and left. I didn't feel sorry for him. He deserved what he had gotten.

I just stood there, disgusted that I even had fallen into his trap. But the odd thing was, I knew he was going to kiss me, and I didn't want to stop him. "He is just a challenge dad. He is just a challenge dad. You can't fall in love with a challenge dad," I repeated to myself as I made my way inside the house.

I made it inside just to see my teens go off to prom.

With my mind still replaying what had happend, Easton, Jayden, and I ran around the house playing tag.

FInally, Jayden gave up, leaving Easton to win.
"I give up!" Jayden panted just as Easton was about to tag him. "To tired to move on," he said kneeling over.

"How 'bout a movie then?" I suggested.
"Sounds good to me!" Jayden said with a smile as he popped back up and headed upstairs to watch the movie.

We all sat on the couch, intrigued by the special effects and the story line. You know, Harry Potter has that effect.
As much as I wanted to spill what had happened, I kept my mouth shut. I wasn't going to spill it to anybody, not even to Daisy.

I put my kids to bed and then headed to bed myself. Daisy and Levi still hadn't come home. They must of been having some fun there.

The next morning I came downstairs to eat some breakfast and help Jayden with his homework. Daisy and Levi still sleeping.

"Homework? I thought it was the weekend!" I said slightly confused.
"Well, I was supposed to do it yesterday, but you made me go play tag and then watch the movie" he defended.
"Blame it on me now, huh?" I said smiling and making Jayden giggle.

I made my way upstairs to go and tend to Liam. But then a heard a loud bang coming form the laundry room. I ran over to see what had caused it and I couldn't believe my eyes. The dang washer had broken.

I got the clothes out, kicking and cursing at the washer along the way. I put them in the dryer and called up the repair man.

Finally, with that taken care of, I went back to Liam and taught him how to walk.

From outside the window, I could see my kids having fun playing with the water slide.

Finally, Liam had learned how to walk. I went outside to join my kids and let Liam play with the toys.

But we were brought back inside for birthdays!

Easton Smores

Jayden Smores

So cute!

After the birthdays, the boys and I played a round of video games, Levi coming out as the winner.

I excused myself outside and worked on my garden bit. I kept catching myself looking over my shoulder, expecting to see Chase.

I came back inside to Daisy and Liam dancing.

Everybody finally went to sleep, leaving the house quiet.

But then, of course, THE BABY IS COMING!

As I made my way downstairs, I noticed how late it really was. All my kids were up, but Daisy, of course, had to freak out.

Making my way into the nursery, I prepared for the birth.

And I welcomed baby #31 Julia Smores and Baby #32 Seth Smores.

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