Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chapter 30: Part Two: Dreams (Babies 33, 34, & 34)

I laid on top of my bed, thinking about the dream over and over again. Only one thing was clear, Chase is not just a challenge father.

Not getting any sleep, I headed downstairs to get a cup of coffee and make some breakfast for my kids.

With my stomach full and the kids off at school, I got my toddlers ready for the day. For some odd reason, I had an urge to go to the beach, it just seemed like the right thing to do.

At the beach, I started to teach my little Julia how to walk.

About halfway through, I heard a voice behind me.
I turned around and I saw Chase standing there, just so perfect.
"Yup, defiantly not just a challenge father," I thought as I turned around to face him.

I looked up to him and we locked eyes. I ran up to him and gave him a hug, surprising him. He finally got over the shock and returned the hug, making my feel all warm inside.

"Finally gave in, huh?" Chase asked.
I laughed, "I guess so,"
"Took long enough,"

I finally arrived home to all my kids hard at work.

But then it was time for more birthdays!

Baby #26
Daisy Smores

Baby #27
Levi Smores

They both aged up into fine young adults. Their future is bright.

Levi left with a goodbye but Daisy stayed just a tad bit longer.
"I'm glad you took my advice," she said with a smirk.
"I'm glad I did too," I replied giving her a hug.
"Good luck with your challenge Mom!" Daisy said as she walked out of the house.

Liam couldn't go to sleep, so I read him a book until his eyes closed and he fell asleep. I gave him a goodnight kiss and tucked him in then headed to bed myself.

The next morning, I called up the next challenge father, he was super excited to participate in my challenge as he had already been in another challenge too.

Meanwhile, I potty trained Julia.

Right on time, Harry Little arrived.
"I'm so glad to meet the Danielle Smores!" Harry said excitedly.
"In the flesh," I replied jokingly.
"Well, I am Harry Little, of Ariana Little,"
"Arianna, I should of known," I said with a smile.

"Now let's get to the baby making,"

Harry soon left and I potty trained Seth. Dirty diapers were something I did not look forward to.

I finally had sometime to myself. I went downstairs to grab a quick bite to eat.
I heard a knock on the glass and looked up to see my boys pointing to the jacuzzi. "Great," I mumbled as I got up, "they broke the jacuzzi,"

I went outside a stuck my hand in the murky green water. I could feel the slime on my hand as I repaired the filter.

Finally the water turned back to normal color and the slime was no longer there. Next time, I was calling the repair man.

I climbed into bed and went straight to sleep.

But I was awakened by my stomach, and of course, I had my head over the toilet.

After getting little sleep, I finished teaching Julia how to walk and taught Seth how to walk too.

With some time left over before my kids came home from school, I went outside to garden a little bit.

I lost track of time and before you knew it, the sun started sinking and my babies made their appearance.

After coming inside and eating a bit of food, I played a little guitar.

My kids seemed to enjoy my music as they all crowded around and bopped their head to the music.

Sending the kids to bed, and putting the toddlers to sleep, I went upstairs and worked on a painting.

After selling the other painting, I worked on another smaller painting.

I liked the way it turned out, simple and colorful. 

Instead of selling it like usual, I hung it up on top of my bed.

The next morning was full of skill teaching, for the toddlers that is.

Both Julia and Seth picked up their skills very quickly so the learning process with quick and easy.

I finally had sometime to myself so I went downstairs to watch some T.V.

"Jeez, Chase," I said as I nearly jumped out of my seat. 'you scared me!"
"Sorry Danielle!" Chase said with a smile as he out his hand on my stomach. "Another bun in the oven, huh? To bad it isn't mine,"
"You already have one!" I protested as Chase moved his hand of my stomach.
He laughed and just nodded his head.

The sky went down and the stars came out, bright as ever. We laid outside and watched the stars.

"Danielle, you know, you are perfect," Chase whispered.
And I could see in his eyes, that he really meant it.

I went upstairs and Chase followed me up. I fell asleep in his arms feeling safe, warm, and loved.

Chase had left before I had woken up but he left a note saying he had gone to work and not to worry.
I woke up my fussy toddlers and got them ready for their birthdays.

Julia Smores

Seth Smores

Cutie Pies♥

Julia, Seth and I went outside to play some games.

Seth was in the lead when all of a sudden, I felt the baby coming!

The kids freaked out as I expected them to. I tried my best to calm them down as I made my way into the nursery.

In the nursery, I gave birth to Lior, Kylee, and Tate.

I held the baby of the triplets in my arms, the only boy in this birth. "Let's see what you look like," I said as I snuggled Tate.

Baby #33
Lior Smores

Baby #34
Kylee Smores

Baby #35
Tate Smores

Now, aren't these triplets cute?

Thanks to the lovely Ariana Little for letting me use Harry. His babies are soooo cute. Thank ya ^-^

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