Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chapter 31: A Household of Challenge Dads (Babies 36, 37 & 38)

"Yes, well I guess you could call us an item," I muttered into the phone, cracking a smile.
"OH MY GOSH! I called it!" Payton said on the other line, clearly very happy.
"I have to tell Ariana! I have to! Have to, have to! Bye Danielle! Or should I say Mrs.Devon?" she said with a laugh as she hung up the phone.

With the word going around that Chase and I were officially together, Jayden and Easton helped me teach the triplets how to walk.

Later on in the day. I met up with another challenge mom, Aria Rapture.
"I am so glad to meet you Danielle!" Aria said with a huge smile on her face. "This is just so exciting. I have finally met the women that inspired me to do this!"
"I'm glad that I have inspired you, I am truly flattered."
"And your son Levi isn't too bad of a catch either," Aria said, blushing.
"You and Levi? Hmm," I said raising an eyebrow. "I can see it, you two would be cute together."

"Well sort of," she spilled, " I was with Harry Little, you know Ariana's son?"
"Yah, Harry. He was the dad of my toddlers," I interrupted. "Go on."
"Well, we kind of had a fall out and Levi was there for me. I am just so confused, I don't know what to do," Aria confessed, tearing up.
"It is ok, I know how you feel, sort of. Just so confused. Just remember love will find you, no need to go and chase after it," I said patting her shoulder.
"Thanks, really. Thank you, I needed some advice. Well, I have to go take care of my kids. They are probably waiting for me," Aria said giving me a hug.
"Well, I look forward to seeing you again, and I can't wait to see yours and Levi babies! I bet they will be super cute!" I said, heading towards my car.
"Yes, I bet they will be cute," Aria agreed, blushing and waving goodbye.

I came home to Seth lifting his makeshift scepter in the air, his paper crown lopsided on his head, yelling, "I AM THE KING OF SMORES! ANY THAT ENTER SHALL BOW DOWN TO ME AND FOLLOW MY RULES!"
"Oh the handsome and wonderful King of Smores, I am so awed be your greatness. I bow down to you," I replied as I bowed down. "But sadly," I continued, "It is past your bedtime. If you stay up any longer Que
en Smores might get mad." I said with a smirk as I pointed upstairs.
"B-but mo-om! Not fair! Can I please stay up just a little bit longer?" Seth pleaded.
"No buts, it is past your bedtime."
"Pretty please? With sugar on top?" Seth asked as he got down from the chair. "With a cherry on top of the sugar?"
"To bad I don't like cherries," I said with a smirk as I pointed back upstairs. "Bedtime."
"Fine," Seth said, as he ran towards the stairs. "What if I switched out the cherry with some chocolate?" he offered.
"Maybe next time I will take you up on that offer."

Putting the toddlers to bed, I went upstairs to my room only to mind that Julia and Liam had fallen asleep on the couch. Not wanting them to spend all night on the couch, I gently woke up Liam and told him to go to his bed while I carried Julia to her bedroom and laid her on top of her bed. I tucked her in, kissed her goodnight and went to bed myself.

The next morning after grabbing something to eat, Jayden and Easton played with the triplets, making sure that they were kept busy.

Meanwhile, I potty-trained all the triplets. Dirty diapers in the past, for now.

Taking longer than expected at potty training the triplets, when I came downstairs, it was already dark outside.
"So I found this one by the waterfall and this one by that the big, old abandoned building at the edge of town." Julia said to Seth, pointing to the rocks on the table.

"You collected those without my permission? You didn't tell me? Who knows what could of happened!" I said to Julia, my voice rising. In the corner of my eye I could see Seth slowly backing away into the other room.
"I'm sorry Mom! Just I knew you were busy with the triplets and everything, I just wanted to get out of the house and do something," Julia defended.
"It doesn't matter why! You should of at least of told me! I would of had Jayden or Easton go with you! Who knows what could of happened to you? I don't want to lose you or any of my kids, ever!"

"I'm sorry mom!" Julia said giving me a hug.
"It is ok honey, just don't do that again. Promise?" 
"Pinky promise," Julia said as we linked pinkies.
"Now go upstairs, it is time to go to bed. I will got see if we can score any cash for the rocks you collected,"
"I hope we get some money out of it! I spent all day looking for them!" Julia said as she climbed the stairs upstairs.

The next morning, I woke the triplets up and fed them their breakfast. I found it funny that the green bottle almost matched their skin tone.

The boys, being a big help, helped me teach them how to talk.

With the triplets babbling non-stop, it was time for Easton and Jayden to age up!

Baby #28
Easton Smores

Baby #29
Jayden Smores

The boys aged up ready to move on with their life. I could tell they were excited to hang out with Jackson again.

With 2 less people in the household, I put everyone to sleep including me.

The next morning, with the toddlers still sleeping and the rest of my kids at school, I went downstairs to find it a complete mess. Half eaten cake and empty plates still on the table, the chairs not even bothered to be pushed back in. The kids must of been in a real hurry to get to school.
I sighed heavily and rubbed my head as I started to clean up the kitchen.

I noticed that the house right across the street had just been moved into, I called up a babysitter for the toddlers (making sure it was not the evil one) and walked over to greet my new neighbors.

I was greeted by I big green man who said his name was Halk. Not Hulk, Halk.
"Hi, I am Danielle Sm-"
"Oh my gosh! It is Danielle Smores!" Halk said clearly very excited. "My roommates and I have just been waiting for the day that we would get the chance to meet you!"
I must of have looked very confused because Halk explained more.
'You see, my roommates and I are all outcasts someway or another
. You know, you see how I look. Nobody will ever fall in love with us and have our kids, there is no point of even trying. Then we heard about your challenge and were just so excited that someone would be willing to have our kids. You know, if you would let us be challenge dads."
"Oh, so you guys want to be challenge dads. I get it now," I said as Halk ushered me inside.

I walked inside to be greeted by the biggest group of outcasts that I had ever met. "Woah," I said as I stumbled back a step.
"So, I can choose any one?" I asked Halk.
"Any one,"
"Well, this is defiantly a first," I said as I scanned the group. I picked out the one that stood out the most. The man with the red skin.

"Hello Ms. Smores, it is a very big pleasure to finally meet you! I have been told many wonderful things about you. You have seemed to be quite a celebrity," the red man said politely.
"Me? A Celebrity. I would of never thought of myself as that. Anyways, you know the rules correct. Just need help having the baby, no strings attached," I asked.
"Yes, of course, I know the rules. Oh, by the way, my name is Pinky,"
I stifled a laugh. "Well Pinky, let's get to work then."

I came home to Liam rambling on about how good it felt to be a teenager.

"A teenager? When did you age up?" I asked suspiciously.
"Oh, Dad came over and he said it was time to age up his little man into a teenager."

"His little man huh?"
"So where is your dad anyways?" I asked looking around.

"Right here," Chase said giving me a hug.
I jumped in surprise and then retuned the hug.
"Looking beautiful as ever," Chase said with a smirk on his face.
I was at lost for words. All I could do was blush.
"So, ready for our date night?" Chase asked giving me no timet to respond as he pushed me towards the car.


"It is cold and dark outside. It doesn't feel safe. We should just probably go inside and watch a movie," I suggested as Chase pulled me on forward.
"Come on, this will be fun!" Chase said practically skipping instead of walking.

"This isn't so bad," I whispered as we moved into the light.
"See? What did I tell you, this is going to be fun. I mean, how much fun can have with a stunning girl like yourself?" Chase said, kissing me.

We wondered around the park for a bit before coming to a stop in front of a cherry tree, its blossoms letting out a sweet aroma that was oddly relaxing.
"It is beautiful out here, why haven't I ever been here before?" I asked as I took in all of nature's beauty.
"I just recently found this place. It is on the edge skirts of town, I don't think people even know it is here,"
"That's a shame. It is so beautiful. People should really take advantage of it."

"But what is that water behind the fence? Can you even get to it?" I said, curious to know.
"Oh, just a little something, maybe I will show it to you later,"
"Why not now?"
"hm, good question," Chase said ending the conversation without even answering my question.

I woke up with the sun blaring in my eyes. Crap, had I really just spent the night in the park with Chase.
I shook Chase awake. "I have to go home, now," I said urgently as I got up and dusted off my clothes. "My kids are probably worrying where I am,"
Chase sat up and yawned. Running his hands through his hair, combing it down. "Well, it was a beautiful night, I love you Danielle," Chase said with a smile.
"I love you too Chase," I said as I hurried home.

I came home to the kids all up and ready to go to school.
I have such good kids, well most of the time.

The kids left for school leaving me alone with my triplets.
I woke them all up and fed them their last meal as a toddler.
I brought all of them downstairs and it was time for them to age up!

Lior Smores

Kylee Smores

Tate Smores

The were defiantly the funniest group of kids I had so far. I was just hoping them weren't into the pranks and all that.

And all of a sudden, my babies made their appearance. I could not wait to see what they looked like.

And right as Julia got home, Kylee and Lior started bombarding Julia with questions about school.
"Are the teachers nice?"
"Are the kids nice?"
"How many kids are in the class?"
"What class will we be in?"

"Is it hard?"
"Do we have to do homework?"
"Who is your teacher?"
"Will we meet friends?"

Instead of getting frustrated with them like I thought she would, Julia took her time and explained everything to Lior and Kylee. By the time Julia was done explaining, they were ecstatic to go to school tomorrow.

Putting my kids to sleep and answering more questions about school. I joined Liam in playing some foosball.
But all of a sudden, he lost interest and stopped playing, letting the ball roll into his own goal without even trying to stop it.

"You ok Liam?" I asked patting his shoulder.
"Yah, I guess so. But I just don't get it," 
"Don't get what?"
"When Dad was here he was going on and on about how much he loved you and how beautiful and perfect you are. But then you go and sleep with another man and he doesn't even care. How does that even work."
"Well, I am doing this thing called the 100 baby challenge,"

"Yah, I know that, everyone knows that,"
"But the challenge fathers all know that there are no strings attached. Just help make the baby. Nothing more nothing less. That make sense to you?"
"Yah, I guess so. It makes sense."

The next morning was filled with nothing but cleaning. Washing laundry, mopping up puddles, making beds, everything needed to be clean in this house for the next baby's arrival.

With everything cleaned, I finally had enough time to paint a little bit. I completed the painting and sold it for over $9,000.

I went outside to work on my garden and harvest all the perfect produce.

I still had many seeds left over so I expanded my garden by a lot.

I came inside just in time to watch my kids play video games. It was so nice to see them all get along so well.

The next morning, I was the first one the wake up. The sun not even completely risen when I was downstairs making breakfast for my kids.

The waffles turned out better than expected.
Lior and Liam where the first ones to come down and enjoy some breakfast. They were so used the eating leftover cake that any other food was a big treat for them.
"So, how was your first day of school Lior?" I asked finishing up my waffles.
"It was awesome! It was everything Julia described and better! I can't wait to go back today!"
"Well that is just great honey! Just stay out of trouble"
Lior sighed and looked up to me, "Don't worry mommy, I will."

The kids left for school and I was left all alone at the house. I changed into my swimsuit and jumped into the pool, the ice cold water splashing me awake.

I had enough of the cold water and stepped into the jacuzzi, shedding off my swimsuit. Nobody was around to peek, so why not?

My body as prune as a raisin, I changed back into my swimsuit and tended to my garden,

But all of a sudden, my water broke and I could the baby was coming.

I made my way into the nursery and could tell there was more than one baby inside me. I prepared for the birth as much as I could.

And I gave birth to not one, not two, but three wonderful babies. 2 gorgeous girls and 1 bouncing boy.

I held Mackenzie in my arms, the middle child of the triplets.
Layla, getting my skin tone and Mackenzie and Payne getting their father's skin tone.

2 sets of triplets in the house? I was going to have my hands full.

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