Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chapter Eight: Pranks Failed

After aging up the Flora and Leo, I started right up with the potty training. I had decided that changing diapers was the grossest thing I had ever done.

After teaching Flora, i made some yummy Mac & Cheese for when my kids came home from school. They were bound to be hungry, what the school qualifies as 'lunch' isn't really a meal.

Making sure everyone was fed, I answered my phone that had been non-stop ringing for the past hour.
"Hello Danielle this is Ramiro, I was wondering if you had the time to paint me a large painting for my house?"
"Sure no problem!"
"Thanks Danielle!"

I hung up the phone, excited about what I was going to paint. I then put my sleepy toddlers to bed.

Coming back inside, i had noticed that my kids had all gone to bed without me asking them too, weird. Then i noticed they had broken the sink. 
Great, just great...

Back in the serenity of my very own room, I started on my painting for Ramiro.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of Kalena's and Alani's imagination running wild.

After the kids had gotten picked up by the bus, I woke up Flora and Leo and gave them their breakfast.

And then I started teaching Leo his skills that he would need later on in life.

Alani came home with the rest of the kids so I quickly whipped something up so my hungry kids could eat.

After eating our fill, and watching some TV, I made sure the kids had done their homework before shooing them off to bed.

With all the kid tucked in, I drifted into the world of colors.

The next morning I woke up rather late, 

Soon it was time for some birthdays! 

Alani Smores

Kalena Smores

After the girl's party, i called up the next baby daddy, Xander Clavell. I told him to meet my at the gym. I needed to do this someplace else. The house was to full right now. I will trust the girl's with the house for a few hours.

And you know when we got the gym we hit the showers and well...... you know......

I came home to a house of sleeping kids. I tiptoed into my bedroom and fell straight asleep.

I woke up with my stomach churning.
I hated this part of being pregnant.
But in the end it was all worth it.

After calming my stomach down and getting the kids ready, we enjoyed a nice breakfast together and headed over to the park. 

I sat down and started teaching Leo to talk while Kalena took Flora.
Oscar and Olivia played tag while Alani wandered off someplace.

"I GOT A CALL FROM THE POLICE? THE POLICE? YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE YOUNG LADY!" I yelled when the police car dropped her off at the park. 
"I'm i'm sorry mom! I just, I dont know, I am sorry." she said backing up a step, her eyes tearing up. 

I suddenly dropped everything and ran to the restroom, barely making it to the toilet. 

I came back and Alani apologized. I knew being a teen was rough so I forgave her. This time and this time only.

To somewhat repay me, she took over the job of teaching Leo.

Back home, I started back on my painting.

Olivia and Oscar kept Leo and Flora entertained.

Kalena was being a big help and put the toddlers to bed. I really enjoy having teenagers in the house, but than other times, I really don't......

I went back to my painting, Almost finished.
Then my baby made his or her's appearance.



  1. I am doing a baby challenge(not posted) and my sim is just on her 3rd baby. I was wondering how you get sims you made on the map I try but it never works.

    1. Go to edit town and move the sims from the bin into a household :)


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