Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chapter Five: Alani's Imaginary Friend

The second they age up they start playing with their toys :D

I went back into my room for some peace and quiet and finally finished my painting.
With some regret i sold my painting. I really liked that painting though. But i needed the money more. Family comes before my own needs.

After selling my painting, I fed both of my hungry hungry babies.

And my Olivia and Oscar were just too cute!

I quickly ate myself then potty trained both Olivia and Oscar

My girls came home and they kept themselves busy by playing with the tots.

"Kalena and Alani i need to talk to you about something," I said as i walked out the bathroom.

"Yes, mom?" said both my girls with a what-did-i-do- look on their face. 
"Don't worry you guys are not in trouble," I reassured them. " i wanted to explain something to you guys. I am doing this thing called the hundred baby challenge. Where i have 100 babies with different men."
"Why 100 babies?" asked
"I love children! And i always wanted to be surrounded by all my kids."
"But why with different men?" asked Alani.
"Different genetics!" i replied with a laugh. "Makes them all look different! I love it!" 
"That's cool mommy!" said Kalena.
"Is that it?" questioned Alani, very bored. 
"I'm done don't worry. And i'm glad you think its cool, Kalena! Now bed! Both of you! Shoo!" I said as Kalena and Alani raced to their bedroom.

I put my toddlers to bed. Kissing them both on the forehead before turning off the light.
I checked to make sure my girls were asleep.
Then i started painting. I slipped into the world of creativity.

The next morning after feeding the toddlers I cleaned up a little bit. I didn't want my house to be all dirty now would we?

As i finished cleaning, i answered my phone.
"Hello Ms. Smores. We are calling from the Tillipac Diner and we would like a painting from you. One of the best."
"Sure no problem!" i replied as i closed my phone off.

Then i taught my Olivia and Oscar how to walk.

**Alani's POV**

"Oh i love you Lily!" i said to my doll. "Wait right here while i run to the bathroom" i said as i put her down.

All of sudden i heard sparkles and a crack. I turned around and in the place of my non-living doll was a living friend.

"OMG" i said as i started at my friend in awe.
"Hello! Alani! i am your new best friend!" said Lily.
" THIS IS SO COOL!" was all i could stammer out.

"I think we are going to be good friends!" i confessed to Lily.
"That's awesome! Best friend!" she replied.
"GIRLS, bed time!" said my mom from the other room.

**Danielle's POV**

"Goodnight darling, sweet dreams." i said to my babies as i closed the door and turned off the lights.

The next morning, I woke rather late. My babies are crying and there is the no usual hustle and bustle of Alani and Kalena to get onto the bus. I concentrated a bit more and heard the sound of running water. What did the girls leave on now?
"Oh no, its freekin broke!" i said as i went into the kitchen.

So i repaired it, mad at the girls for not telling me that they broke it in the first place.

I was almost finished when the girls came home from school.
"Homework time," i said with my matter-of-fact-tone.
"Mommy, can we please order pizza?" begged Alani.
"pretty please?" added Kalena.
"sure one sec." i replied. "But homework first!" i added as i got up onto my feet.
"Hi, yes i would like to place an order for one large cheese pizza." 
"$30? ok!"
"in an hour? Great! thanks!"

While waiting for the pizza to come i taught Olivia how to talk.
Then the doorbell rang. 
"Somebody get it! Its the pizza guy! The money is on the counter!"
"Ok momma," said one of my girls.

After eating and sending my kids to bed, I did my unusual flirting..

Well you take part in my challenge? and all that yada yada.
Then you know what happened from there on.

In the morning, it was time for some birthdays! Olivia first!

Then Oscar! 

Olivia Smores

Oscar Smores

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