Monday, September 10, 2012

Chapter Nine: Prank Sucessful (Baby 7)

After finding out I was pregnant, I quickly finished the painting for Ramiro.

I quickly ran over to his house to deliver it. Coming back home, I went to straight to my room and fell asleep.

The next morning Alani helped me take care of the toddlers as they were being super fussy. 

Kalena also did her part by cooking us breakfast.
Luckily, she didn't burn the food this time around.

Alani and Kalena took the kids to the library while I headed over to the gym. I really just needed some time by myself.

I worked out until my muscles were sore and I was dripping in sweat.

I took advantage of the good pluming at the gym, and took a bubble bath.

I came home relaxed to find that my teenagers had everything under control. I whipped up some salad and we all ate a healthy meal .

The kids all went to bed and I sat down and turned on the TV only to find that somebody had broken it. I let out a sigh wondering why the kids did not tell me it was broken. I fiddled with my phone's keypad, trying to remember the number to the repair person. There was no way I was trying to fix that on my own.

The next morning, the kids already at school, I bit my tongue while eating my cereal, suddenly remembering that is was Flora's and Leo's birthday today! 

Time for more cake! ;3 

Flora Smores

Leo Smores

I excused myself to the comfort of my room while Leo and Flora watched the kid's show.

All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain and rushed to the nursery to prepare for the birth of my 7th child.

After a long night, I finally gave birth to Skyler Smores.

After giving birth I fell asleep in my bed only to be woken up to Oscar running out the door to catch the bus.

I took care of my Skyler, fed her, played with her. :) 

Only Kalena came home. She said Alani was hanging with some friends.

Hm, some 'friends' she has. 

The rest of the kids came home and I started them on their homework as I went into the other room to paint.

This kids brought me back into the kitchen to celebrate some birthdays!

Olivia Smores

Oscar Smores

Skyler Smores



  1. omg im starting a challenge but only one kid but she's preggers lol


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