Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chapter Six: The Best Painting (Babies 5 & 6)

As the celebrations for the day was done, i went back to my paintings. The Tilipac Diner wanted only the best!

I could hear my kids all playing tag outside. 

In the middle of my painting i got a sudden urge to puke. As i ran to the bathroom, i thought of only one thing, i was going to be pregnant!

I went back and then finished my painting. It wasn't the best i could of done so i asked Kalena to sell it for me while I was out at a party.

As i got to the party i met someone with very UNIQUE genetics.
So i got my flirt on and decided he was going to take part in my challenge. I mean i got to have my baby daddies lined up one after each other right?

As i got home i yelled out to my kids still playing outside, "YOU BETTER BE IN BED IN 5 MINUTES!" and then i started to count down. As they each ran back inside to their bedroom.

As i made sure my kids were out, I started to paint again. The Tillipac Diner was probably getting impatient with me now!

After painting for a while, I went to sleep and before you knew it, I was up again because my babies had been confirmed! 

The next day (more like a couple hours later) , we took a family trip to local library.

After reading some pregnancy books, i decided to learn some writing techniques.

In the comfort of my home, I painted some more.

Making sure my kids were all asleep, i went back to my paintings finishing it and selling it.

The next morning, I ate some leftover cake. Cake, that is all we seem to have in thus household.

And then worked on another painting. I was determined for this one to be my best.

Finishing the painting, I walked out the door with my painting in my hand.

I came back confident, I had sold my painting for over $2,000! That put some money in my pocket!

With the new money, i bought a cheap TV that my kids and I could enjoy

I went over to Kalena, "Hey Kalena!"
"Hi momma,"
"Is um, your sister, um, GOING CRAZY?"
"Oh no mom, she is just talking to her imaginary friend." With that she walked off to her room. "That's it, Alani is crazy," I thought.

After having a little talk with Kalena, I went back to my paintings. Painting made me feel calmer. But I guess I painted too long because I was so tired I could barely make it to my bed.
I went to bed thinking about when my babies would arrive, my stomach was so big now!

I woke up with a sharp pain. Oh jeez, not again.
I decided with a home birth so i walked into the nursery.

I thought i could take no more pain when, i welcomed my baby Flora.

I put Flora in her crib. ready to go back to bed when another set of pains came.

And i welcomed into the world, Leo Smores.

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