Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chapter Ten: Pranks on You

After celebrating the 3 birthdays, we all sat down to eat some birthday cake!

Oscar was a being a big help by potty-training Skyler.

With the kids busy, I went into my room and started to paint some more.

Then my phone rang
"Hello? This is the Tillapac Diner again, we would like another of your finest paintings." a women's voice ran.
"Really? Thanks!" I replied.

I woke up the next morning only to the sound of Skyler snoring in the next room. All other noises ceasing to exist.

The kids had seemed to left in a hurry; they had left all their uneaten food on the table. The food was not to go to waste, so i ate it and then did the dishes.

I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV, planning to get some vegging time in before Skyler woke up, but the TV had broke.

After calling up the repair man (again), I woke up Skyler, fed her, and taught her how to walk. 

I was in the middle of teaching when my high schoolers came home. I promised them food would be ready when Flora and Leo came home.

And it was! I quickly wrapped up teaching, and put the finishing touches on my food as Flora and Leo walked in.

With everybody's stomach full, I painted.

And Olivia started teaching Skyler how to talk. While everybody else did their own thing.

The next day, instead of staying inside like usual, Skyler and I took a little trip to the beach. Looking over my shoulder to make sure nobody was looking, I quickly gathered some apples for my family. I ate one and kept the rest before getting back to Skyler.

With the salty air filling our lungs, I finished teaching Skyler how to talk.

Arriving back home, Skyler played with her doll that she got in the mail. For some reason, that doll really scared me......

With my kids already home and working on their homework, I hurriedly made some lunch and we enjoyed a meal together. 

Night came all to quickly and before you knew it, I was tucking everybody into bed.

The next day, being a Saturday, we all headed to the gym.

Flora and Leo just chilled by the pool.

Olivia and Oscar hopped on the treadmill, while Alani worked on her strength.
Kalena and I just took it easy and danced to some music.

Back at home, Olivia called for pizza. We could afford the few extra carbs after working out at the gym all day.

And we all enjoyed the fattening and greasy pizza.

After eating, I got a call from the theater. They were wondering if I would cameo in a play tomorrow. The person I was covering for had become sick over the weekend.
After saying yes to that opportunity, I tucked the kids to bed started to paint again.

The next morning I woke up to a very chaotic household. 

I was busy laughing at Flora and Leo playing king and queen, but then in the corner of my eye I saw Alani trying to booby-trap the sink.

NO! STOP IT! NO PRANKS!" I yelled. 
"Fine," Alani said hanging her head down. 

With the house under little rule, I left to go star in the play.

But Alani had other plans.

Alani already knew she got caught before I even said anything. She apologized but that still didn't get her out of getting grounded.

With the drama over, I stared gardening with the seeds I "borrowed" from the beach.

Then back inside, I started painting again.
Then I got another call. 
"Hi Danielle! This is Morgan Deelop and we have written a short story on your baby challenge! Would you like to come the revealing of the book and maybe sign a couple books?" Morgan said.
"You wrote a book about me? Of course I will be there!" I said, flattered. Somebody had wrote a book about me?

The next day, I walked out of my room to find Alani soaking wet. I couldn't help but say, "Pranks on you this time," as I helped her dry off her clothes.

Then went to the book store. I had bad memories from this place. I braced my fears and walked in.

Getting home a little later then expected, I quickly set up some tables for the cakes.

And it is birthday time!

Baby #1
Alani Smores

Baby #2
Kalena Smores

Skyler Smores

Alani waved good bye and was out the door the second she aged up. I barely has time to say goodbye.

But Kalena stayed a bit longer. She gave me a hug and wished me good luck on my challenge before heading out. I couldn't believe it. I had just watched my kids age up right before me eyes. Babies, Toddlers, Kids, Teens. How was i going to do this 98 more times? Watch as my babies just leave like that? 

A/N- Aw, the first babies are up and out of the house. :'( Still, we have a long way to go. Hope to see you on the journey :D 

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