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Chapter 32: Not Everyone Is So Nice (Babies 39, 40 & 41)

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I looked over my outfit one more time. The green and the blue seemed to suit my skin tone very well. After all, Aria, Ariana and Payton had helped me pick out this outfit. Even if it was just over video chat, it was something. We all had kids to take care of and our time together seemed just to get even more limited over each and everyday. 
"Don't look to shabby, now do you?" I said to my mirror self, winking and letting a laugh escape.

The triplets aged up nicely. They were standing by my bed, looking cute as ever. They didn't seem to get anything from their father, other than the obvious, and I was slightly disappointed. I really wanted for them to inherit most of their genes from their father. Yet, Mackenzie and Payne got those mysterious eyes: Mine being grey and their father's being a deep blue. Their hair was blonde as can be and I'm pretty sure mixing blue, green, and black does not produce blonde.

I went around the house, cleaning everything that needed to be cleaned. I was in the middle of cleaning the girls room (surprisingly it was dirtier than the boys) and my phone rang jolting me out of my cleaning streak.
"Hello, you have reached Danielle Smores," I said thinking it would be a challenge father.
"Mom!" Desirae's easily recognizable voice rang. "Guess what?" her voice was giddy with excitement. Before I even had a chance to guess she literally shouted through the phone, "I'M GETTING MARRIED!" exaggerating the word married.
I stood in shock. My little girl, my little baby was getting married; all grown up now.
"Aw, congrats," I said, a smile coming to my face. 
"Oh mom," Desirae continued, "I know this is short notice but I want you to come to the wedding. Gennivieve, Louise, Claire, Nick, and my best friend are going to be there! The wedding is in 5 days, in Bridgeport."
"Bridgeport? Uh, that is kinda far away, I'm not sure if I can get enough money to get a ticket on such a short notice. Or get someone to take care of my kids," I said trying to think up of ways it could work out. 
"I already have the your room and your ticket set up and paid for. The airline messed up a bit and gave us an extra ticket, so you can bring someone if you want to," 
"That works out then. I'll see if I can get some of my fellow challenge mothers in watch my kids. Now to figure out who to take with me." 
I wanted to take Chase so badly but the little voice in my head insisted I take Aria instead. Why? I don't really know.
"Great mom! I'll see you in three days, love you!"
"Love you too," I said ending the call. Great, I have three days to figure out everything. That should be enough time, right?

I came downstairs and told the kids about the wedding, they were thrilled mostly because they wanted to meet the other challenges mothers. Julia and Seth were eager to age up to teenagers. I think mostly because prom was tonight.

Julia Smores

Seth Smores

As soon as they aged up, Julia ran upstairs and went through my closet to pick out a dress. Seth stayed downstairs until his sister came down with some clothes for him.
"Bye Mom!" Julia said as she exited out the door, dragging Seth. 
"Don't worry, it will be fun!" I insisted as Seth shut the door.
So they did just want to go to prom.

The next morning,  I fiddled with the key pad on my phone and called Chase.
"Danielle!" Chase exclaimed and I could tell he was smiling. 
"Hey hun, I need to ask you a favor," I bit my lip to trying to make taking care of nine kids simple and easy. "Desirae is getting married out in Bridgeport and I was wondering if you could watch the kids for me. Just for a couple of days."
"Take care of all your kids?" Chase's voice suddenly grew weary and tense. I laughed. "That's if you want too. But no, Ariana and Payton will be there to help you too."
Chase let out a long sigh, "I really don't know how all you challenge people take care of your kids. You guys are simply. . . amazing. And beautiful," he added.
Blushing, a cracked a big smile. "You really don't know how much I love you right now." 
Chase laughed on the other end, "I love you too."

After contacting Payton, Ariana, and Aria I watched my kids from the nursery. 
They seemed so happy, so cute.
Just one of the perks of being a challenge mother, and I think the others will agree as well.

Three days past and I was gathering up the triplets to age them up. I held Layla in my arms and Payton's voice came from behind me, making me jump.
"Need some help?" Ariana and Aria held the two babies in their arms and we were set to age them up.

Layla Smores

Her nose was totally her fathers. 

Mackenzie Smores

She looks exactly like me, other than the fact of her different colored hair, eyes, and skin. 

Payne Smores

He looks exactly like like his sister, Mackenzie. 
Yet those eyes from who knows where.

With the kids aged up Aria greeted me. "Ready to go?"
"Yes, I am," I was ready to relax, just get away from the kids for a little bit, even though I would miss them greatly.
"I'm ready to get away from the kids for a little bit," Aria said taking the words out of my mouth

"Bye mom!" my kids said in unison. I closed the door only to hear Ariana scream, "Chase . . . Get your arm off of me. Now."
"I kid. I kid," Chase defended as his laugh went through the door.
"I really hope everything will be ok," I said Aria as we headed to the airport.
"Don't worry, everything will be fine," Aria responded, "I promise."

We arrived at the hotel a couple hours later. Streching out limbs, we were greeted by my daughter and her fiancè.
"Mom!" Desirae sang, giving me a big hug. "I would like to introduce you to my fiancè, Lucas."
I smiled at Lucas and looked him over. He seemed fit to marry my daughter. Aria elbowed me in the back, I should probably introduce her.
"Desirae, this is Aria another challenge mother and one of my best friends." 
Desirae squealed, "It's so nice to meet you!" Aria blushed and shook both Desirae's and Lucas' hand.

They led us to our room and it was ovbious that they were in love. Deeply in love.
They both agolized for the bad conditions of the room. It was the only thing they could afford.
Aria sat down on the table and it creaked. She jumped off immediately and cursed under her breath as I just laughed at her. 

"You know, I'm from Bridgeport," I confessed as my daughter and soon to be son-in-law left the room. "I have bad memoires of this place." I sat down on the floor rubbed my temples, the bad memories flooding back to me. 
"How so?" Aria questioned, arching her eyebrow. She back down on the side of the table and to her relief there was no crack this time.
I leaned my head back and it hit the counter. "Ow," I winced. "Well, we have to start from the beginning..."

Aria gasped, "So I'm guessing you don't really like Paris?"
"Well, not really. But she is my sister. I kinda sorta have to love her." 
Aria got off the table stretched her arms only to be interrupted by her growling stomach. "Should probably make some food, huh?" Aria immediately got up gracefully and then tripped on nothing.
"Smooth," I joked.
"Hey, the floor just wanted a hug," Aria defended as she picked herself up off the floor and started making some food.
A sudden knock at the door made me jump. Who would be here now? A flash of bright grey eyes and black hair highlighted with green made my heart skip a beat.

"My, it has been a while since I have seen you, hasn't it?" Claire said with open arms.
"Oh my gosh, yes." I replied as two kids rushed inside and started messing around with the gaming system. 
"Ariel, Michael. Stop and say hi to your aunt!" Claire said as she pointed to the kids.
I'm an aunt?

"Hi aunt Danielle," Ariel said quietly. I bent down and kissed her forehead. I was so excited to be an aunt. I've just had my kids.
That is unless Rocky or Paris had kids as well.
Paris having kids? Ha. Never.

"Are you my aunt too?" Michael asked Aria as he pulled her into a big hug.
"No, hun. I'm one of Danielle's friends," Aria corrected him.
"Well, ok then," Michael said as he stared at his shoes. "Can I call you Aunt Aria then? Even though you aren't my aunty?"
Aria looked up to me and her face melted. "Awww," she mouthed.
"Sure, hun. Sure."

The next morning all the girls crowed into the restroom while the boys where off getting ready for the wedding that would soon take place.

To my surprise, Louise was heavily pregnant and was due any day now.
With all the excitment of the wedding float around, I didn't get to meet Desirae's best friend but she around was Aria and I a lot.

I put the finishing touches on Desirae's make up and continued talking to Aria about our challenge lives.
"Whore," Desirae's friend said. The entire room went silent and Claire guided Ariel out of the room immediately before things got out of hand.
"Excuse me?"
"Yah, you heard me. All you challenge moms are sluts. Attention-Seeking whores."
Aria got up slowly and held Desirea back. You could tell, just from the look on her face, that she wanted to punch her so-called 'friend' in the face.
"Slutty. Little. Whore." 
The memories of Samantha smacked me in the face. Stunned, I staggered back a bit and Desirea joined into the argument.

"Get out." Desirea demeaned.
"Why should I? Why should I listen to a child of a slut. She is probably a slut too." the girl said as she stuck her tongue out.
"My mother is not a slut and neither am I. What the hell happened to best friend?"
"You never had a best friend. And you probably never will."
Tears started to fall from Desirea's cheek. "Get out," she demanded one last time.

The girl left the room and slammed the door so hard that it shook the walls. Approaching my daughter, the look of pure sadness on her face made my want to curl up and cry myself.
"I-I'm sorry hun," I gently squeezed her shoulder.
"I don't know what happened mom. . . She was my best friend one day, and now, I just don't even know," She closed her eyes are starting sobbing.
"Don't cry, don't cry." I whispered as I hugged my daughter as if she was the little girl I once knew. "It's your wedding day. It is a time to be happy, rejoice. Don't let a little stubborn, ignorant ass ruin your day."  

Tears dried, make up done, and hair perfect.
We gathered down at the lovely garden where the ceremony was to happen. Both the bride and the groom were ecstatic, glowing with anticipation. They both seemed to ignore the one empty seat and no one dared to bring it up.

As they said their vows, I teared up a little bit.
I remembered when my first set of triplets were born.
I remembered feeding them, caring for them, and waving good bye at them as they headed off to their own life. It seemed so long ago, yet I could remember it as if it was just yesterday. 
Everyone was growing up and I was still on my challenge just like I had started but this time with a loving boyfriend, even more kids and the best friends I could ever ask for.

As they kissed I thought of if Chase and I were ever going to settle down after the challenge, get married, and start our own life.
But, only time would tell and I wish it would hurry up and tell me sooner.

Aria and Nick seemed to be getting alone well and they both tossed rice into the air and some landed in Aria's hair and she made Nick apologize. 

I stared at the newly wed couple and was completely awed by the love radiating from them. They both loved each so very much and I was happy for my daughter that she had found her other half.

Sadly, the couple did not have enough money to pay for a reception. Aria and I tried not to make a big fuss about it and just went to the food truck around the corner.

I gobbled down my taco as fast as I could. Gosh, I haven't had these in ages.

"Could it be? Danielle Smores and Aria Rapture?"

I got up immediately and signaled Aria to stay put. This guy glowed with an unnatural power, and it scared me.
"Olympus here. I would like to be a challenge father. The only way we vampires can breed is through procreation or turning. I'm not very fond of mortal blood." the pink guy named Olympus said, getting straight to the point.

"Oh ok then. So, where shall we conceive the baby?" I asked awkwardly.
"No need to." He pulled a small vial and handed it to me. 
I stared at the glass container and finally put two and two together. It was his sperm.
"Thank yo-" I said as I looked up to find no one there. 

I arrived home to find baby 30, Liam, up and out of the house.

Julia and Seth persuaded Chase to let them age up early and of course, he was putty in their hands and babies 31 and 32 were gone.

Harry's and I triplets aged up nicely and they looked like a perfect combination of Littles and Smores.

I soon became pregnant with hopefully vampire babies. I was eager to see how they were going to turn out as I never really got a chance to see what their father looked like.

I spent most of this pregnancy at home, relaxing, channel surfing. I had no little ones to take care up and the supernatural babies growing inside of me took their toll.

The next day I went into labor and welcomed baby #39, Tristin Smores

Baby #40 Alexis Smores

And baby #41 Dylan Smores into this world.

I craddled one of my new borns and played with him. None of them got their father's vampireness but I wasn't planning on another set of triplets. No wonder I was so tired. I brought them downstairs and aged them up.

Baby #39 
Tristin Smores

Has her daddy's eyes and hair. 

Baby #40
Alexis Smores

Looking exactly like her momma.
Purple eyes. . .

Baby #40 
Dylan Smores

Dad's hair and nose. I could already tell he was going to be a heart breaker.

My third set of triplets in a row. It was pure insanity. How was I going to handle 3 sets in my house at one time?
I brought out the pain pills and some water to wash it down.
I could already feel the headache starting to come.

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