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Chapter 34: A Look Into The Tunnel (Babies 44 & 45)

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The calling of my name startled me. I stood up and looked around the seemingly empty place. "Hello?" I called out into the darkness of the graveyard. My voice was shaking and I hoped that no one would reply back. The temperature dropped once more and something or someone slipped out of the shadows. Its pale white, translucent skin stood out in the darkness. While its mysterious demeanor sent chills up my spine, its black soulless eyes examined me and I felt like a squished bug underneath a microscope being examined by an overeager scientist.
"My, such a fair mortal." The man walked around me and I stood in one place, frozen by fear. He laughed and his breath froze the already cold night's air. "I think I picked well. Very well." The man advanced forward and I instantly stepped backwards. Something about this man was not right, dreadfully unusual. His powerful aura made my afraid to go near him and I imagined his skin was as ice cold as it looked. He laughed. A haunting and dry laugh that made my body freeze in a cold sweat.  “I’m not going to hurt you. Why would I hurt someone without reason to?”
“Don’t touch me.” My voice wavered as the words came out uncertainly. He laughed once more and added, “Death only comes to those whose time is up. Only comes to those who I feel fit to follow me into the deep, dark abyss of the afterlife.”

I stood in the presence of death itself. Or was it himself?
Death proceeded forward towards me again and I had nowhere to go. My thighs pressed against the cold marble of the bench I was just sitting on. There was no way I could turn and run now. I took a deep breath and the smell of death lingered in my nose. “What do you want?” I whispered as I closed my eyes.
“What do I want? What do I want?” His voice was raspy and broke the dead graveyard’s silence. “One thing. That turns into many things.” His eyes absentmindedly scanned the empty darkness as if to make sure that no one would accidentally over hear our conversation. A bright flash of red suddenly appeared in the background. I squinted my eyes to get a better look at it but when I blinked, it vanished back into the darkness. I pulled my focus back on Death but my mind still wondered what that red spot had been.  “Many things. Many, many, many things. Hopefully,” Death said as he moved one step closer. “Procreation.”
“Babies?” I asked, my voice barely audible. 

“You must speak up, my old ears can not hear you. I have been around every since the day life first formed,” Death stated with a slight smirk on his ghastly face.
“You just bring misery and despair everywhere you go. Why do you suddenly want to bring the wonderful gift of life?” I asked, as there seemed to be no plausible answer why Death had corned me.
“Just as I thought, ignorant. As all mortals seem to be.” He stifled as laugh and continued, “You won’t help me, will you? Even with my supernatural population dying off as we speak?” He snapped his fingers. “There, another one gone. Old age.” He snapped his fingers yet once more. “A fairy now lays dead across an empty road. Need I take this further?”
A sudden realization came over me: I was in front of a person that would take my life away simply because he wanted to feel amused. I had to be careful of what I said and how I said it.
“If they are going extinct, why are you killing them?”
“It’s their time to go, soon it will be yours. Or I can take you now for a little look into the tunnel.” Death extended out his hand and black dots started to cloud my vision. I shook my head and I slapped Death's hand away. There was no way I was going to die, not now, and hopefully not for a long time.

“I’m fine without the tunnel. I promise,” I said, trying to put as much space between us as I could.
Death closed the gap that I had just made. “Leave me alone!” I shouted as I pushed him back a couple of steps.

“Feisty.” Death licked his lips in a manor that made my stomach churn. “Like I said, procreation is the reason I seek your help. Mortals usually have little to no significance in my doings but there are always expectations. Every supernatural that crosses your path you have to accept into your challenge. Every last one of them.”
“That’s completely insane. Everyone? I can’t do that. Impossible,” I said. The thought of accepting every supernatural that crossed my path was preposterous.
“Impossible?” Death arched an eyebrow and I nodded my head in response.  “Amendments must be made then.”  His face furrowed in deep concentration as he was thinking of ways that his proposal could be mended. After a moment his lips slowly parted and he said, ”Everyone that asks to be in your challenge, you have to accept. If you do so, I shall stay out of your life until you call upon me to take you away.”
“Sounds better, I think I can do-“
“If you happen to disobey,” Death interrupted me, “ your punishment shall be a life in paradise with yours truly.”
To disobey these forceful orders meant that I would have to leave this world and never come back. I thought of everybody that I would effect if I were to leave into what Death so-called “paradise”.
“You can’t take me into ‘paradise’. Please don’t,” I pleaded as the reality of what he said sunk in.
“Obey me and you won’t. That is, until you call upon me to take you away.”
“How do I know that you aren’t lying? How do I know that you won’t back out on your part?” Everything about Death seemed untrustworthy and I followed my gut.
“As my Greek counterpart would say,” Death said with his hands on his hips, “I swear on the River Styx and as you hopefully know, an oath on the River Styx can not be broken.”

“Fine, I believe you.” I pushed my hair out of my eyes and started to walk away.
Death jolted his arm, blocking my way out. “Not so fast, Danielle.” His hand wandered up to my cheek. His palms were frozen and as his skin touched my face, a shudder ran through my entire body. My gut told me to run but I just couldn’t.
 “Let. Go. Of. Me.” I stated through clenched teeth. My hand reached up to my cheek as I tried to pry his hand off my face.  “Shall we begin then?” Death smiled. His sharp fangs showed through his thin, black lips and his smile was eerily disturbing.

Oh god.
I jumped out of bed immediately, my dinner rushing up my throat as I quickly made it to the restroom. My stomach emptied itself out as I finally came to my senses. I was home. Not the graveyard. My own home, safe and sound. Everything in the graveyard as probably all just a dream. My thoughts were interrupted as my stomach gave in just like all those pregnancies before. I slowly and shakily sat upright, breathing heavily as the door creaked open.

“You ok?” Chase entered the room and the door slowly shut behind him. I shook my head, partly to clear my vision and partly to answer his question. “You don’t look so hot,” he said.
“Yah no. I don’t feel so hot either.” My stomach churned again and I leaned over the toilet and emptied my stomach. Chase took a step back and his eyes flickered to the door. “Er, you are throwing up. Not cool. Ya, er, you don’t seem to feel well. I have to go.”
“Please stay,” I begged. I felt terrible and I needed someone to comfort me. My kids would usually do it, but I had a feeling that they didn’t want me to puke all over them.

“Please,” I asked one more time.
Chase stood there for a second, probably to think about how he would escape. Finally he said, “Sure, I’ll stay. Just for you.”
I thanked him and told him everything that had happened in the graveyard. The random person, the mysterious bright red eyes, and how he wanted to participate in my challenge. However, I did not tell him that the man was Death himself because it would probably freak him out too much. “Dang, well my guess is that you’re pregnant. Something probably happened when you passed out,” Chase said, kneeling down besides me.
“Probably.” My stomach sank. If I was pregnant, then I was –in fact- carrying death inside of me.  

I started crying. Everything that I had bottled up, the fear, the hopeless, everything just let loose. Death’s child was probably inside of me and chances were, it was going to take my life.
“Holy crap. Danielle, are you ok?” Chase asked as he rushed towards me. He put his hand against my forehead and whispered, “You still look gorgeous, even crying.” I blushed a tad bit but then all the feelings came back and I rocked back and forth, crying. “I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do this,” I moaned as I put my head on Chase’s forehead.
“Do what?” he questioned quietly.
‘I-I- I don’t want to have this kid,” I confessed. Truth is, I’m scared at what could happen if I went through with this pregnancy. I could end up being, well, dead. Yet, I don’t have the heart to end a child’s life. I just couldn’t do it. Chase stared at me. “That’s not like you at all, Danielle. Everything fine?”
“Everything is just, fine,” I lied. “Just fine.”

“Scratch that,” I mumbled as I quickly got up, making my head spin. I burped and Chase ran out of the room. The door slammed shut and I vomited my guts out – almost literally.

I slowly made my way to my bed and fell on it. “Yah, uh Danielle, you don’t look so nice. I hate seeing you like this,” Chase greeted me. “Sorry I bailed on you. I have a weak stomach.”
I laughed a little. “Never knew that about you, but it’s ok,” I said. “I just really want a nap right now.”
“Mhm, take a nap then,” Chase said soothingly. He rubbed my back and hummed a little tune until I fell asleep.

I woke up an hour or two later, not really sure, all I know is that the sun had gone down quite a bit. I groaned, sat up and faced Chase.
"You aren't looking that well." His eyes were full of worry.
"Eh, I guess so." I sighed heavily and yet again, the ever-so familiar nausea came rushing back.
"You look so pale, unhealthy," he stated. "I'm not liking your challenge if you are always going to be like this."
"It's not always like this," I promised. I shuddered and Chase caught me right before I fell off the bed. I murmured a quick thanks and held onto him for support.
"Sure, sure. But seriously." Our grey eyes met and I could tell that he was serious. "I don't want to lose you. And if that means you have to stop your challenge, please do. Right now, you look like death itself."
"Himself," I corrected under my breath. Chase raised an eyebrow in suspicion and I quickly adverted my eyes. "I'm not stopping this challenge; it's my life's dream."
"Danielle, it could take your life away, you know that, right?" Chase asked with force. "I don't want to ever lose you." He choked on the last few words and a single tear ran down his face. "Never ever ever."

While my stomach grew in size, I spent more days sleeping, more days trying to relax, more days holding onto fragile life. Maybe Chase was right, maybe this pregnancy would take my life away. Just the thought was enough to make me start crying all over again.

Everyday Chase proposed the unthinkable - ending the challenge not even halfway through it. 
I know he loves me, but sometimes he can be a bit demanding. His way or no way and frankly, his way was looking pretty good right now. But I just couldn't throw away my life's goal away that easily. . . .  

Usually, all the throwing up business was only during the first part of the pregnancy but this time it lasted the entire time. I could barely eat anything without it retracting its steps and leaving a foul taste in my mouth that wouldn't seem to go away.

A gathered up all my strength and put a smile on my face. These kiddos needed to be taught their skills. I wasn't going to put it off simply because of a hard pregnancy. My kids were always my first priority.  
Stella walked by and said, "Hi Mommy!" 
Since when did they already know how to walk and talk?
"Do you already know how to do everything too, Preston"? I asked. Well, their father did say that they would learn quickly.
"Yes," Preston said shyly. "When can I sleep in a big boy bed?"

I took a deep breath, picked him up and tickled him. I missed interacting with my children. Just their smiles alone gave me a little, well-needed strength.
"Ready to age up?" I asked with a smile.
"Yes!" Stella and Preston answer enthusiastically. 

Chase aged them up for me because I could barely make it down the stairs by myself. This pregnancy had taken a toll on me and I was hoping after the birth, things would go back to normal.

I was nodding off when Chase screamed like a little girl and ran off screaming, "What the hell? There's two of them!"
"What?" I shouted as two boys came out from the sparkles. I laughed a bit and said, "Chase, it's fine!" He slowly entered back into the room.
"Uh, what just hell just happened?" Chase asked.
"Hey!" I yelled. "Don't cuss infront of the kids!" 
"Sorry." Chase apologized and started backing away again.

I got up shakily and hugged my new baby boy. Baby 44.
"Hello Mother! The name's Mason!" Mason said cheerfully and he came in for a hug. 
"Hey Mason. Glad to call you my son."
I had to explain to Chase that their father was an alien; weird things happened all the time.

The kids in bed, I went to lay down. My enegry level has been basically at 0 for the past few days.  Chase comforted me and sang me to sleep: 

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can't help falling in love with you

"I love you Danielle," he softly added.

The next day, Chase messed around with easel while I laughed at his failures.
"That's not the way you hold the paintbrush, the fluffy part holds the paint," I chuckled.
"B-But I can't draw straight lines that way!" he protested. 
"Why am I letting use my stuff again?"
"Because you love me!" 
At least that part was true. 

"I'm going to pop any day now," I said as Chase held my hands. His abandoned painting was still on the easel and it looked like a five year old had done it. Oh Chase.
"Good, then maybe you'll feel better."
"Hopefully," I said. I knew that all these problems were coming from death's child. When I gave birth, all the problems would go away.
"Probably. I just want you to feel better. Maybe you should just stop your-"
"Chase, that isn't even an option. Never will be. I can't just throw away my life's dream like that," 
"Not even for me?" 
"I'm sorry," I apologized, "not even for you."

Chase's face fell but I went into labor and the conversation dropped. He screamed like he normally did and suggested we went to the hospital. Given the circumstances, I should really go to the hospital but the contractions were so strong that I wasn't sure I could make it in time.

I waddled into the nursery and before you knew it, I gave birth the baby 45, Anubis Smores, the son of Death itself.
No, himself.

Eeep! Done. I personally loved writing this chapter and I hoped you enjoyed it! Next chapter will be a collaboration with one of bestfriends, Aria! You might want to read her story otherwise everything might not make sense. Haha. You can find her story here. I have a feeling you all will like it!


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