Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Well, welcome ;D

Remember that project I said I was working on for you guys about two months ago? Well, this is it! As you can probably tell, I've switched to blogger! 
Why you ask? Well, many reasons. Mostly because I find it easier to get posts out. 

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last month, my priority was this ;D 

Feel free to look around this blog and reread. I've edited some of my previous chapters so they aren't as dull and boring. If you find a typo or a broken link, please tell me, I won't be offended ^-^

Don't forget to join the site and follow us by email so you can be updated whenever a new post is out. 
If you want to be informed immediately (well almost), friend me on my facebook and then message me (or comment on this post) saying that you would like to be kept updated.
Thanks for putting up with me and I hope you all stick around to the end, I have big plans for this story and I'm very eager to share them with you.

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