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Chapter 36: Challenge People (Babies 46, 47, 48 & 49)

Woah woah woah! Make sure you have read both part one AND part two of the XZ wedding before continuing! 

I got home and everyone aged up. Like I suspected, we welcomed a new family member, Adelynn Smores! She's the lovely baby 46. I wonder if I could continue my challenge with all alien babies. It would go by so much more quickly! 

But, my heart plummeted. My bestfriend had just been taken out of my life and never looked back. 
I missed her with all my heart. I caught myself one too many times grabbing my phone to call her only to realize she would never answer. She didn't care about me anymore.  
I missed her. I wanted her back. 
She was my bestfriend; my other half. 
Because you never realize what you have until it's gone. . . until you've learned the hard way.

"Hey you ok?" Chase asked as he pulled me into a tight, warm hug. 
I shook my head and wrapped my arms around his waist. 
"The wedding," I muttered as I buried my head in his shoulder, "things didn't go right." 
"What didn't go right?" Chase looked me straight in the eye and I quickly adverted my glance.
"Things. . . . Aria and I aren't technically 'friends' anymore," I confessed. I let out a long sigh and tears started to form, yet again, in the corners of my eyes.
"I'm sorry. I truly am." With his strong hands around me, I felt somewhat comforted. But no one could ever replace the empty spot in my heart that Aria had ripped out.

A few hours later in the day, with Chase long gone at work, my little alien babies came up to me. Mason led the group with a slip of paper in his hands. As they came closer, I saw that the paper was a report card. 
"Hey Mom," Mason said smoothly. He shoved the report card into my hands and said, 'Since we all have really high grades-"
"The classes are so easy Mom!" Stella interrupted. Mason gave her the evil eye and continued. 
"Anyways, the classes are a breeze and we were all wondering if we could age up early. Right guys?" Mason turned his head to face his siblings and they all nodded in agreement. 
"You sure about this?" I questioned. "You would be missing so much! Adult hood isn't exactly all the fun you think it is."
"Mom," Preston interjected, "Dad kinda sorta sent for us when Chase was watching us. We're needed back home in our home planet." The way Preston looked at me, his face laced with concern, I knew immediately he was telling the truth. 
"Well then, time to age you guys up then, huh?" I said with a smile.
Stella and Adelynn let out a small scream. "We're going to be adults!" they both said as they gave each other a hug. 
Gosh, my kids can be so cute sometimes.

They all aged up beautifully. Just as I suspected, baby 47, Jacqueline Smores aged up along with the others making this batch of kiddos quintuplets. Well sort of. Kind of. It's hard to explain. I'll just call them my first, and hopefully last, set of quintuplets.  

The next day the house was oddly quiet. The house seemed too big and I just didn't seem to keep in contact with my kids as much. They were always on the other side of the house and I was getting sick of how drafty it seemed. It was time for a change. It was time to move into a better house. 
I gathered my kids and we were quickly out of the house and into another.

As soon as I got to the new house, I made sure the kids were situated in their new rooms and warmed myself by the fireplace. The fire burned bright and warmed up the entire room giving it a comforting feeling. It felt nice to just relax and think about myself, even if it was only for a little while. When I was done, my face was flushed with heat and I turned off the fire. Didn't want a fire  to happen on the first day of being in a new house! 

A sudden knock on the door startled me and I looked through the glass door to find a blue hair lady, a blonde guy in a pink shirt and what sort of looked like Aria with dyed hair and somewhat gothic style. No, that couldn't be Aria. She didn't want anything to do with me, let alone show up at my house uninvited. 
I hesitantly opened the door and before I even had a chance to say hi, the girls wandered in with "oohs" and "aahs". 
The man in the pink pointed at me and said, "Mind if I come in? I apologize for those two. They were just really excited to meet you." I nodded my head and the man walked in. 
"The name's Logan." 

The look-a-like Aria greeted me with a warm smile. "It's actually you!" she said as she looked me over. "It's such a honor to meet you! I'm Mila by the way." 
"Do you happen to be related to Aria Rapture at all?" I questioned. 
"She's my stepsister, silly! Do we look that much alike?" Mila laughed and clapped her hands. She probably didn't know what had happened between her stepsister and I.
"Yah," I whispered, "you guys do look a lot alike."

We all sat down on the couch with little Anubis playing with his toy in the middle of the room. I quickly learned that my newfound friends had challenges themselves! Kimari was on baby 11, Mila on 10 and Logan on 16. I had never heard of a guy attempting the 100 Baby Challenge so the thought of Logan doing it was surreal. He explained to me that he kept the mother under his care until the birth and that the house got a little hectic with so many people under its roof. But I guess that's what all challenge mothers, uh no, people have to do!

We quickly got onto the topic of Aria and the wedding and I told them basically everything. They all looked surprised at how the story had turned out and I couldn't blame them. I didn't imagine, not even in a nightmare, that it would turn out that badly. A wedding was supposed to be a happy, wonderful time filled with young romance. Not a time to point fingers and break hearts. 
"She'll probably forgive you, I hope," Mila stated curling her hair with her fingers. "She loved Levi though. It might take her a quite a bit of time to heal completely."
"I know, I know," I said sheepishly. "I've known that all along." 

Logan was busy playing with Anubis so I was surprised to see that he was was actually paying attention, let alone join in the conversation. "Well," Logan started, "a kid wasn't conceived, right?"
"Gosh, I hope not! That would be terrible!" Kimari said, her blue eyes bigger then they normally were. I looked at Logan with a Why did you say that look on my face. 
"It's just a thought, girls." 

The conversation died off quickly after that and soon enough the my newfound friends left to take care of their children. All but Logan. 
"Yah know, I'm here if you ever need a challenge father." As Logan smiled his fangs and his eyes glowed a bright green. He was a supernatural being. Why didn't I notice that before? A freezing cold breeze engulfed me and my teeth chattered as black spots clouded my vision.

Everyone that asks to be in your challenge, you have to accept. If you do so, I shall stay out of your life until you call upon me to take you away.

"Uh," I muttered as I swayed backwards and regained my vision. "Yah, I'll give you a call when I need you!" I gave him a weak smile.
"Great!" Logan said as if nothing was wrong. He smiled, showing his fangs again, gave me a hug and went on his way.

My head hurt like crazy and I was shaking a ton. I had never thought that I'd actually have to go through with Death's compromise. And what exactly had happened when I realized Logan was a werewolf? 
I took a couple of deep breaths and focused on the positives: 
I was safe, I had wonderful kids, I had an amazing and loving boyfriend.

But somehow the negatives got swished in. 
Aria hated me. Death was watching me at every turn.

I must of drifted off because I woke up the next morning, slightly refreshed but still upset. My headache had gone down incredibly only to be replaced with the pains of the pregnancy. But I was used it and ignored the aches until the it became a numb sensation that was easily overlooked.

Anubis loved the new toys out in back, especially the spring rider. His little laugh made me giggle along with him. He was so cute and nobody would ever guess that his father was something even more sinister, evil than their wildest dreams. Even though his pregnancy drained me till the last drop, he was a my little bundle of joy. 

Anubis was off taking his nap when I whipped out my phone to call Aria. She would find it amusing that I had accidentally met up with her stepsister. 
The phone rang once and immediately I hung up.

She wouldn't answer answer my calls, probably never again.

I didn't have much time to be sad because right then and there I went into labor. I made my way into the nursery, careful to not awake Anubis and braced myself for what I hoped to be an easy birth.

And it was an easy birth. I soon welcomed into this world Baby 48 Cara Smores and Baby 49 Sarina Smores.
I hated the baby stage with a passion. What bugged me the most is I couldn't tell what they looked like at all, aside from their skin tone. I set up three cakes and aged up my youngest kids.

Anubis aged up to be such a cutie! He doesn't really have much of his father's complexion other than his lips. I hoped he would maintain his silly, goofy self that he had as a toddler.

Cara aged up too look like a carbon copy of her father! She was so cute with her bright eyes and precious nose. Although, she did have quite the attitude.

Sarina, like her sister got her father's eyes and lips. Both of my twins had an attitude but they also had an amusing side to their personalities.

Like I promised, Logan was indeed to be used as a challenge father. The next one to be precise. He came over quickly after I called him and we got straight to it.

We both came out of the dresser with different clothing and a big smile plastered on our faces. That was so much more exciting than I thought it would be. 
We exchanged a few cheesy smiles and a laughs before we went back to our daily routine.

It wasn't long before I was officially pregnant with baby 50. It was a bittersweet moment. I've grown so much since the start; learned so much. This milestone shook me into reality: I was halfway done. Halfway done with my life's goal. 
But there's still another half to go.

The last bit is somewhat true for me as well. I've learned so much and I've met amazing people that I'm honored to call my friends doing this story!
Big thanks to the lovely Kimari Devine, Mila Autumn and Logan Fey for letting me use their simmies! Be sure to check our their challenges as well :)
And also thank you The Baudelaire Legacy for making the house Danielle is currently in! I love it and will probably keep Danielle in it for a while!

This was a somewhat hard post to write. I kept writing in Aria and then deleting it because it just couldn't happen. ;___;
I didn't realize how much she meant to Danielle and myself until she was gone. . . . 

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed and to all those in the states, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!


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