Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chapter 37: The Park Just Got Better (Baby 50)

“Mo-om!’ Alexis wailed. I quickly turned around. Something wasn’t right.  She came into my room rubbing her temples and not bothering to even close the door.  She looked pale and green. She was probably sick
“Hun, you ok?” I asked as I put the back of my hand against her forehead only to find it clammy and burning up. “You have a fever. Why don’t you go lie down on my bed while I get you some medicine? “ I squeezed her shoulder and made her lie down on the bed.

“Does this mean I get to stay home from school?” Alexis asked, blowing her nose.  I nodded my head. “We don’t want everyone to get sick! You’re hopefully not contagious but we never know. I’ll have Dylan pick up the homework for you.”
Alexis muttered something underneath her breath at the mention of the word homework. I couldn’t exactly make out what she was saying but I’m guessing it involved cuss words. 
“Hey there, don’t cuss!”
Alexis looked startled. She looked up to me in confusion then back down to the covers of the bed in embarrassment. She fiddled with her hair, unraveling the braids that seemed to always be there,  and probably hoping that I would leave the room.
“I kid, I kid.” I smiled down at Alexis and she returned the smile as I left the room. 

Both Cara and Sarina screamed at the top of their lungs as I walked into the nursery. Good thing my kids were all at school, besides Alexis, because boy, these girls sure knew how to holler. I checked their diapers, fed them their bottles, tried playing with them but no- they wouldn’t stop crying. They just cried because they felt like it. I cuddled Cara next to me, letting my heartbeat calm her until her seemingly nonstop crying ceased.
“Now, you feeling better?” I cooed as I smiled at her. Cara’s eyes went wide and she smiled back, clapping her hands. “Someone’s in a better mood!” Now just to hope that they would stay in a good mood.

After teaching the girls most of their skills, we went outside to enjoy the last rays of sunlight the day had to offer. Sarina and Cara giggled as they picked up handfuls of sand and watched it as it slowly seeped through their fist, escaping their grasp. As they got bored with the sand and moved on to play with their toys, I leaned back and rubbed my stomach. Who knows, the baby could turn out to be a werewolf like Logan. I hoped the baby looked like Logan since so many of my kids seemed to look exactly like me. Not that it was a bad thing, but it was getting a tad bit repetitive. I would love my little darling regardless: girl or boy, werewolf or human, looking like Logan or more like myself.  The baby would be loved. 

“Hey darling,” Chase’s cool voice greeted me along with a warm hug from behind.  “Another bun in the oven?”
I laughed and faced him, returning the hug. He smelled sweet, but not like the kind that makes you gag. Just the kind that makes you sigh and makes you think of all the warm, happy memories.  “Yes, baby 50. Can you believe it? Time seems to go bye so fast.” I sighed deeply and looked over to my girls, smiling ear to ear as they laughed and played with their toys. Before I knew it, they would be grown and traveling their own roads, their own lives. Right now, as time flew by me ever so quickly, I just needed to enjoy the moment as it was. 

“I love you, Danielle. I hope you know that. I hope you never forget that,” Chase whispered, his lips next to my ear.
“I love you too, hun.” Yes, totally enjoying the moment.
“I’m so lucky to have you. I imagine all the men are after you when I’m not here.” Chase laughed and continued, “You have a beautiful house, beautiful family, beautiful face. Your life is pretty much perfect right now, no?”
With my hands still on his face, I sighed and thought of Aria. All the memories we had shared together: the happiness, the joy. Now she just seemed to be slipping out of my grasp, willingly. I missed her. I loved her. No matter how great my life seemed on the outside, there would always be a part of me that longed for her to come back. Sure, I had Ariana, Kimari, Mila, Logan and Chase but they would never even come close to filling the hole in my heart that only a true bestfriend could fill. Tears now streaming down my face, I buried my head into Chase’s shoulder not caring about how badly smeared my makeup was.
“Please tell me this is because of the pregnancy,” Chase sighed. I shook my head and wiped the tears from my eyes and cheeks with the sleeve of my shirt.
“Well then, maybe I should stay here with you until you kick me out, er, I mean get back on your feet,” Chase said with a laugh and a wink.
He always knew how to make me feel better, even in the darkest of times. I smiled and slowly said, “Yah, that sounds absolutely great.” 

“My stuff is in my car.  I’ll get that later. It seems like I need to spend some time with you,” Chase said in a lovey-dovey tone. 
A couple kisses later and Sarina wailed for attention. Chase went over immediately and grabbed her, rocking her until her frown was replaced with a grin. “How’s my little girl? She’s a little cutie-pie! Huh? Yah!” Chase cooed as Sarina giggled. Gosh, he was so good with the kids. Thankfully both Cara and Sarina were in a good mood and were easily put to bed, that is after a bottle of warm milk, diaper change and a lullaby. 

“Morning mom,” my kids grumbled, still half asleep, as they ate their breakfast. They each picked at their food, letting their fork drag across their plate without picking any food up. Maybe next time I shouldn't make omelets with mushrooms.
“Mom, “ Dylan began, “my friend Mark said that the Summer Festival is here. He said that his mom said that it hadn’t been here in years! Can we go?”
“Summer Festival? Never heard of it,” I replied, stuffing my mouth with the last bits and pieces of my meal. Alexa looked at me with a look of complete disgust. I shrugged my shoulders and patted my stomach, a small smile appearing on my lips.
“Well, it’s supposed to be really fun! Please, please, please can we go see it?” Dylan begged. He pushed his chair back to face mine and continued pleading.
“Come on Mom, it’ll be fun,” Anubis chimed in.
“What is there to see?”
“Everything! Just it’ll be awesome. Can we please go? It’s the last day it’ll be here!” Dylan said, putting on his puppy dog face.
I looked up to Chase who was in the living room, occupying my little tots. He nodded as if to say, “Why not?”
“You know what?” I asked, looking at each of my children, “Let’s go.” 

An hour later, stomachs full and sprits high my family found themselves surrounded with the candy-filled, firework blooming, energetic and giddy atmosphere otherwise known as the Summer Festival. I looked around the Sunset Valley’s Central Park in awe. I could not even imagine that this place could look like this. With so many different activities taking place I hoped that it would entertain my family, for a day at least.

“Momma! Watch me score against Alexa!” Tristen laughed as she placed her foot next to the ball and let it rip. To both Alexa’s and Tristen’s surprise the ball flew into the net with a whoosh that left Alexa dusting off her knees and Tristen fist pumping, congratulating herself.  I laughed as the girls each took their turn, sometimes missing and sometimes succeeding. Joy filled me as I saw them laughed with each and not at each other. The joy only a mother can have from seeing her kids finally getting along. 

Of course, my stomach growled at me in hunger and the first thing I saw was hot dog stand. Not the best, but it was better than nothing, right?
“Dang this looks good!” I said, my mouth watering at the scent of the hot dogs wavered up to my nose.
“Don’t eat it yet!” Dylan shouted at me.
“Uh-Why? I just wan-“
“GO!” shouted the loudspeaker, interrupting me. I looked to my boys in confusion but I found them stuffing their faces with the food, cramming as much as they could fit in their mouths. Oh, was this some sort of competition?  I stood there for a second, complete ignorant to what was going on around me until Anubis started cheering me on and brought me to my senses.
“Here goes nothing,” I said, the first hot dog already stuffed in my mouth. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the eating contests but instead Chase did. I didn’t expect me to win anyways, considering my very late start.  With my hunger satisfied, I watched my family skate around the skate rink and failing epically. The wheels on their skates seemed to hate them as none of them could go around the rink one time failing or having to grab the railing for dear life.
“Help!” Chase screeched as his knees buckled and he fell onto the floor of the rink almost causing a my kids to fall as well.
“You ok?” I asked, standing up to get a better look. Good thing I wasn’t in the rink. I  was pregnant after all. “Maybe it was all those hotdogs!” I laughed.
“Sure,” Chase said, rolling his eyes.
“I’m going to go check around the rest of the festival while you guys get the hand of this, ok?”
“Sounds good, Mommy!’ Anubis said as he caught himself from tripping.
“Be safe! I don’t want any broken bones!”

I wandered away from the rink to the other side of the park where a little blue snow cone truck greeted me. I quickly made myself an icy treat, letting the rainbow colored juice delight my taste buds. The sticky syrup dripped down my chin and onto the floor leaving a mark I was too 'lazy' to clean up. With newfound energy, I was ready to try everything out in here at the park. Boy, sugar highs have some magic to them. 

I found myself next to a shiny bright red tank with the words SPRAY TAN written in black on the side.
“Eh, it’s cheap,” I said, my hand moving a stray piece of hair from my face. I pondered the thought of getting a fake tan for quite a bit, thinking about all the possibilities that could happen- good and bad.
I laughed and pushed open the door and stepped inside to be greeted by bright white lights. “Too late now,” I whispered as the door automatically shut behind me. 

A couple minutes later, I came out with a nice bronze tan. I felt satisfied but I was just afraid that somehow the rain was going to wash it off, leaving me a big, brown mess. I shuddered at the thought and then laughed it off as I headed back to the rink to see if my family’s skills had somewhat approved.

“Mom, look!” Tristen gleefully laughed as she put her hands on her shoulders and spun around without falling. “I’m getting pretty good at this!” She kept spinning, making me dizzy just looking at her. As I sat down, Tristen put her skinny arms over her head letting her bright bubblegum pink hair fall on her shoulders as she lifted her leg and spun around again, ever so delicately.

I cheered her on and all of a sudden Anubis came into the center of the rink and did a couple spins, impressing me. I didn’t think a little boy like him could pick up on skating so fast!
“You’re a natural!” I shouted so Anubis could hear me. He smiled and did one more spin before leaving the center. 

As the sun went down, the kids all oohed and awed as they bravely lit up the fireworks and rushed back to safety just in time to see them burst in the air. The colorful lights lit up their faces and I could see them giggling and laughing, enjoying each others company as much as they were enjoying the display of the fireworks. Chase grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor where other couples were slow dancing. As we danced to the beat of the music, I took in a deep breath letting the warm summer’s night air to fill my lungs. Things just seemed so right, so perfect at this moment. As if nothing could ever take this happiness away from me. The song faded out and everyone else left the dance floor, leaving us on the only pair still dancing.
 “Spray tan?” Chase asked with a smirk as he turned me. I nodded and hummed a little song, trying to keep the beat going. 

“You always look beautiful. There was no need for a fake tan, you know?” Chase brought me in close and kissed me. The place was empty, not including my kids as they were well entertained. And the music was long gone. Just us and nobody left to interrupt us.
“Wonderful day. I sure had fun,” Chase said as we moved in sync to the nonexistent song.
“I did too. Today was great.” I closed my eyes as we swayed back and forth.
“I love you Danielle,” Chase said. My head lay on his shoulders and I looked up to him, his grey eyes meeting my own. Oh gawd, he was perfect in every way.

“I lo-,” I began when a sharp yet familiar pain interrupted me. The baby was coming!
 “Chase! Get me home!” I screamed as I broke up the dance. “Don’t forget about the kids!” I carefully made my way to the car where I was shortly greeted by the rest of my family. 

Quickly arriving home and glad that we didn’t get pulled over -I mean Chase was defiantly breaking the speed limit on our way home- I got myself as comfortable as I could in the nursery to prepare for the birth. With everyone in bed, I gave birth to baby 50, Declan Smores- my milestone. 50 babies, already? Time just seemed to move oh-so fast. Before I knew it, I would be done. With a heavy sigh, I made my way up to bed and cuddled with my love until sleep feel upon me. 

I woke up to the pitter-patter of the rain on the roof of the house. Was it actually raining? I jumped up out of bed, adrenaline making my heart thud like crazy. I leaned my arm against the window sill and looked through the window to the backyard. Everything was sopping wet and the dark clouds continued to pour more rain onto the city. It hadn’t rain in who knows how long and the storm was here to signal the end of the hot, dry season. Or could it just be a summer storm?

“It’s hailing. It’s raining!” I sang, letting the cold water drench me head to toe. After I confirmed it was raining, I couldn’t help but run outside and embrace the weather. I loved the cold weather dearly and intended to enjoy every moment of it, even if I was still in my pajamas. The cold air didn’t faze me at all as I danced around in the rain. I was just so happy that the clouds had finally covered the sun and the temperature had gone down. This was the day I had wanted so badly after moving to Sunset Valley. I jumped into puddles and my clothes became dark and cold as the water covered it. I didn’t care, I just absolutely loved this kind of weather.

“Danielle, get back inside! You are going to get sick!” Chase threated, covering his head from the rain. He apparently didn’t like this weather as much as I did. “The kids want to age up as well!”
“Give me a second,” I said, sticking my tounge out to catch the raindrops. A couple went into my eyes and I had to blink a few times before my vision returned to normal.
“What about your spray tan?  It might come off!” Chase said as he made his way back to the house. 
“I don’t care about the spray tan anymore!” I yelled in response. “This weather is better than any fake tan!” I danced around the yard a few more times before my body got cold.  My kids probably now thought I was some sort of freak, coming into the house soaking wet and cold to the bone. But who cares? This type of weather just makes my day. “Time to age up, huh?” I questioned, drying off. I changed into some warm clothes and set up cakes for my children.

My last set of triplets - for a while I hope- grew up perfectly. I knew they would all be out breaking some hearts and making beautiful babies before I knew it! I just hoped that they would keep their same happy personalities that they all had growing up.

Cara and Sarina grew up looking oh so pretty. They each looked more like their father as each day passed. I knew they were going to grow up to be lovely ladies, I just hoped they would both grow out of their attitude! 

 My milestone turned out to be a werewolf like his father! He was adorable and looked like both Logan and me. Hopefully being a werewolf won't set him to far apart from his siblings and won't cause any trouble as he grows up.

Chase and I watched my bubblegum haired triplets run out the door, belongings in their hands, as they tried to catch their ride without getting wet. We both laughed and waved goodbye as they each went on their own separate journeys. The steady rainfall calmed me down as my head rested on Chase's shoulder. Chase in return held my hand. Our hands seemed molded to perfectly fit in each other's.
50 babies in. 50 babies to go. Right now, all that could be better is if Aria was here to congratulate me on my milestone. I could just imagine us sharing laughs and smiles as we remembered our first couple babies. As difficult as it was, I pushed her to the back of my mind. 
I focused on Chase, as he made me so happy. Everyday I spent with him I fell deeper in love.
 He was one of those few people that made me actually feel special.

And who knows?
He could be the one.


Fifty babies! Halfway done with this challenge. A bit scary, huh? Time has gone by so fast! 
Anyways, we've reached 50 babies and I hope you know what that means. A poll for the fan favorite from baby 41-50! 
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