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Chapter 35: The XZ Wedding: Part One

If you haven't already, go read Aria's BC so everything makes sense.
Otherwise, you might get a bit lost!

Mature content ahead.

I found myself, yet again, at another wedding. Currently, just the word wedding alone made me cringe. I sighed heavily and the Lucky Palms air filled my lungs. I laughed and thought of my kids. I had trusted Chase enough this time to take care of all my kids and hopefully they weren’t giving him a hard time. I could just picture Chase screaming like a child as my little alien babies did something to freak him out yet again.

“Danielle!” Aria exclaimed, giving me a hug from behind.
“Hey! You ready for our kids to get married?” I asked. Aria responded with a little giggle and wiggled her finger in front of my face. “Of course! Why wouldn’t I be?” 
I shrugged my shoulders and we talked about our challenge life. Aria had just given birth to babies 34 and 35 and the father was none other than my son, Levi Smores.

“Not interrupting anything, am I?” Levi poked his head around the corner and approached us.
“No, not at all,” Aria and I said in unison.  
“I haven’t seen you in ages!” I said to Levi. I hugged him and remembered when he was just a little toddler. Gosh Daisy and Levi were adorable toddlers! Time sure does fly, doesn’t it?
“I know Mom, it does seem like a lifetime since I have seen you.” Levi returned the hug.
“Life’s seem to be treating you too pretty well,” I stated. Even a complete stranger could seem the connection between these two lovebirds. 
“Eh, I guess you could say that.” Aria’s eyes flickered over to where our kids were standing. She sighed and buried her head into Levi’s shoulder.
“Do I want to know?” I asked Levi. He shook his head and rubbed Aria’s back. “It’s a touchy subject.”

Levi and Aria left, probably to their hotel room, and I wandered around the place where the wedding would take place. “Gosh, this is beautiful,” I whispered.
“I know, right?” said a cool voice from behind me. I jumped and he quickly added, “Sorry for scaring you, the name’s Faust.” He smiled and his eyes lit up. “I’m part of the bridal party, and you are?”
“I’m the groom’s mother. Danielle Smores,” I said sitting down in one of the chairs.
“The oh-so-famous Danielle? It is truly a pleasure to meet you. Would you mind if was a challenge father?"  He shuffled around for a bit and then sat in the seat next to me. Me? Famous? I laughed at the thought but it seemed somewhat possible . . .
“Uh, sure. Why not? I'm not even halfway done yet!" I stated. "But, can you believe it? My son if getting married to my bestfriend’s daughter tomorrow.” 
Faust smiled. “I knew you and Aria were friends. I saw you two talking a little bit ago. What were you guys talking about?”
I sighed. “ Nothing much, really. Something’s going on with Aria and her daughter, I’m guessing. I don’t really know.” I again looked over to where Zac, Sparrow and Xailee were.
“Eh, it isn’t like I know much either. I just know that the girls are gorgeous.” Faust looked over to Sparrow and blushed. 
I stifled a giggle but I had to admit, Aria could pop out some beautiful babies. “Anyways,” I began, “I’ll call you later tonight, if that’s ok.”
“Wait, what?” Faust shook his head in confusion. “Oh, the baby thingy-ma-bob. Yah, sure later tonight will be fine,” Faust said as he got up. “Thanks for letting me be a dad.”
“Anytime,” I responded as Faust walked to his room.  I breathed in the cool night’s air and listened to a conversation that I probably wasn’t supposed to hear.

Sparrow’s eyes gazed absentmindedly at the wedding arch. She sighed and I carefully approached the group, eavesdropping and hoping I wouldn’t get caught.
“Sparrow please. Just try to be happy, please,” Xailee pleaded. Zac held her protectively and nodded his head in agreement.
“You knew what happened between us, yet you still bring us together. Why did you have to do this to me?” Sparrow’s words were full of hatred and cruelty.  Xailee pushed herself farther into Zac’s arms as if she was afraid of Sparrow. I would be too. Just Sparrow’s vampire aura made me shrink further away.
“I’m sorry,” Xailee choked and her bright grey eyes teared up. It seemed like the argument had been going on for some time before I started listening.
“No you aren’t,” Sparrow stated, "and neither is our mother. She slept with my boyfriend and then blamed it on the challenge. How ridiculous is that?” 

“Aria, did you really do all that?” I whispered to myself.  I couldn’t picture my always happy, giddy friend being a home wrecker knowingly. Sparrow’s cold voice interrupted my thoughts. “Did you hear that?”
I immediately became quiet and stopped my breathing completely.  I’m not used to hanging around vampires and their superb hearing. I heard Zac mumble and low, “You’re just making things up,” and the conversation went on.
“I swear, all challenge mothers are sluts,” Sparrow huffed. “I mean did you see the way Danielle what’s-her-name came in? Like she owns this goddamn place.”
“Smores,” Zac said through clenched teeth. “That’s her last name- Smores. And that’s mine as well. Danielle was and still is an amazing mom. Don’t talk about her.”
Sparrow sighed, “Well then, she still is a slut and you’ll probably follow in her footsteps. I know you will.”
“You’re a hoe. A bitch. You know that right? You can just leave.” I could see the anger in Zac’s eyes and the venom in which he said his words was frightening.
“A skank isn’t going to tell me what to do.” Sparrow’s laugh filled the air and her eyes lit up.
“Guys, please stop fighting. Please,” Xailee pleaded. Her eyes were now red and tears streamed down her face, ruining her makeup. “Please.”
I stood there, well more like squatted, absolutely dumbfounded. On one hand I was proud of Zac for sticking up for what he believed in. On the other hand Sparrow’s words lashed against me in anger, forcing me to rethink about Aria. And on the other hand, I hoped Sparrow wouldn’t catch me. I still needed to call Faust and get the baby making going.
Wait- since when did I have three hands?


Levi sighed and rolled over to face Aria. “Looking beautiful as always, love,” Levi said.
Aria giggled and got out of bed. “I have to go get ready. Xailee is probably already bursting with excitement.  It’s her wedding day! Can you believe it?” Aria disappeared into the restroom and locked the door behind her.
Honestly, Levi was excited but he wanted to just go home. Just spend some quality time with Aria.  He knew something had gone down with Aria and her daughter, Sparrow, but he didn’t know exactly what and he wasn’t sure that he wanted to know. Maybe ignorance was bliss. He wasn’t exactly sure.
Aria bounded out of the room and gave Levi a peck on the cheek. “See you soon, my love!” Aria said as she went to go get ready for the day.

Sparrow sought revenge. She had gotten passed the whole ‘my mother and I are in the same room’ phase- partly.
She had seen Aria leave the room, leaving Levi inside, alone. Aria had totally ruined Sparrow’s life and Sparrow was about to get payback. “This is going to be fun,” Sparrow coldly laughed as the door creaked open.

Levi wasn’t exactly something special, at least for Sparrow he wasn’t. For Sparrow he was just a toy, just a step stool used to get to Aria.
Being a vampire, Sparrow had powers that she liked to use to her advantage. Levi was just a hopeless little mortal; putty in Sparrow’s hands.  
“Hello there, Levi.” Sparrow said adding a little flirt into her tone. Sparrow stepped forward and put her finger on his chest.
“Gawd, Sparrow. You look beautiful,” Levi mumbled. Sparrow sighed; the mind control had worked beautifully.
Sparrow laughed and slowly unbuttoned Levi’s shirt. Her lips found themselves on Levi’s throat and she had to restrain herself from taking a bite. His steady blood flow made Sparrow’s mouth water. “No, not now,” she whispered. “It isn’t the right time.”
“You said something?” Levi asked. Sparrow shook her head shrugged off her dress.

Levi’s hands ran through Sparrow’s hair, and he breathed in her sickly sweet smell.  In return, Sparrow’s hands explored every inch of his body. Sparrow didn’t enjoy the experience much, but the fact that she was getting her mother back made her heart skip a beat. Sparrow’s mind trailed off as the revenge was sweet
“W-where’s Aria?” Levi gasped.  Levi elbowed Sparrow off of him. “Where in the hell is she?!”
Sparrow cursed under her breath and pushed her mind control powers to the max.
 “Doesn’t matter, anyways. You’re perfect.” Levi stated. He smiled and Sparrow saw what Aria saw in Levi. He was perfect in everyway. Sparrow pushed those thoughts aside and kissed him again; this was solely about revenge.
Levi fiddled with his pants buckle while Sparrow’s tongue found his mouth.
“You know, this would be easier on the bed.” Levi said. 

The sunlight hit Levi’s hair making it look like it was a dark blonde.  The window was slightly opened as they continued on the bed.  In the back of Levi’s head a little voice insisted what he was doing was wrong but Sparrow’s soothing voice infiltrated his head with, ‘This is just right,” and blocked out his morals.  
Sparrow giggled at the fact of how easy Levi was to control. She could get used to this. She imagined the look on Aria’s face when she realized that her so called “love of her life” had cheated on her with her daughter. Didn’t feel so great now did it?
Levi grabbed Sparrows back and pulled her in closer.
 “Our kids would be cute,” Levi softly sang in a sweet tone.

Faust marched down the hall and sang, “Today is a good day. A good day to get married. Ya-ah.”
Faust paused for a second and fixed his hair one more time. He wiped his hands on his slacks and sighed heavily. He was feeling the butterflies as much as Xailee was, and he wasn’t even the one getting married!
“Calm yourself,” Faust said to himself. His nerves calmed down a bit and he continued walking. 
The slightly open window caught his eye and he couldn’t help but  look inside.
“Z-Zac? Is that you?” Faust couldn’t believe his eyes. The blonde hair was enough proof. Zac was supposed to be getting married today but no, he was making love to Sparrow. Faust knew from the start that Sparrow wasn’t any good but he didn’t realize how bad she was.
“Zac, I can’t believe you! You’re better than this! What are you doing to poor Xailee?” Faust questioned to the window. “I have to tell somebody.”
Faust ran and told the first person he met everything he just saw.
“I couldn’t keep it bottled in. He’s my bestfriend. I couldn’t imagine him doing something like this. And the morning of his wedding day!” Faust blubbered.
“It’s ok hun, I can’t imagine him doing something like that either. I just don’t. He’s my son,” Danielle said. She shook her head and patted Faust’s back. “How do you think Xailee is going to take this?” Danielle asked.

“Take what?” Xailee questioned.  She wasn’t quite yet ready yet. Her hair and make up were perfect but instead of a wedding gown she wore a little yellow dress. Danielle’s eyes went wide in fear and Faust was at a lost for words.
“Er,” Faust stuttered.
“I’m sorry hun,” Danielle said as she hugged Xailee. “Zac is cheating on you, with Sparrow.” 


I cursed. I screamed. I punched the door as hard as I could then rubbed my hand. Ouch, that hurt like heck.
“Levi, you stupid idiot!” I yelled at myself. I couldn’t believe that I had just cheated on my girlfriend.
“Sparrow, you can go to hell!” I screamed and fell onto the cheap bed.  I still hadn’t grasped the whole ‘mind control’ thing but I knew that what I did with Sparrow, I didn’t do on my own free will. My head rolled to face the empty side of the bed. Just a couple hours ago my beautiful Aria was there greeting me good morning.
What was she going to do now? How would she react?

“Levi! Levi!” my mother hollered. She opened the door and I jumped up to greet her. “Zac didn’t cheat on Xailee. Did she? Because if she did, Sparrow is just -ugh.” I took a step back, I had never seen her this mad before, not even at Samantha.
“No, Zac didn’t cheat. I think he is getting his hair done, actually, ” I said glumly.
“Thank gawd,” Danielle said as she wiped her forehead. “I was prepared for the worst.”
“Uh mom?” If I had to tell someone, it was going to be my mother. She would know what to do. “Zac didn’t cheat on Xailee. I-I cheated on Aria. Sparrow used her whole ‘mind control’ shit. It wasn’t me! I promise!” I pleaded.
My mother stood there a thought for a second. “So, it wasn’t you?”
I shook my head. “No, it wasn’t.”
“I honestly have no idea how Aria is going to take this. I-I just don’t.” Danielle said. 

Hoped you all enjoyed! This is a two parter but the second will not be done by me but instead done by my very bestfriend Stacy!
You can find the second part here.
Thanks for reading! :D 


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