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Chapter 38: Part One: Running Away with the Paris Extravaganza (Babies 51 & 52)

“Tada!” Chase announced, his arms in the air and the sheer look of happiness on his face. “I made breakfast for all of us!” He pointed to what seemed to be badly burned waffles. As the stench made it’s away around the room, I faked a smile and rubbed my head, thinking of what to say. And how to say it for that matter.
“Uh,” I muttered. “That’s really sweet of you and all, but, I think you might of overcooked them. Just a bit.” I looked down to the floor, clenching my hands, hoping that he wouldn’t take it the wrong way.
“Really?” Chase looked down to the plate he had prepared, picked it up and tossed it in the trash without hesitating. “Was it really that bad?” he asked, his voice wavering.
I shrugged my shoulders and I backed up a few steps, the cold marble against my bare feet not helping me feel any better. I didn’t mean to make him feel bad! Let alone just throw it away like I didn’t care!
“I’m just kidding. I know, my cooking sucks!” Chase said with a laugh. He quickly went about the kitchen and made himself a bland breakfast- cereal.  As he left the room, I stood there thinking about what had just happened.
“Gawd Chase, you really suck sometimes,” I said, giggling. 

The leaves had finally changed colored. The usual bright green of the leaves fading into beautiful hues of yellows and reds.  The rain seemed to never go away, and for me it was not a bad thing at all. With the umbrellas out and Spooky Day just around the corner, fall was officially here.
I waved goodbye to my girls as they got out their mismatching umbrellas, not wanting to get wet. They ran to the bus as fast as they could with Anubis trailing close behind. 

A sudden sound of tearing fabric made me jump as a chill went up my spine. “What the?” I questioned, quickly turning around. Claws bared, Declan tore apart the couch, little by little. Pieces of cloth and stuffing went everywhere.
“No!” I scolded. “You can’t do that to the furniture!” I picked up Declan, his eyes glowing a bright white. No doubt that he was a little werewolf, just like his daddy. As exciting it is to have a supernatural baby, it sure was a ton of work. 

Chase tried taking care of Declan too- epic failure- to sum it up. Eventually, I ended up calling Logan to take care of his son for a little bit while I cleaned up around the outside. Logan quickly came over and scooped up Declan, tickling him. They were so cute together. Father and son. 

I went outside, rain pounding down on top of me. I quickly was freezing cold. However, the yard was a complete mess. Leaves covered the entire yard and trust me, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Finding a rake was easy but gathering all the leaves took a ton of work. 

Finally, the yard was clean and a huge pile of beautiful leaves lay in our yard. It nearly was completely dark out when I finally head inside, only to be greeted by sweet, warm air. The scent of Clorox went through the entire downstairs. Had Chase been cleaning?

Kitchen entirely clean. Yup, he had been cleaning. A soft little snore came from the floor where Declan was fast asleep and Logan was long gone. I watched Declan for a bit, his chest slowly rising and falling. He was truly adorable. I really couldn’t believe that he was baby 50. I really couldn’t believe that I was halfway done with challenge. Half way done with my life’s goal. My entire life was dedicated to this. What was I going to do afterwards?
Settle down? With who? Chase?  I would love to.
 Start another family? The thought of having over 100 kids made my laugh. I stifled my laughter so I wouldn’t wake up Declan. That would be a complete disaster.
But, what was I going to do afterwards? Right now, I don’t know and I don’t really want to dwell on that matter very much.  It’s kind of a scary thought, to me at least. 

A good night’s rest certainly cleared my head and the next challenge father I chose was Poseidon Azure. Yes, Poseidon, like the Greek God. I hoped and hoped that his baby would inherit some of his amazing genes. How cool would it be to have a little blue skinned baby? Poseidon was no doubt handsome and quite the joker as well.

No better place to conceive a baby than a huge pile of leaves, right? I laughed and jumped into the pile, the leaves obscuring my vision. 

Afterwards, I set the pile of leaves on fire. Nobody probably wanted to play in that after is had gone through it. The colorful leaves burned quickly and left no trace except for the dark smoke that was quickly disappearing. 

Ever since we had moved into this house, I had never taken advantage of our huge swimming pool. Chase and I quickly changed into our swimsuits and ventured into the cool, pool water. I inhaled a sharp breath, my body shaking in the brisk fall air.
 “CANNON BALL!” I yelled as I jumped off the diving board and into the water, one hand holding my nose. 

I floated to the surface, the water refreshing me. I swam to a raft and jumped on it, relaxing and enjoy the last bit of sun the day had. All of a sudden Chase screamed, “YAH!” and jumped right next to me, causing a huge splash of water to drench me. I fell off the raft and splashed Chase as he came up for air.  A little while later, it was time to age up Declan and Anubis. 

Declan grew up looking more like his father. He was such a cutie and his werewolf was certainly showing through.

Anubis was very quite, often keeping to himself. He was an introvert. Not that it was a bad thing. 

Yet again, Declan tore away at the furniture. I cringed away at first, then immediately scolded him. Poor Declan quickly changed into his human form and went upstairs to go to bed. I felt bad for yelling at him. I hate yelling at my kids, even when I know they deserve it.

The next day, with the kids at school, Chase and I headed off to enjoy the day together. The Fall Festival seemed like the perfect place to go! I forced Chase to snap a photo of me as I posed in front of two huge hay barrels, a cheesy smile plastered on my face. 

“Y-you sure?”  I questioned, standing still as Chase put his arm around me.
“You’ll be fine,” he whispered as he dragged me closer.  I hated anything scary. Call me a wuss, but even something that was made for little kids, scared the crap out of me. I was so hesitant to go inside the haunted house, even though I knew there was nothing to be afraid of. Besides, Chase would be there, comforting me just in case the unthinkable happened. 

About 15 minutes later, we arrived at the exit. I dashed out and shook the cobwebs off my body. “Please tell me the webs were fake,” I groaned, a shiver running down my spine. I hate to admit it, but that haunted house scared me to no end.
“They’re fake,” Chase replied, helping me dust off.  “Wait, found a spider, hold still.” I immediately let out a high-pitched cry and freaked out. “GET THE SPIDER OFF OF ME!” I yelled, jumping around like a lunatic. After a couple of seconds, Chase started bursting out in fits of laughter. “You suck. You know that right?” I huffed, glaring at him. 

The sun shone bright as we went to go try out the apple-bobbing contest. Soon enough, I caught a couple apples in my mouth. The water plugged my nose and blurred my vision, but I kept going strong. I was determined to win! I really couldn’t really tell how the other contestants were doing but I could see them each coming up for a breath, their mouths empty. Hey, maybe I was winning! 

On a winning streak, I dove my face into the gooey, blueberry pie, trying to eat as much as I could. Besides, whoever made the pie I was eating, did an amazing job. It tasted absolutely fantastic, which made it that much easier to eat.  Chase was no where near me close to finishing as I was. I was eating for two anyways. 

“Woo!” I celebrated, clapping my hands. “I won!” I gave myself a nice, heartfelt pat on the back while waiting for Chase to finish. My face was covered in blueberry goodness and I quickly wiped the majority of the gunk off my face with the help of a few napkins. 

Soon enough, we were home, safe and sound. The fireplace burned brightly, warming up the entire room, making me somewhat drowsy. I slowing approached the bright fire, rubbing my hands together for warmth. The bright, warm flame jumped around, as if it wanted to escape. My body grew warmer, the house cozier, and my eyes heavier. 

Rubbing my eyes, a heard a faint knock on the door. Who could be here at this hour? I rubbed my forehead and looked through the door.
“Paris,” I whispered. My eyes grew wide, my grogginess disappearing.  I hadn’t seen in her ages. What was she doing here? I thought she hated me. She looked beautiful, as always. The scowl I that I remembered always being on her face replaced by a small, happy grin. As if she was genuinely happy. What made her so happy?
 My heart ached. She looked almost exactly like our mother whom I had failed to keep in contact with. The mother that cared for us. Loved us. The mother that I always wanted to be. 

  The memoires. The past I regretted. Those memoires. The ones I had cried over. The ones that had almost cost me my life. The ones that I had tried to erase, completely demolish. Those all came back. The images flickered in my head, over and over, giving me a huge headache. I couldn’t even open the door, as I felt faint headed. I put one hand on the wall to stabilize myself. The other hand placed on my head as I tried to deny the memoires from coming back. I purposely forget them and I did not want to remember them once more.

My weary eyes lay on Paris once more, my breath suddenly taken away. The pain. The sorrow. The fear. The darkness. The cold, dark nights on the shadowed streets of Bridgeport. Everything I had tried so hard to forget. The troubles. The sadness. The tears. The hate. I remembered it all. The images of my past took over, against my own free will. 

Overwhelmed, I fell to the floor.

This chapter is going to be separated into three parts. Winter break is coming up rather soon so I will have a ton of free time to get out even more chapters! ;) 
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