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Chapter 38: Part Three: Running Away with the Paris Extravaganza (Babies 51 & 52)

“It’s all your fault,” Chase spat. He glared at Paris and she cowered away, sitting farther back in her seat than before.
“No it’s not,” she finally stammered out. “She’s my sister, for god’s sake!”
 They sat in the waiting room, the cheap seats groaned and the air smelled faintly of death.  Chase leaned against the back of his seat, Paris sitting down. They both were silent for a moment, watching people after people walk by into different rooms. Chase recognized a few, some of them being Danielle’s children here to wish for the best. They didn’t want their mother to go so soon and neither did Chase. She was just a little over her halfway mark, a life full of promise ahead. She couldn’t go now!

“You showed up, she ends up in the hospital. Coincidence? I think not.” Chase sighed heavily; looking towards the room that Danielle was in.  A pink and black haired woman stood outside the door, contemplating whether to enter the room or just go back home to her kids. She knew Danielle would probably never forgive her for what she had done, so what was the point of going in?  Yet, she thought back to all those happy moments they had spent together. Danielle’s laughter rang in her ears as she looked down to the floor. Aria glanced up and saw Chase staring at her. Chase wondered why she was even here. Not that he had anything against her, but he had heard that Danielle and Aria had been having some complications. He always knew them as best friends and couldn’t picture what had pulled them apart. Chase smiled at Aria and she reluctantly smiled back, pushing open the door.

“Flirting with other girls now? And you’re the one that’s supposed to care for Danielle,” Paris scoffed.
“No,” Chase corrected, “I was just smiling at Aria, Danielle’s best friend. She’s going to go check up on Danielle. Like you probably should!” he sneered back.
“I would. But I don’t know how she would react to me. You know how she reacted last time.” Paris suddenly got quiet, her voice barely above a whisper. “I did some messed up things to her when we lived on our own. Things I’m not proud of. Danielle just kind of threw me out and made herself forget everything. She wanted a new start and I think that’s why she started her challenge. A fresh new beginning; away from me. I just don’t like her challenge. She’s just putting herself out there and people aren’t going to like it. It’s a whore job. By taking it, she’s just become one of them. She’s just becoming a whore.”

“She’s not though! You know she isn’t,” Chase interjected, his voice rising.  “She’s perfect. . . . “

“As much as you know. She’s broken and I just came back to say I’m sorry and I hope she forgives me.” Paris stood up and gathered her things, “I’m sorry for everything I’ve done. Can you tell her that?”

Chase nodded. Maybe Paris did have a nice side to her.
“Thanks,” she mumbled, leaving the room.


“Let’s get outta here,” Paris sighed, helping me off the hospital bed. The room spun around and I leaned against Paris for support. I really didn’t know what was going on. “Where are we going?” I asked slowly, trying to maintain my balance. Paris grunted under my weight as she walked me to the car. “Where’s my baby?” I asked, my vision becoming blurry.
“Right here,” she comforted, pressing on the accelerator.

 A few hours later and we were who knows where. Outskirts of Bridgeport I’m guessing. My head pounded and I asked Paris for a glass of water. My mouth was so parched and the burning sun glaring at through the car window didn’t help what so ever.

“Where’s my baby?” I asked, Paris parking the car. When she didn’t respond I repeated my question, “Where is he?!”
“The hospital I’m guessing,” Paris said, as she got out of the car.
“You heard me. You sleep forever anyways. He was just a nuisance. We’re better off,” Paris retorted. She then pointed to the building in front of us, “I’m going to get a drink. Wanna come?”

No. I did not want to come. I just wanted to snuggle my baby boy close to me and I hoped with all my heart that Paris was just pulling a prank. A stupid, immature prank. Fists clenched, tears streaming down my face I sobbed, “You have to be kidding. You have to be.”
“I’m sorry sister, but I’m not. He was annoying and the hospital is probably freaking out as we speak. They’re looking for you and you aren’t there. Long gone.”

“I-I have to go back. I have to get my baby,” I cried. Paris just stood there, jiggling the keys in the hand. “I’m afraid not,” she sneered. “I did this for your own good, you know. You’ll be better off without it holding you back. Kids are just terrible little annoyances.”

“Paris!” I pleaded, “He was my life. His little smile. His little giggle. You have to let me go back!”

“Bridgeport is a mighty long way from Twinbrook. You can go back if you wish, but I’m not taking you there myself” Paris groaned.

“Paris, I didn’t even get to name him.”

“Kids ruin your life. They ruined mine,” Paris whispered. “They do no good. They’re worthless."

“Paris, he’s mine though. We need to go back, please!”


“Why not?” I yelled, tears freely flowing down my face.

“It’s not like you’re going to make a difference anyways. There’s nothing you will ever do to make a change. Face it, you’re just a small, unimportant life that’ll do nothing,” Paris raged.

“I’m not and nor will I ever be. Paris! Can we just go back?” I begged, “Please! I just want to hold him in my arms one last time. Paris, please!”

“He’s no importance and neither are you.” With that, Paris walked into the bar, probably planning to get as drunk as she possibly could- like usual.


 “Push away the thoughts, Danielle. Erase the memories,” I chanted, as I did some yoga. I found myself a nice little flat back in Bridgeport after Paris had dumped me on the streets of Twinbrook. My parents accepted me with open arms even though I refused to tell them what happened. They didn’t need to know. But the place I was currently staying at was ok, I guess. Oh, who am I kidding. This place wasn’t ok by any means. Just temporary house for a temporary problem. I thought of my baby boy again and it brought tears to my eyes as it always did.

I didn’t even get to name him.

 I pushed all the memories to the back of my head and focused on forgetting them. Focusing on creating a false reality, erasing the terrible truth. I chanted once more, taking a deep breath in. Paris had completely ruined my life. Just if I didn’t go with her that gloomy Christmas Eve, my life would have been so different. I focused on erasing those memories. The ones that flipped my life and the ones a little before. slowly ceased to exist.

What if I just graduated and moved on my own. Paris and I just got into a fight and she left. Claire grew up and my mother gave birth to a little boy. What if.

“Push away the thoughts, Danielle. Erase the memories.” I breathed in more time, and slowly exhaled, the memories leaving with my breath. 

False reality it is.

But one thing stayed. Paris’ words of kids being worthless and of me being of no importance. The words stuck with me in the back of my conscience without even me properly knowing.
My kids would not be worthless and I would someday be of some importance. Because just like that article I had read so long ago encouraged, I was going to take up the challenge. The 100 Baby Challenge was mine for the grabbing.

The motive? Not for the fame, the money, the glory. It was for the kids. It was for the love I would be putting into this world, but most importantly I was planning to prove Paris wrong.
Even if I didn’t know it.


“Thank god,” Chase announced just as I gained consciousness. “I thought I had lost you forever.” He rubbed his temples, his face caked in worry. The nurse had a smug grin on his, “What did I tell you? She wasn’t going anywhere.” He laughed, his green eyes sparkling.
I laughed, looking around the small room. “Where’s Paris?” I questioned. She wasn’t anywhere around here. I thought for sure that she would be here, apologizing.  But then again, it was Paris.
“She left a while ago,” Chase said, looking down to the floor. “She said she’s really sorry about everything.”
So she was sorry. Maybe Paris had changed, just a bit.

 Sitting on the sofa near the hospital bed, I watched as the snow outside. The little window allowing some light to fall onto the  room.
“So, I heard you are a challenge mother. Correct?” The doctor asked. I nodded my head in response. Did he want to be a challenge father?
“Uh,” he stuttered. “Do you need a challenge father? We can do artificial insemination here in the hospital.”
“Really? You guys can do that here?” It seemed odd. But there is a first for everything.

 Back in the now empty room, I gathered my stuff and looked around one last time. Hopefully I would never have to go back to this place again.
“Danielle,” a silky voice said behind. I turned around and faced my bestfriend, Aria.

“I’ve missed you. A lot,” I stated. It was true. I had missed her a ton. She was my other half and without her I didn’t know where to go. I imagine she felt the same way too.
“Don’t die on me now,” she joked. She laughed and I remembered all the times we had spent together.
“I won’t. I promise,” I joked back. “Aria, I’ve missed you. A lot. Like a lot, a lot.” I confessed.
“Can we just forgive and forget. I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you Danielle. You’re my sister; my bestfriend,” Aria stated, pulling me in for a hug.
“Forgive and forget. Sounds like a good plan to me. I love you too." 

And this chapter (all three parts) revealed a lot. 
I know :3 
Merry Christmas Eve for those who celebrate. 


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