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Chapter 39: Merry Christmas (Babies 53, 54, 55 & 56)

As soon as I was back in the comfort of my own warm house, it was time to age up the kids and make room for some new ones! I was already pregnant with baby 53 with the donor being the doctor that took care of me in the hospital. 

Anubis grew up fairly handsome. I knew he would go out into the world and break the hearts of many. Hey, for the son of Death, he didn't turn out all that bad. 

Both Cara and Sarina grew up into lovely, but moody, teenagers. They both had many features of their father show through and were excited to enter the next stage of life.

Chase named both Terrence and Lexi as I was still in the hospital. 
Terrence looked almost exactly like me, in a boy form of course, while Lexi had her father's genes paired with my nose and eyes. 
They were both giggly toddlers, laughing at everything they heard or saw. They sure were a handful but fun kids to have as well. 

I started off the day teaching my toddlers some of their basic skills. As the waddling and babbling began, Chase brought out the video camera, dusted it off and recorded Lexi's first steps. Lexi smiled brightly as the camera was pointed at her. She was such a little movie star in the making.

Afterwords, I whipped out my paintbrushes and called over Sarina so I could paint her portrait. She whined and groaned as I had her stay still to capture her look perfectly.
"Mooom!" she moaned, moving her head.
"Stay still. Just a while longer!" I pleaded as I mixed a few different colors to create Sarina's skin tone.   
I hadn't painted in a while so I crossed my fingers as the first paint strokes stained the canvas. 

Painting done and drying on the dining room table, I relaxed on the sofa as I watched Terrence play  in the toy box. His little head peaked through the almost closed lid as it suddenly swung open and two little hands appeared, each carrying a toy. 
"We're ready!" Declan exclaimed, calling my attention to the front door. All my older children had apparently dug through old boxes and found costumes their size. Boy, were they adorable! 
"Where are you guys going?" I questioned, eyeing Sarina's incredibly revealing costume. 
"Trick-Or-Treating. It's supposed to snow tomorrow so today is the last day to go out and get candy!" Cara  squealed excitedly, pulling her short dress down a few inches. 
"Be home by 9. It's a school night," I said, giving my children a hug. "And wear a jacket. It's supposed to be cold tonight." 
Both Cara and Sarina whined as I made them go upstairs and grab a jacket, but Declan just smiled and whispered, "Llama man comes prepared. Llama man has a jacket underneath." 
"Be safe," I said, still laughing at Declan as my kids opened the door and went next door to gather candy.

"So it's supposed to snow tonight, right?" Chase asked as soon as my children had shut the door behind them. 
"I guess so. It is the last day of Autumn after all." 
"Dang, time flies doesn't it?" Chase ran a hand through his hair and he looked around the room. "Don't we need a Christmas tree then?" 
I imagined the room all decorated in Christmas lights, presents underneath the bright tree with the fire burning brightly, warming up the entire room. Just like oh-so long ago. 
"I think having a Christmas tree here would be wonderful." 

After moving the TV and the toy chest out of the way of the window, the tree finally had a place to rest. I breathed in the great pine smell, putting the last ornaments carefully on the tree.
Chase was busy organizing the presents, making sure they were all perfectly placed.

Little did I know was that in the midst of everything, Chase had set up a tiny mistletoe right in the center of the living room. He grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the center of the room, pointing up to the mistletoe. 
"May I?" Chase asked, winking. 

I blushed deeply and nodded as we kissed underneath the mistletoe, the cheery Christmas lights bouncing around in the room.

The next morning I sat in the dinning room, sipping my hot chocolate that I had just made. Although it did burn the tip of my tongue, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 
"Mom, can I have some?" Declan asked as he was gathering the dirty dishes. 
"Sure." I handed him the cup and he quickly downed it and patted his stomach.
"Don't you have school today?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. 
"That's weird. Did it get cancelled?" 
"Probably because the bus never came." 
The bus never came. It seemed fishy to me but I didn't question it.

Sarina and Cara were still upstairs sleeping like teenagers do while Declan was downstairs entertaining Terrence as I finished up teaching Lexi all her skills. 
"Peek-a-boo!" Declan giggled, covering his face. 
Terrence mimicked Declan and put his hands over his face and laughed along with him.  

Near the end of the day, Cara and Sarina finally came downstairs, dressed in the best dresses they could find. What they didn't tell me was the school was cancelled because there was a dance tonight. They were both giggly and happy as they posed for one photo and rushed out of the door, Cara tripped on her heels and almost fell flat on her face. Luckily Sarina caught her before it became a nasty disaster.
"Be safe!" I insisted. They were growing up so fast. They all grew up so fast.   

As I put Declan and Terrence to bed, Chase read Lexi a story about a beautiful princess and her handsome prince. Lexi smiled and giggled when Chase used her name in the story and clapped her hands when the prince and the princess got married. He ended it with a 'And They Lived Happily Ever After'.
As he carried her to bed, Lexi laid her head on his shoulder and whispered, "I love you daddy." 
Chase stopped for a moment and held her close. "I love you too, my little girl." 

We woke up the next morning to a thin layer of snow covering the town. My kids pressed their faces against the windows and gasped in aw at the beautiful white frost. They had never seen snow before and you could certainly tell. 

Declan and the girls when to school and I got out some birthday cakes and went to age up my two toddlers.

As soon as they aged up, they quickly changed into their coats and boots and rushed outside, the snow falling into their hair.
"Ride em!" Terrence giggled as he raised his hand in the air. 
Lexi smile and rode back and forth on her 'ship' as she stuck her tongue out to catch some of the falling snow. 

As I was watching them through the window, a felt a sharp yet familiar pain shoot through my abdomen. 
I was in labor! Of course Chase freaked out as he never got used to seeing me in pain. 

I went into the nursery and gave birth to four wonderful babies. It seems that the artificial insemination was very strong. 
I welcomed 3 boys and 1 girl into this world.
 Baby 53, Dale, baby 54, Silas, baby 55, Bridie, and baby 56, Adam.

Chase helped me by putting Bridie in her crib. "She's a beauty," he finally said.
"They're all beautiful," I said in awe, looking around the nursery. Every crib was filled with little snores of newborns. Good thing I had just aged up Lexi and Terrence otherwise I wouldn't of had enough room to hold all my children. 

"You're right. They're all beautiful. Including you," Chase said as he pulled my close for a kiss. 
"In front of the kids?" I questioned, finally breaking away. 
"You're right. Want to head to the living room?" 

The music softly played in the background as we danced around the room, the Christmas decorations making the room merrier.
I gazed into Chase's eyes as he gazed into mine. I let my head rest on his shoulder as we moved in unison to the beat to the music.
"I love you, Chase," I said, planting a kiss on his lips.
Chase stopped dancing and took in a deep breath. "I love you too, Danielle." 

"I love you, a lot." Chase held up his fingers in the air and kneeled down on his knee.
What was he doing? 

"Danielle, you're the best thing that has ever happened to me. Just seeing you happy makes my world go round. I love you more than words can express. You're truly the love of my life." 

"Will you make me the happiest man on Earth by marrying me?" 
He took out a small box from his pocket and popped the lid open, revealing an amazing ring.
 I stood in shock, my eyes wide and my hands covering my mouth. 
I loved him too. I loved him probably more than I would love anybody else.

"Yes," I giddily replied. "Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!" 
Chase pulled the ring out of the box and  placed it on my hand. He smiled as if he had won the war.

"We're getting married," Chase whispered in my ear as he pulled me into a tight embrace. 
"I love you Chase. I love you so much," I whispered back. 
He laughed and held me closer. "Merry Christmas." 

Merry Christmas indeed. 


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