Monday, January 21, 2013

Chapter 40 (Babies 57 & 58)

I woke up the next day with a smile on my face and the one I loved the most by my side. Can you think of a better way to wake up? I heard my newborns cry as I slowly went downstairs to comfort them. I strongly disliked the first stage of life and went ahead and got the cakes out of the fridge and aged them up along with Declan as he was itching to go onto high school.

Dale had his father's green eyes and my signature black and green hair. He was the oldest of the quads are sure acted it, taking the lead in what his younger siblings did.

Silas was almost the exact opposite of Dale with my grey eyes and his father's simple, brown hair.

Bridie was a little trouble maker indeed. She had a different eye color than her siblings making her stand out not only in her looks but her attitude as well.

Adam was my little ladies' boy with his flirty smirk already developing. I have to remember to keep him from breaking one too many hearts. Otherwise, things will get messy. 

Declan was my little supernatural teenager. His eyes shown brightly against his skin color as he began to fill into his features. 

Of course Aria had known almost immediately about my engagement. I called her up and couldn't wait to tell her.
“Hey Danielle!” Aria finally responded, “What’s up with calling so early?” She laughed and I bit my lip. How would she respond?
“I- uh- have big news,” I stuttered, my voice
“Let me guess.  Chase proposed?”
I was stunned- shocked. “How do you know?!”
“Well, for one, your voice kinda said it all,” Aria started. She paused for a second and I could tell she was smiling. “And you two were so lovey-dovey from the start. It was bound to happen soon. You know it!” 

 We now sat at the kitchen, my older children at school and my quads sleeping in the nursery. The snow came down heavily, frosting the windows while the Christmas tree shone brightly in the other room.
“So, when’s the party? What are you going to wear?” Aria asked excitedly.
I shrugged my shoulders and blushed. I had just got engaged! The thought of being Mrs. Chase Devon hadn’t even sunk in my head yet.
 “I have no idea. I really don’t know,” I said as I imagined how perfect our wedding would be.
“You have to get a dress. You have to get a place. You have to have a party to celebrate!” Aria babbled, grinning ear to ear.

Chase suddenly appeared in the doorway and Aria’s eyes lit up, and she smiled big as he gave me a kiss.

“I have the perfect place in mind for the wedding. Just need your approval, love.” He said, glancing at Aria and raising an eyebrow.

“So you got that settled,” Aria confirmed, making a check mark in the air. “Well, that’s one thing I don’t have to take care of then!” She winked at me and Chase went back to cleaning the house as he usually did this time of day. He was such a perfectionist and it got slightly annoying at times. Just wanting anything and everything to be perfect all the time got annoying- quickly. 

"I have to get going. Kids to take care of, you know?" Aria said as she gave me a quick hug and closed the door behind her.

Bridie smiled at me as I got her out of her crib and set her down on the marble floor of the kitchen. Teaching her how to talk was pretty simple for she learned the skill rather quickly. As I picked her up off the ground, she made a face then smirked at me. 
"What did you do now?" I asked, looking around the room. Had she broken a toy while I wasn't watching? Then the smell hit me. 
"Oh, you need a diaper change." 

Chase had recently purchased a changing table and I put it to good use. Bridie giggled at the bubbles around her and tried to pop them out of the air one by one. I loved seeing my babies happy. I loved seeing them smile up at me. It just warmed my heart and reminded me why I was doing this challenge again. 


"Mom!" Lexi shrieked, rudely waking me up.
"What? Is everyone ok?" I had no idea what was going on. All I knew was that they woke me up by screaming my name. It's not a pleasant way to wake up. 
"It's a snow day! School was caneled!" Terrence yelled, waking up Chase as well. 
"Indoor voices please!" I begged. If they kept shouting like this, they would probably wake up the dead. 
"It's a snow day though! We're going outside to play!" Lexi giggled, as she ran out of the room, Terrence following close behind her.

After eating a quick breakfast and downing a coffee, I went outside to enjoy the snow filled day with my kids. It was a beautiful day out and the snow made everything seem surreal. I laughed as my kids stuck their tongue out and caught the snowflakes in their mouths. My phone rang right as I was putting the last block of ice in my igloo. 

"Hello?" I answered, putting the last finishing touches on my igloo. 
"Hey there," the voice on the other line replied. "This is Aaron Taylor. The nurse from the hospital. I was just uh-" 
He paused there and I could hear him take a deep breath through the line. 
"I could use a challenge father, if you're willing," I said, hoping that is what he wanted to say in the first place. 
"Really? That would be great. Do I come over today?" 

We exchanged contact information and Aaron was on his way. 

Sarina and Cara had built a snowman and were awfully proud of it. I got the camera out and snapped a few photos of them posing in front of their snowman. 

Before long Aaron came over and baby 57 was conceived. ;)  

The sun started to go down and we headed inside, changed our clothes and relaxed. After making enough hot chocoalte for my entire family, I got the cookie dough out and made a sweet treat to surprise everyone. 
As I took it out of the oven, my kids swarmed around me and grabbed a cookie off the plate. They thanked me, their mouths full of melting chocolate chips.

Before I even had a chance to sit down and enjoy a few cookies myself, my babies woke up from their naps with screams and yells. I rushed in there and settled them down with a few lullabies and bottles of milk. 

But of course none of them could sleep. I brought them up to my bed, and laid down with them. Their slow breathing calmed me down immensely. Singing them a lullaby, I fell asleep myself.  

Lullaby, and good night,
You're your mother's delight,
Shining angels beside
My darling abide.
Soft and warm is your bed,
Close your eyes and rest your head.
Soft and warm is your bed,
Close your eyes and rest your head.

The next morning, my little toddlers aged up. It was nice not to have four screaming babies to take care of but watching them grow up so quickly pulled at my heartstrings. 

And my beautiful Cara and Sarina aged up and moved out of the house with a hug and a kiss goodbye. As much as I loved having them in my house, I was pregnant; the challenge must go on!

Aging up the kids took most of the day and with everybody in bed and Sarina and Cara on their own, Chase and I finally had time to check out the venue he had picked out. 

We got there and I started at the church it awe. It was beautiful.

We stepped inside and my heart did a flip-flop. It was just perfect! I could just picture the wedding now. 
Me, walking down the isle. My family and friends smiling as I looked at Chase. He was just so perfect standing there, waiting for me to become Mrs. Chase Devon. 

"What do you think?" he asked, wrapping his hands around me. 
"It's perfect! I think we might need to get a few more seats though. I don't think that we will be able to fit everyone in here. But it's absolutely beautiful. How did you find this place?" 

"I have connections." 

Chase dragged me under the wedding arch and held me close. We were getting married. Everything was just amazing right now. Everything was perfect. 
Chase leaned in for a kiss and I kissed him back, imaging the priest saying, 'You may now kiss the bride.' 

A sharp and familiar pain shot through my abdomen. I broke away from the kiss and grabbed my stomach. 
"Chase! Get me home," I gasped.

At home I gave birth to two beautiful girls. Baby 57, Casanya and Baby 58, Analee. 


"You ready? You ready to party?! You better be!" Aria exclaimed. She wore a bright pink dress and forced me into a green dress that I would of never thought of wearing before. We were both full of smiles and Aria opened the bar door just as the sun was setting over Sunset Valley.

"You girls look fantastic!" I said, looking to my friends before me. But who was the lady with the scar running down her face? 

"Ariel Spencer is the name," she said, coming towards me. "It's a true pleasure to meet you!" 
We chatted for a little while and I found out that Dylan had been in her challenge and that Dylan's daughter had a baby. I was a great grandmother now! Wow, saying that makes me feel very old.

Payton was the first to find the bubble stand. She giggled like a school girl and popped the bubbles with her index finger.

In a short time, the room smelt strongly of alcohol and sugar. My friends were either tipsy or drunk by the looks of it. 

I ordered a drink myself and of course it had to be green matching my hair and my dress. I gulped it down in seconds flat and sighed. This was my party. I was going to have fun. 

I got on the mechanical bull and put it on its first setting. I screamed when it suddenly jolted awake and I was almost thrown off of it. I held onto the bull's horns for dear life as I tried not to fall off and embarrass myself. 

But at last, the bull won and I found myself on the ground and a mark running across my face from where I had landed. Ouch. 

"Move outta the way!" Aria ordered as she pushed me out of the way and jumped on the bull herself. She yelled and screamed in happiness and stayed on way longer than I had. 

The bull came to a stop and Aria was dangled on the side of it, only one arm still holding on to the bull. I was surprised that her frail figure could take the bull on, but she did. 

Kimari of course had to try it too, being one of my most outgoing friends. She got on and turned it up to its highest setting. She owned it and laughed the entire way yelling, 'This is too easy!" 

Ariana dragged me by the hand to the karaoke machine and turned on a song. 
She started singing and I stood there in shock. Out of all the songs, why did it have to be this one? 

"Birthday, it's your birthday
If I die bury me inside the Louie store
They ask me what I do and who I do it for
And how I come up with this shit up in the studio
All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe
All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe
When I die, bury me inside the Gucci store
When I die, bury me inside the Louie store
All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe
All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe" 

"Come on Danielle! Sing!" Ariana said, elbowing me. I looked her in the eye and she winked back at me. 
"Give me the mic," I said, not believing what I was about to do. 

Tonight I was going to have fun. 

"When I die, bury me inside the jewelry store
When I die, bury me inside the Truey store
True to my religion, true everything I'm too different
So when I die, bury me next to 2 bitches
All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe
All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe"

I had to have Danielle sing that. I just had to. 

Sorry for it being such a short, crappy post. I had no motivation what so ever to work on this.

You can download the church here. All credit goes to the creator.