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Chapter 41: I Can Hear The Bells (Babies 59 & 60 )

I could go on and on and on saying how sorry I am for not getting a post out in who knows how long. 
Short story, I had computer troubles and writer's block. 
Anyways, I am getting back on track. 
Hope you enjoy! :) 

( this chapter was supposed to be right after chapter 26 in Aria's BC )

Bridie's POV 

My mother cried into my father’s chest. Or should I even call him my father? Chase had been there to watch me grow up and will be there to see my graduate. He is the one who had raised me. But technically, there was no blood connection. He wasn’t really my father. But then again, he was my father figure. What else was I going to call him? Calling him Chase just sounded so awkward, after all.  Daddy just suited him well, for the time being.

“What’s wrong?” Daddy asked Mom. Instead of giving an answer she just put her head against his chest and cried harder.
“I almost lost her,” she sobbed. “She was just lying on the ground. I thought she was dead!’
My mother continued to cry as I slowly made my way into the nursery. I closed the behind me and looked into the faces of my younger siblings. How could they sleep through all this noise? The crying woke me up after all. But, little Casanya and Analee were sleeping soundly. They had just aged up the day before and were as adorable as could.

But with Declan, Terrence and Lexi gone, the house was oddly quiet and I could hear anything loud that
happened in this house. I don’t know exactly how my other siblings were able to tune it out and sleep through the night but I wasn’t able to. Because of that, I found myself sitting on the stairs, eavesdropping on a conversation that probably wasn’t supposed to be listening to.

“Aria was almost gone! I just don’t know what I would do without her here. . . ,” she choked out.
“It’s ok, honey. Everything’s ok. She’s still here,” Daddy said, his soothing voice slowly calming Mom down.
“But she won’t be there to help me pick out my dress. She’s still in the hospital.  They won’t let her leave. They all think it’s Levi’s fault. But I know it isn’t. I know! They can’t just blame my son for everything that goes wrong in her life. They can’t. They just can’t. He’s innocent!”

What was my mother talking about? Who was innocent? Who did my mother almost lose? And why?

“But Claire will be there.  Aria will be there at the wedding. Everything will be ok, I promise,” Chase whispered. She nodded her head solemnly and sobbed once more before resting her head on his shoulder.
“You promise everything will be ok?” my mother questioned, looking up to the man she loved with all her heart.
“Yah,” he said taking her hand in his. “I promise.”

Danielle’s POV:

Taking a deep breath, I made my way downstairs; my eyes still red from crying all last night.
“I almost lost you, Aria,” I whispered under my breath. I had just went over to her house to say hello and there she was, almost dead. I couldn’t afford to lose her.  She was my best friend and I didn’t know what I would do without her here.
I sat on the stairs, looking down to the first floor. Did I even want to go dress shopping today? I contemplated the question for a while and finally I shakily stood up and wiped the tears from my eyes.
 Yes, I was going today; I couldn’t let my friends down. They were so looking forward to this day. Smiles on their faces, trying on dress after dress until I found ‘the one.”
 I fiddled with the ring on my finger, and thought about the wedding. Everything was just happening so soon and so fast.
I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready for all of it.

“This will be so much fun!” Ariana giggled, entering the store with Payton, Kimari, and Ariel trailing close behind.
“I can’t wait to see all the dresses!” Ariel exclaimed.  I laughed a bit at my friends excitement. But Aria wasn’t here to laugh with us.
“Don’t worry, hun,” Mila said, patting my back. “She’ll be up and ready for the wedding.”
“How do you know if she is going to be ok?” I asked as Mila put her hand on my shoulder. The other girls had already gone inside, probably looking at all the dresses and picking out the ones that they thought would be perfect for me. They were all giddy with excitement and unfortunately their happy attitude was not making it’s way towards me.
‘The doctors said that she should be discharged later today. She should be fine. She’s going to therapy as well. She’ll be up and running in no time.” Mila smiled at me as we walked into the dress shop.
“She gave us a scare, for sure,” I breathed, looking around the room. The realization that I, Danielle Smores, was going to say ‘I Do’ to the man that had stolen my heart had finally sunk in. I was going to finish my challenge with my husband – husband, I never thought I was going to say that. I was going to become a wife and spend the rest of my days with my true love accompanying me on my journey. I sighed deeply as Ariana came into view, giggling with excitement.

“Ok,” Ariana began, taking my hand and pulling me towards one of the dressing rooms.
“Hey there! Wait up!” Mila shouted, running to catch up with us. We walked, well I was more like dragged to a dressing room where I found my other friends waiting for me with a smile on their face. Then they proceeded to push me up on the little pedestal that was in front of the mirror and then sat down on the chairs in the back of the room. But, there were only three chairs so while Mila, Ariana and Payton smirked from their chairs, the rest of my friends made do on the floor with a few huffs and puffs, not to mention a couple glares aimed directly at the girls in the chairs.
“It’s not our fault we got to the chairs first!” Mila said.
“We’re just a bit faster than you,” Payton teased as she rested her hands on her knee. “Now to see you in some pretty dresses, Danielle!” she continued and everybody nodded their head in agreement with her. I took in a deep breath as I stepped into the dressing room and took the first dress off the hanger.

The first dress was rather puffy and definitely not my style. It itched in places where I thought it would never itch and as I walked up to the mirror, the floor suddenly met my face with a loud smack.
“Ow,” I groaned, pushing myself into an upright position. My sister Claire rushed towards me, helping me get back on my feet.

“Hey, you ok? I don’t think that floor likes you very much,” Claire laughed. I grabbed her hand tightly and pulled myself up. I straighten out my dress as best as I could with the back of my hand. I laughed at myself as I looked myself over in the mirror. Who even trips when they’re trying on a wedding dress anyways?
“I don’t think this is the one,” I said under my breath, as I turned around to see the back of the dress. Too big. And too oddly colored for my liking. It wasn't me.
‘Well obviously, it tripped you after all,” Ariana said, jokingly. She got up out of her chair and helped me to the dressing room, making sure that this time I didn’t trip and hit my face yet again.
“Hopefully the next one isn't as puffy,” I said to myself as Ariana closed the door behind me, a smile plastered on her face- as usual.

Thankfully, as I slipped on the next dress, it was considerably lighter a thinner, making it easier for me to put on and to walk around in.  Thank god it didn’t make me look like a helium filled balloon like the first one did. This dress was tight fitting over my waist almost making it uncomfortable. Almost. But thankfully, it was just right.

“What do you guys think?” I asked as I stepped onto the small podium that was surrounded by mirrors.  I checked myself out in the mirrors and I had to admit, the lace looked pretty nice on me.  But, it didn't really match with my sneakers on anyways.
“Beautiful,” Ariel said. “As always,” she added with a wink.
“You think?” I asked. The dress was off the shoulder and for some odd reason I wasn't exactly comfortable with it. I was a mother to almost 60 kids now! Is this how I really wanted them to see their mother? With a racy wedding dress on? Only one of them looked down on me, well only one that I knew of, and I didn't need the whole lot of them to follow suit. I cringed at the memories of my little Samantha.  My poor lost girl, off in her own distant world. I wondered where was now and what she was up to now. Hopefully something good, but you never know.
Usually my children call me up every once and a while to tell me how they are doing.  I knew Daisy had settled down with a nice man and was working as a second grade teacher over in Moonlight Falls. She was really enjoying her life and I was proud to be her mother.

Coming back to my thoughts, I shrugged my shoulders.  I didn't really like this dress that much. Sure it was flattering and all that, but I just couldn't picture myself walking  down the isle, wearing that dress. Heck, the converses didn't help either. I giggled to myself and my friends all looked at my strangely.
“I like it. It’s sexy.” Mila joked, wiggling an eyebrow.
“I’m pretty sure Chase will approve,” Claire added in a flirtatious tone of voice that made us all crack up laughing.
I hummed to myself as I spun around one last time, getting a feel for the dress,  I shook my head no.
 “Nah guys. I should says girls, really. This isn't it, I’m afraid. “ I heard a few aw’s but I smiled in response and went into the little changing room to change into the final dress for the day.

I slid into the dress and stepped out to find that Ariel and Payton had simply vanished from the place.
“Where did they go?” I asked, heading towards the mirror.
“They went to go look for more dresses,” Ariana immediately replied.
“More dress, huh,” I moaned under my breath.
Apparently Ariana heard me because she nodded her head. “Guess they wanted to make sure you found the perfect one,” she said with a snort.
I laughed at Ariana’s snort. That was the first time that I had heard her do that. It was cute in an awkwardly sort of way.
Biting my lip, I changed into what was hopefully the last dress.

I faced the mirror and fingered the jewels that lined the collar of the dress. It was weird, but I got a good vibe from this one. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror and I could see my friend’s eyes open wide as I spun around to get a good look at the back.
“Woah,” I said, surprised. “That goes really low.”
The back of the dress dipped down so low that you could almost fully see my tattoo. I was so young and naïve when I had finally plucked up the courage to get those two tattoos. I somewhat regretted them, but then again I didn’t. They were a little part of me now.
“I really like this dress,” I said with a gasp. Unlike the other two dresses that I had tried on, this one got the attention of my soon to be bridesmaids. They gasped just as I did. The reality finally set upon us all. I was getting married all so soon and the air was bubbling with excitement and just a dash of love. I grazed my fingers down the smooth fabric of the dress, outlining the hemline with the tips of my fingers. This was just all too surreal. Had I found the perfect dress that quickly? Was that even possible? I heard that it took other people forever to find the perfect dress and here I was, only a few dresses in, and yet I was already contemplating the thought of this being the one that I walked down the isle in. I sighed as I made my final decision.
“Hey,” I started. “I think this-“

“SURPRISE!” Ariel and Payton screamed with joy in their voices.  They jumped into the room with short, but elegant dresses on and big smiles on their faces. My friends were such dork sometimes.
“Oh pretty,” Payton said with a laugh. “A little low cut.” She tilted her head to the side and smiled again. “But I like it.”
“You’re stunning,” Ariel added as she checked herself out in the mirror. She stuck out her tongue and gave me a silly face as she adjusted her dress.
“So, whatcha think?” Payton asked. “I personally think that this would be a really nice bridesmaid dress. I really think it would be fantastic.” Payton smirked and walked over to me, swishing her dress.
“It’s really beautiful,” I said to Ariel and Payton. “Would they be different colors or all the same?” I asked, my eyes scanning the group to see if they had any answers.

“I think all the same,” Mila finally piped up after a few seconds of awkward silence.  “I think it would look better,” she added. Everyone nodded their head in agreement.
“Well now that we got that out of the way, I think it’s time to go home. I’m dead tired and I’m sure my babies want their mommy home as soon as possible. Chase is good with kids, but only for a couple of hours by himself,” I laughed. I looked at my friends and I could see they were all very confused.
“W-what about your dress?” Ariana asked, worried.
I stepped off the podium with a small thud and walked towards the dressing room with a smile on my face.
“So, um. No dress?” Ariel’s face was full of concern. “What are we going to do then? Your wedding day is coming up so soon and we hardly have any free time to get together like this. We all have kids to take care of. Now what?”
I walked and opened the door to the dressing room.  My feet were heavy and my stomached growled in hunger. I really wanted to go home. I winked at my friends who were all so confused.
“Oh, don’t worry about the dress. I think I found the one.” I gestured down to the dress I was wearing. “I just have to find out how much it will cost. I hope my fiancée won’t be too surprised.” I shut the door and changed into my regular clothes.

The cold night’s wind bit at the exposed skin. It was snowing lightly and my hands were numb from the frigid air. It was such a bad time to forget my gloves.
“C’mon. C’mon. C’mon,” I whined, searching my jacket for my house keys. I didn’t want to ring the doorbell because it was already so late and I didn't want everyone to wake up. Chase would probably kill me because who knew how long it took him to make sure everyone was asleep. I sighed heavily, my breath making a cloud in front of me. It was so cold out and my body was already shivering in the cold. I wasn’t exactly sure how much longer I was going to last before I completely froze over. I put my hands against the glass of the door and closed my eyes. There wasn't much to do but wait for someone to come outside. I really didn't want to break into my own house.
All of a sudden, a light flashed on from upstairs and I saw a figure walk down the stairs, rubbing their eyes. The figure paused for a moment and turned around, turning on the light.

I knocked on the front door frantically. I was so cold and tired. I could almost feel the warm air surrounding me.
“Hey,” I shouted and the figure turned around and faced me, rubbing a hand through their hair.
“Chase!” I said, knocking on the door a few more times to get his attention.
“Danielle?” he asked confused. He walked towards the door in his pajamas, which consisted of only his underwear. He unlocked the door and I hurriedly made my way inside, shedding off my outer layers.
“How was it?” Chase asked with a yawn.
“Good,” I replied. “We found the dress and it’s beautiful. I’m sure you’ll love it.”
Chase pulled me in for a kiss. “I can’t see it now?”
“Of course not,” I said. “Bad luck.”

“Bad luck,” Chase breathed. “I don’t believe in it. But right now, you’re freezing cold.”
“Yeah I know. I was waiting outside for quite a while. I couldn’t seem to find my keys. I was just stuck out there all by myself.”
“Good thing I came downstairs, huh? I thought I heard something.” Chase laughed and hugged me tight. His hand trailed down my back, tugging on my shirt.
I swatted his hands away. “Not now,” I laughed. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him once more. I cut the kiss off short and shook my head. “But you know, now sounds pretty good right now though. “
“Very nice,” Chase agreed, kissing me once more.

The kids were dead asleep but we were still careful as we made our way upstairs. Chase locked the door behind us.

My head rested against Chase’s chest as it slowly rose up and down as he took his breaths.
“I love you,” I whispered into his ear.
“I love you too,” Chase said back, stroking my hair with one of his hands. His other hand was on my cheek, pulling me in for another kiss. I kissed him back and didn’t break away until a sudden knock on the door made us both jump.
“Mommy?” a small voice asked. The knob on the door slowly turned and I jumped up and pulled the sheet over Chase and me. Luckily, the door was locked and we avoided what would have been an awkward family moment.
“Yes?” I finally said.
“It’s our birthday,” the voice said again.
“Oh ok Dale,” I said, finally placing the voice. “Mommy and Daddy will be down there soon. Just give us a second to get out of our pajamas.”
“Ok!” he said and I heard his footsteps go downstairs.

I quickly slipped on some clothes and headed downstairs. Chase got the cakes that we always had on hand out of the fridge and we cheered as the quads blew out their candles and became teenagers. Go hormones.

It was still rather snowy outside when I stepped out to get the mail and pay the bills. I shut the mailbox’s little flap when something caught my eye. I turned around to face street and a fairy was standing there.
“Danielle Smores. I’ve been meaning to see you,” the fairy said. He almost blended into the snowy background for he was so pale, yet so vibrant at the same time. Quite an odd fairy, if you ask me.
“Do I know you?” I asked when I had finally found my voice. I backed up slowly, my shoes loudly crunching against the new snow.
“No, but I know you,” the fairy stated. He smiled and closed the gap in between us. “I’m not going to hurt you, don’t worry,” he said soothingly.

For some reason, as those words escaped his lips, my tense muscles seemed to relax, my heartbeat slowed and my breathing got steadier.
“Who are you anyways?” Are you a fairy of some sorts?”
“You can call me that, I suppose,” the fairy said with a laugh. “Plenty of people have called me a fairy before, I get used to it after a while.” The fairy stood there and looked me in the eye. My knees suddenly became unstable and wobbly; I almost fell into the snow.
“Uh,” I stuttered, catching my balance. “I don’t mean to be rude but what do you want?”
“Oh, pardon me. Sorry I forgot to state my intent. I just got so awestruck because I was talking to the Danielle Smores. But I’m here to see if you needed a challenge father.” The fairy rocked back and forth on his heels, waiting on a reply.

“At the moment, yes I do need a challenge father.” I gestured to my room on the second floor. “We could just go now,” I said with a smirk. “The quicker the better, actually.”
“Um, sure. Lead the way,” the fairy said, obviously flustered.
It was weird as we headed up the stairs. The fairy was oddly silent and seemed to be lost in his thoughts. At times I thought he had stopped to admire something but when I turned around, he wasn’t there but instead he was right besides me. It was like he was there, but I didn’t want to acknowledge his existence.

When all was said and done, the kids were just arriving home from school and the fairy was heading out the door.
“You know, you’re not exactly what I thought a fairy would be like,” I said, crossing my fingers in hope that what I just said didn’t come out as rude.
“I’m not your usual fairy,” he responded smoothly.
“I never caught your name,” I said as I opened the door. A cool draft crept into the room and I shuddered as the air reached me.
“That’s because I didn’t throw it,” he jokingly retorted.
I laughed at his small joke. I was going to have to use that joke one of these days.
“It’s Max,” he said with a smile.

“Mom!” Silas said as he tugged on my arm.
“Yes sweetie?” I replied.
“I need help on some homework,” said Silas. He pointed to his homework that was lying on the ground. “I don’t get it.”
“One second, let me finish talking to Max,” I said.
“Who?” Silas questioned.
I turned around and nobody was there. It was as if nobody was even there in the first place.
“Um, never mind,” I mumbled.

Growing bigger everyday, I walked down the stairs in my pajamas. I was craving some chocolate chip cookies so that is what I was planning to make.
Setting down the warm plate on the counter, I fed Analee and Casyana. I set them down and they warmly smiled at their mother. Luckily, they were fast learners and they picked up their skills rather quickly.

“Time to age you little Smores up now huh?” I held Analee in my arms and snuggled her. All of a sudden, a familiar pain shot down my abdomen.
“Maybe later,” I wheezed out.

I made my way into the nursery and gave birth to baby 59, Annabelle and baby 60, Peter. 
My first fairy babies. 

sorry for any typos. it's midnight. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One Year

Hey guys! A year ago, can you believe it? I sure can't! Well, to celebrate I decided on a little Q&A. Enjoy!

Q: Who is your favorite child? 
Danielle: I don't have one! How can I? I love them all very much. 
Maya: Um, I would have to say Daisy or Flora. 

Q: How did you come up with the name of your challenge? 
Maya: Well, I originally started with "Danielle Smores and the 100 Baby Challenge." But, I eventually got tired of it and suddenly, "The 100 Smores" popped into my head. It was new, fresh and seemed perfect. 

Q: Do the Smores have pets or plan on getting any?
Maya: No, at the moment they do not have any pets. ( because I don't have Pets xD ) Hopefully, sometime in the near future they'll invite into their abode a furry family member. 

Q: What's the best part of being a challenge mother? 
Danielle: Just seeing the smiles on my kids' faces. It just makes me feel accomplished. Like I am actually making a difference in this world 

Q: What's the best worst part of being a challenge mother? 
Danielle: The mood swings. Those are just- ugh. Sometimes I just want to put a towel on my face and lock the bedroom room so I can have some alone time away from the moody teenagers who are prowling the house. 

What's your favorite book? 
Danielle: Hands down, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. 
Maya: Don't make me choose. Too many.

Q: Do you at times ever think back on what your life would be like if you'd never started the challenge? 
Danielle: Sometimes. I think it would just be boring. Plain. Normal. 
Maya: Oh god, yes. I've met so many people doing this and I don't know where I would be without them. Without this.

 Q: Are you excited for your wedding? 
Danielle: YES! I cannot wait to steal my hubby's last name. He did steal my heart, you know ;) 

Q: Do you still have big plans for the story, even though you've had so many great events already? 
Maya: Oh yes >:D Just hold tight onto your feels and grab those tissues to wipe up the upcoming tears. 

Q: What made you want to start the challenge? 
Maya: I had read so many and I just decided to give it a go. 
Danielle: Don't really know. I guess I kinda just wanted to prove Paris wrong. 

Q: What kind of excitement is to come? 
Maya: Good and bad. :3

Q: What will you do after you complete your challenge? 
Maya: LEGACY <3 
Danielle: Hopefully settle in with my soon to be fiancée and live a long life. 

Q: As an author, how do you think your writing has changed? 
Maya: It has changed so much. I think now I finally got into the rhythm of it. I finally figured out how to write for sims. 


A year ago. 

No homework and bored out of my mind. Loading the game, I admired the loading screen, deciding what to do when sims finally loaded. CAS loaded and the first sim that popped up was a sim I had made so long ago, and ironically enough, I had started a private challenge with that particular sim already. I sighed and added some green to her dull black hair. But even then, she just didn't look right. So I decided to change her eye color as well to a stormy gray and there she was: my Danielle. 

I laughed as I decided on her last name. Who would ever think of choosing Smores anyways? But on that day, April 2, 2012, Danielle Smores came to life and my imagination was running wild with ideas but I didn’t have any experience with this kind of stuff. Who knew I wasn’t going to crash and burn a few weeks in?

After settling Danielle in her house, I played with the tab button for the first time in my simming life. I had never needed it before and I got so frustrated at trying to figure out the controls. The screen suddenly faced the ceiling as I had hit the wrong button, again. With a steady hand, I took a few screenshots and a few more until I closed my game and headed to Facebook to post the very first chapter. 

Facebook seemed a good place to start. I had only read a few other challenges and they all had Facebook pages, so I followed suit and made my own. I hit the post button and held my breath as a few eager readers skimmed my work and commented on it. I went to bed ecstatic that night.

I never knew it was going to be so much work. So much planning. I never knew that I was going to be going strong at one year’s time. But here we are. Whether you’ve been here from the start or you’re a new fan, thank you. Thank you for letting me do what I love. I truly love this, even though it can get very stressful at times. Thank you guys so much. Thanks for a fabulous year. I’ve met so many wonderful and kind people because of this. People who I can now call my friends.

If I could go back and do it all over again, I would.

I would just start sooner.